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Happy Easter!

In this issue:
- Happy Easter!
- Consciousness-Blossoms Restaurant Weekly and Evening Specials
- Healthy Tips: How to fight against Colds & Flu
- Discount Coupon
- Inspirational Aphorism


Happy Easter!

Easter fills us with hope, joy and warmth. It is a time to get together with friends, family and loved ones and to celebrate this joyful time. It is also a time, while remembering resurrection Sunday, to clear the way for the new hopes in one own life. Truly, every day can be the day of a new life and a fresh start!

We wish you happy Easter and invite you to celebrate it in our peaceful restaurant with your good friends and family.

Weekly Specials (Apr 5-11)



French Toast with Fresh Strawberry Compote             $8.25


Thick slices of challah (egg bread) dipped in cinnamon-orange egg batter, grilled to perfection and covered with our strawberry compote
… a real treat!          




Yee Haw BBQ Chicken Burger           

Grilled soy chicken nuggets, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and caramelized onions with our famous BBQ sauce on a toasted multi-grain bun. This is “feel good food”.            $8.50




                        *  *  *




(Vegan)  Beans and Greens $8.95

Pinto Beans and Organic Brown Rice,
kale, grilled onions, green peppers, fresh garlic and a touch of salsa; comes with a cup of soup.
      House Salad instead of Soup … add $1.00



Friday & Saturday Nights (April 10-11)

Lemon Chicken 

Savory grilled vegetarian chicken and sautéed veggies on a bed of organic brown basmati rice, served with a delicious honey-lemon sauce … a simply delicious and satisfying.

How to Fight Colds & Flue
Healthy Tips

What it is?

The common cold is something that we have all had, and its presence has plagued mankind from beginning of time. The common cold is a highly contagious infection that often starts out as throat irritation and stuffy nose, and culminated in red, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, sore throat and general fatigue and malaise. Colds rarely cause serious complications.

The flu virus is certainly more dangerous than the common cold. Flu symptoms include muscle aches, joint pain, high fever, headache, sore throat…

How food may help?

For both the common cold and the flu, drinking plenty of fluids, getting lots of rest, and eating nutritious foods are important keys to hastening recovery. Establishing a nourishing stockpile of protective foods can also be the main line of defense in the difficult task of preventing a cold or flu.

Luteolin, a flavonoid in rosemary, sage, thyme, and artichokes, may act as a natural antihistamine by interfering with the release of histamine. Studies show that the flavonoid quercetin creates a similar result.

To fight off viruses that cause these two illnesses, it is helpful to maintain a strong immune system. Folk medicine advocates the use of garlic.

The immune-bolstering properties of vitamin C and zinc may help your body combat both the common cold as well as the flu. Try also to eat foods rich in the antioxidant mineral selenium.

Your Food Arsenal

Apples, berries, plums & prunes, red onions - rich in quercetin. This flavonoid may receive congestion by reducing the release of histamine.

Citrus fruit, kiwifruit, peppers, strawberries - rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C, by maintaining a strong immune system, may prevent the onset of these viruses, and it may also reduce the duration of symptoms.

Cashews - rich in zinc. Zinc may reduce the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of the common cold.

Fight Back With Food, Reader’s Digest

Special Discount!

Print this special discount coupon and get 10% of the bill until April 12, 2015. We request that this must be printed out to receive discount and will be valid for our first 70 customers and only for one use.

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Inspirational Aphorism

Encouragement is the supplier
Of a new heart,
A new mind and
A new life.

~ Sri Chinmoy

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