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Important Update


This is Tilvila (owner of Consciousness-Blossoms Restaurant). I hope that this finds you all doing very well. 

I would like to inform you that as my parents (in their 90’s) live alone in South Florida & as my father has dementia, it is now my priority to take care of them who are truly in need. 

Consciousness-Blossoms Restaurant  has been sold to the sweetest couple (Niki & Rafi) who will take over the restaurant, predominantly keeping the menu with your favorites, plus adding their AMAZING twist. It will be re-named, "The Green Table" and the anticipated opening will be in mid-August. Niki is an absolutely brilliant and creative chef.  I am confident that she will bring our menu to new heights! 

This e-mail will be followed-up in the coming weeks with the date of their grand opening. 

Serving you all and watching your children grow beautifully these past 19 years has truly been a great  joy, honor and privilege. 

We hope that our restaurant's peaceful and uplifting little aphorisms cards (which graced our tables), the music and artwork, all by Sri Chinmoy, have enhanced your lives and encouraged you to follow and achieve your soul's loftiest dreams, in whatever tradition you embrace; as well fostering ever-increasing feelings of the stunning oneness of humanity. For this he dedicated his life. For more information about Sri Chinmoy and his philosophy, please visit: 

We will contact those of you who have requested information for our free meditation classes in 2019 by text message. They will be held at our little Consciousness-Blossoms gift store & meditation room in downtown Safety Harbor which is currently open by appointment only. For anyone interested in these classes who did not give a cell number; or to be in touch, please call: 727-831-1124. 

We offer you our heartfelt gratitude for your patronage and friendship over the  years.  And we deeply hope that you will enjoy the amazing succulents and uniquely fun experience which “The Green Table” will bring to our community. 

With much love, gratitude and only the best wishes to you and your families, 
Tilvila and all your Consciousness-Blossoms friends

Please call the Restaurant 727-7891931 or visit to learn of the date of its opening.

Consciousness-Blossoms Vegetarian And Vegan Restaurant

3390 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor    727-789-1931
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