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It’s Never Too Late

Vegetarian Chili, Corn Bread and Soup Special

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It’s Never Too Late


Even when occasional life circumstances or mental blocks get in the way of staying healthy and in shape, there is always time to get back on track. Just stick to your highest ideas and ideals, dedicate a little more time to care about yourself and you will see the change. Do not miss being with good company, being in an inspiring atmosphere, enjoying positive activities and consuming healthy and delicious food. We could help with that!


We invite you to experience our peaceful atmosphere and food, created with love to surcharge you with energy and inspiration for your journey in life.


Weekly Specials (Mar 8-14)


South of the Border Serape    $8.75

“It’s a wrap for beaming smiles!”

2 scrambled eggs with melted sharp cheddar, pinto beans, guacamole, home-made salsa, a dab of sour cream in a whole wheat wrap and served with our European-style potatoes. 





Turkey Guacamole Wrap   $8.75

Delicious grilled vegetarian “turkey”, guacamole, red onion, tomato, romaine lettuce and shredded organic carrots.  Served with tamari-mayo sauce and wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla.   A hearty sandwich you’ll just love.    


                        * * *



(Vegan)  Beans and Greens   $8.95 

Pinto beans and organic brown rice, kale, grilled onions, green peppers, fresh garlic and a touch of salsa; comes with cup of soup. This dish is very savory, satisfying and healthy.

House salad instead of soup … add $1.00



Fri & Sat Night Special (Mar 13-14)


Souvlaki Blossomsopolis            

Grilled, spiced vegetarian beef served with organic brown rice, Greek salad and a refreshing yogurt-cucumber tzaziki sauce.  You’ll be smacking your lips and shaking 

your head after eating this yummy meal.

Healthy Tips  

Proven Ways To Worry Less And Feel Happier, Right Now

Imagine the Best Case Scenario

Visualize yourself dealing with a problem head-on—and resolving it successfully, says Rallie McAllister, MD, MPH. If you don't know or can't fathom what the best-case scenario is, it becomes that much more difficult to achieve it, she says. As new worries or challenges pop up, seek out a silver lining. "Whenever a new situation arises, immediately ask yourself, 'what's good about this?' "says McAllister. Anxious about a biopsy result from the doctor? Tell yourself that you're being proactive about your health, and no matter what happens, you're better off finding out now instead of in 6 months or a year.


Do what you can do today

Do you procrastinate? It's probably making you more anxious than you realize. "Many people have a habit of not handling issues until they become overwhelming," says John M. Rowley, director of wellness at the International Sports Science Association. "Deal with what you have to deal with today." A big work project will only seem more impossible if you wait until the 11th hour to tackle it. Instead, break it down into mini tasks you can do one day at a time during the week before it's due—the very act of divvying may seem intimidating, but once you make that first dent, you'll feel much better.


Give yourself a pep talk

Often a little self-encouragement is all you need to snap out of a bout of worries. Sometimes, we're our own worst enemies, McAllister says. To make nice with yourself, pretend for a day that you have a cartoon bubble over your head, and catch everything you say to yourself, suggests Sandra Haber, PhD. Write it down, and read it back. Negative self-talk keeps you buried in your pain. Instead, offer yourself the same enthusiasm and support you'd give your best friend. It feels artificial at first, but when you catch yourself saying something mean, stop and make it nice.


Stand up straighter

For an instant mood lift, watch your posture. When Ohio State University researchers asked study participants to rate their skills related to job opportunities, they found that those who completed the task with proper posture were more secure in their abilities than those who were slumped over. "People feel confident when they're sitting upright, and they can attribute that confidence to their present thoughts," says study author and psychologist Richard E. Petty, PhD.

Prevention Magazine


Special Discount!


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Inspirational Aphorism

Never too late

To do the right thing;


Never too late

To be the right person;


Never too late

For the transformation of the mind,

For the satisfaction of the heart

And for the perfection of human life.


~ Sri Chinmoy

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