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Be Like Peter. August Edition
Be Like Peter. is about sharing founder stories and artist talents to collaborate and inspire.
Who is Peter? - Peter is a character from an NBC Heroes television show who has the power to mimic and absorb the super powers of those around him. If he surrounds himself by the right people and talents, he is essentially unstoppable. Let's be unstoppable.
August Ambassadors
Levi Baer, Coffee & Conversation and Levi Baer Consulting
“Community building creates happy, productive, effective spaces. It improves effectiveness, retention, and in turn, the bottom line”
Julie Schumacher, Well Turned Words and Forth Chicago
“Throw your shoulders back, and step into the person that you are.”
Rose Afriyie, mRelief
“It’s not enough to have a one app wonder. You have to build an institution, a network of people who are willing to look ahead at where this is going to be for folks in the future. When I think of innovation, I think of institutions that have been built that can lead to more long-term changes.”

August illustrations by Francesco DiBattista
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