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In the past year, a key talking point among sport and recreation organizations has been the rise of premature sports specialization in kids. The recent “Play More Sports” ad campaign spelled out the scientific facts about why young children should get exposure to different sports and physical activities. Whether we want to train world-class athletes or develop lifelong recreational participants, the evidence suggests that we need to encourage kids to play a variety of sports and activities at younger ages before we help them to specialize at the right time. However, to make the multi-sport approach the new normal, we must go from words to action, and that’s one of the themes of this month’s newsletter.

Make multi-sport a reality in your community

We know that children benefit from exploring different sports and physical activities prior to puberty. However, it’s time to move from words to action. Here are some concrete actions that sports organizations, coaches, and parents can take.

Visit a school where PE is about skills, and sports include everyone

Many of us have bad memories of PE class and school sports in general. In Victoria, there’s one elementary school that is getting all of the students having fun playing different sports through PE, intramurals, and after-school activities.

In early years education, it’s essential to develop executive function

In early childhood development, executive functioning is like air traffic control. Regardless of how they are feeling or what is happening in the tower, air traffic controllers must prioritize tasks and ignore distractions. Kids need the same skills in school and later in life, and this is why it’s essential to begin developing executive function in the early years.

Featured resource

Multi-sport poster for teachers and coaches to share

Do you support multi-sport participation for kids? Show your support by sharing this poster through your social media channels or by printing hard copies and distributing by hand.

More resources

Link of the month

Children need daily physical activity for healthy early development. But where do you begin? Have a Ball Together provides the tools you need to promote physical activity for children ages 0-6 years.

Tool kits

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