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A Hard Nut To Crack

Souvlaki Blossomsopolis

In this issue:

- Is there a  “hard nut to crack”  in your life? Crack it and tackle it!
- Consciousness-Blossoms Restaurant Weekly and Evening Specials
- Healthy tips. Nuts: Energy Packed and Protein Rich
- Inspirational Aphorism


A Hard Nut to Crack?


Do you face a problem in your life - a hard nut to crack? There is always a solution! . Try doing activities that quiet the tension in the mind and bring forward the depth of peace and joy from the heart.  What if you start an exercise program which you enjoy meditate, read uplifting writings, listen to peaceful music, take regular walks observing the beauty of nature and surround yourself with people who inspire you.  If you become aware of a personal weakness, celebrate!  Consider it a valuable opportunity for personal growth. Little by little  you will likely feel less tensionand more happiness and hope. Then a good solution to the problem  can more easily emerge. Try it … tackle the problem head on with heartfelt enthusiasm and a positive attitude

We eagerly  encourage and rejoice in your progress and success! And as always we welcome you to nourish your body and soul at Consciousness-Blossoms.


Weekly Specials (May 24-30)


South of the Border Serape    $8.75
“It’s a wrap for beaming smiles!”

2 scrambled eggs with melted sharp cheddar, pinto beans, guacamole, home-made salsa, a dab of sour cream in a whole wheat wrap and served with our European-style potatoes. 


Turkey Guacamole Wrap        $8.75
Delicious grilled vegetarian “turkey”, guacamole, red onion, tomato, romaine lettuce and shredded organic carrots.  Served with tamari-mayo sauce and wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.   A hearty sandwich you’ll just love.     

(Vegan)  Beans and Greens $8.95 
Pinto beans and organic brown rice, kale, grilled onions, green peppers, fresh garlic and a touch of salsa; comes with cup of soup. This dish is very savory, satisfying and healthy.
House salad instead of soup … add $1.00

Fri & Sat Night Special (May 29-30)

Souvlaki Blossomsopolis            
Grilled, spiced vegetarian beef served with organic brown rice, Greek salad and a refreshing yogurt-cucumber tzaziki sauce.  You’ll be smacking your lips and shaking your head after eating this yummy meal.

Nuts: Energy Packed and Protein Rich

Healthy Dietary Tips

Nuts may lower the risk cancer and cardiovascular disease. In addition to their nutrients listed below, nuts are excellent source of the cardio-protective amino acid, arginine, and also offer B vitamins.

What’s in them?

Alpha-linolenic acid. Found in walnuts, this omega-3 fat may alleviate arthritis and lower risk for heart attack and stroke.

Ellagic acid. Walnuts are especially good source of this antioxidant compound, which may inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

Plant sterols. Especially rich in pistachios, plant sterols help defend against certain forms of cancer.

Potassium. High in pistachios (1 ounce provides 10% of a daily value), potassium may lower blood pressure and stroke risk.

Saponins. These cancer-fighting phytochemicals may boost immunity and promote healthy levels of blood sugar cholesterol.

Selenium. Brazil nuts are an extraordinaryly rich source of this powerful antioxidant, which helps to prevent cancer, certain eye disorders, and heart disease. 

Vitamin E. Nuts are one of the best food sources of this antioxidant vitamin, which may help to prevent cardiovascular disease and cataracts.

Maximizing the Benefits

Refrigerate or freeze nuts to prevent their oil from going rancid. To enhance the flavor of nuts , toast them in the oven for 5 or 10 minutes or until fragrant.

Fight Back With Food, Reader’s Digest

Inspirational Aphorism

To conquer
One single inner problem
Is to conquer
Hundreds of outer problems.

~ Sri Chinmoy

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