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Beauty in Life

Life can be made beautiful —
Divinely beautiful and supremely beautiful —
Only by virtue of one thing:   

~ Sri Chinmoy

 Seventy-Seven Thousand Service-Trees, Part 38

In this issue:
- Beauty in Life
- Consciousness-Blossoms Restaurant Weekly and Evening Specials
- Healthy Tips: Figs  


Beauty in Life is to Give

We all treasure beauty and want to our lives to emulate our unique inner beauty. Beauty can be manifested on different levels. From a deeper point of view, we may say, that beauty on physical plane is to be healthy, alert, striving and self-transcendent. Beauty on the vital plane is very dynamic, pure and positive. Beauty in the mind is clear, open, confident, creative and intuitive.. Beauty of the heart is vastness and oneness. Beauty in life is self-giving. Everything that is aimed at service to make other’s  lives more happy and fulfilled is destined to be beautiful.

We are eager  to be of service to you, our beautiful guest, with our delicious and healthy food in an atmosphere with soulful music and meditative artwork by Sri Chinmoy.

With warm regards,
your Consciousness-Blossoms Restaurant friends

Weekly Specials (November 1 - 7)

Lorraine Scramble                 $8.95
3 free-range eggs cooked with soy bacon, swiss cheese, grilled red onion, served with our multi-grain toast and European-style breakfast potatoes or 2 buttermilk pancakes.
(Whole wheat pancake substitute …$ .75 extra) 

Vegetarian Chili   (Vegan)    $9.95  
An amazing three bean chili with tons of veggies, served with a house salad and a Johnnie cake.  Comfort food at its best…totally delicious and healthy!

(Vegan)  Beans and Greens $9.25
Black Beans and Organic Brown Rice with kale, grilled onions, green peppers, fresh garlic and a touch of salsa; comes with cup of soup…
House salad instead of soup … add $1.00 

Fri & Sat Night Special

Chetana’s Amazing Szechuan Orange Beef  (Vegan)
Succulent vegetarian beef delightfully spiced and sautéed with loads of fresh broccoli, carrots and scallion.  This is served on a bed of organic brown basmati rice.  Enjoy being transported to the consciousness of ancient China with a modern epicurean twist!

Weekly Specials (November 8 - 14)  

Egg-Pesto Wrap              $8.95
3 free-range eggs scrambled with grilled mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, red onions and our homemade pesto sauce, served in a tomato-basil wrap. With our famous European breakfast baked potatoes.
Add cheddar, swiss or mozzarella cheese $9.75

The Peerless Pestorella            $8.95
A most satisfying warm sandwich with melted fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, our homemade pesto with vine-ripe tomatoes and romaine lettuce on warm multigrain bread.

VEGAN  Beans and Greens  $9.25
Pinto beans and organic brown rice (includes kale, grilled onions, green peppers, fresh garlic and a touch of salsa).  Served with cup of soup.  This dish is very savory, satisfying and healthy.  
Replace house salad for soup - add $1.00


Friday & Saturday Nights

Lemon Chicken 
Savory grilled vegetarian chicken and sautéed veggies on a bed of organic brown basmati rice, served with a delicious honey-lemon sauce … a simply delicious and satisfying.

Weekly Specials (November 15 - 21)

Frittata Italiano          $8.50
3 free-range eggs with mozzarella cheese, grilled tomatoes and fresh basil served with our multi-grain toast and European-style breakfast potatoes or 2 buttermilk pancakes.
(Whole wheat pancake substitute …$ .50 extra)

Chickpea Salad Sandwich (Vegan)
This hefty sandwich will delight you with its amazing flavor and it is so healthy!   Chopped garbanzo beans and veggies in our homemade vegan sauce with a hint of cumin on toasted  multi-grain bread with romaine lettuce and ripe tomatoes.  
All we can say is YUMMM-YYY!!!     $8.75

Beans and Greens (Vegan)   $9.25
Black Beans and Brown Rice. Mexican style black beans (includes grilled onions, green peppers, fresh garlic and a touch of salsa) and organic brown basmati rice, served with cup soup.
Add sharp cheddar cheese    $1.00

Fri & Sat Night Special

Cashew Chicken (Vegan)
Grilled soy chicken served with a cashew sauce and a medley of sautéed vegetables on a bed of organic brown basmati rice.

Weekly Specials (November 22 - 28)

South of the Border Serape    $8.75
“It’s a wrap for beaming smiles!”
2 scrambled eggs with melted sharp cheddar, pinto beans, guacamole, home-made salsa, a dab of sour cream in a whole wheat wrap and served with our European-style potatoes. 

Turkey Guacamole Wrap        $8.75

Delicious grilled vegetarian “turkey”, guacamole, red onion, tomato, romaine lettuce and shredded organic carrots.  Served with tamari-mayo sauce and wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.   A hearty sandwich you’ll just love.    

(Vegan)  Beans and Greens $9.25 
Pinto beans and organic brown rice, kale, grilled onions, green peppers, fresh garlic and a touch of salsa; comes with cup of soup. This dish is very savory, satisfying and healthy.
House salad instead of soup … add $1.00


Fri & Sat Night Special

Souvlaki Blossomsopolis            
Grilled, spiced vegetarian beef served with organic brown rice, Greek salad and a refreshing yogurt-cucumber tzaziki sauce.  You’ll be smacking your lips and shaking your head after eating this yummy meal.

Healthy Dietary Tips

Eating figs may help to prevent such ailments as cardiovascular disease, premenstrual syndrome, and hemorrhoids. Figs are especially rich in minerals, fiber, and polyphenols that neutralize free radicals.

What's in it?

Fiber. Figs are an excellent source of both insoluble and soluble fiber (one dried fig has over 2g of dietary fiber). Insoluble fiber may help to prevent constipation, diverticulosis, and hemorrhoids. The soluble pectin fiber in figs may help to lower blood cholesterol.

Ficin. An enzyme unique to figs, ficin has mild laxative properties that add to the fruit's ability to relieve constipation.

Plant sterols. These plant compounds may lower LDL ("bad") cholesterol and reduce the risk for heart disease.

Polyphenols. According to research, dried figs have up to 50 times more polyphenols than most other commonly consumed fruits and vegetables. Polyphenols neutralize damaging free radicals and help to prevent chronic disease.

Potassium. A diet rich in this powerful mineral may help to lower blood pressure and the risk for heart attacks and strokes. (Four fresh figs have 464mg of potassium, 15% of the Daily Value.) 

Vitamin B6. This B vitamin may improve cardiovascular health and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Fresh figs, in particular, are a good source: One serving (4 figs) has 0.2mg of this vitamin, which is 11% of the Daily Value.


Maximizing the benefits

- Fresh figs spoil quickly and should be consumed within a week of being picked
- Dried figs, on the other hand, store well. And, because their water content is lower, dried figs are, ounce for ounce, more nutrient-dense than fresh.

Health bites

Figs possess the highest overall mineral content  of the most common fruits, providing significant  bone-building, blood-nourishing, and cardio-protective minerals—calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, and potassium—in amounts ranging from about 15% of the Daily Value per serving.

Add more to your diet

- Serve fresh figs with goat cheese as an appetizer. 
- Chop dried figs and add to granola.
- Make a pasta salad with diced fresh figs, crumbled feta cheese, toasted pecans, and cooked pasta, and dress with a red wine vinaigrette.
- Cook dried figs in water until very tender. Puree with some of the cooking liquid and use as an all-fruit spread.
- Dice dried figs and add to cookie dough in place of raisins.

Fight Back With Food, Reader’s Digest. 

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