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Meet our new Intern, Kenzie!

Kenzie had already been in Thailand for six months with her family. She has now started a six month Internship with Global Alms Incorporated as part of her gap year experience. Kenzie will be focusing on Business Administration and Public Relations while she is with us, before heading back to America in June, where she will start University. Please join us in welcoming Kenzie to our team!

"I love being out here and working with the GAI team. They are amazing girls and have welcomed me in like family. It's great to be a part of an organization that is making a tangible difference."

Teacher Training College
at Noh Bo

Early January, our team traveled to a teacher training college in Noh Bo to teach the students self-defence and self-preservation tactics. The training involved Female, and Third Party Protection. The students also got to engage in test and measures including various individual and group scenarios, having to defend themselves against an "attacker".

We spent a week with about 40 students who are learning how to teach various subjects, in order to teach in Karen State. Some will go on to be principals, others will be primary school teachers. They will often have to travel, live, and work in remote villages and this training equips them with some foundational skills and the self-belief to know that they can protect themselves.

Green Belt Certifications 

Recently, we've had our head trainer, Karl Thornton, here to qualify Mechelle and Ruth in their Green Belts and Unit 4 of the MDTA Instructor Program. The grading for a green belt requires the participants to demonstrate techniques and drills at the green belt level. This includes higher resistance towards hits (strikes to the head) and exemplifying the understanding and practical use of the various strikes, finishing techniques, and disarming and defending against weapons that come with being at the green belt level.

Both Mechelle and Ruth are already Certified through the World Combat Association as MDTA NGO-RBSD Instructors trained and qualified in a specialised field of reality based self defence. Certified in: Female Personal Protection - Female Ground Defence - Basic Third Party Protection. This certification is authorised based on the techniques required for specified environments within Thailand and Burma.
"Our system is one of the hardest both mentally and physically, and that is what is told to us by all who train with us. It gives the individual a chance to really test and measure themselves in reality based scenarios with realistic resistance and impact. There is always pain, bruising and sometimes injuries during grading, all of which are no reason to quit. You push yourself mentally and physically. 9 times out of 10, when the safety gear (like head guards) come off during scenarios, it still continues. Reality is not a sport, and I trust in your adrenaline and primal survival to kick in. I am not always liked during grading, and I will treat you like a victim, my team and I, as attackers, will be and play the vicious predators you will face. All I expect you to do, is SURVIVE."
-Karl Thornton

MDTA Training with Karl Thornton

After Ruth and Mechelle finished grading for their Green Belts, the fun (and pain) continued! Karl began to teach them new ground defence moves involving head locks and leg traps. 

We then moved onto the team training where Moo Ra and Kenzie joined in on learning Ground Defence techniques. Kenzie reflected, "The whole thing was amazing. There is nothing like having that light bulb moment and finally getting the hang of a certain technique. Plus, you actually get to see what really works for you and what doesn’t. It is important to know what to do in case you do end up on the ground."

"We need to know what to do to protect ourselves," says Moo Ra, "Especially if we get to the ground. You need to know how to fight and live. I like doing it together because we have more practice and time together as a team". 

Papering the town

In order to get the word out about our Female Protection Program class for Muslim women, we took to the streets to hand out flyers in Thai and Burmese to shop owners, employees, and restaurants all over the Muslim district of the town. We met many women interested in what we do, and many men were interested in sending their daughters to the classes.
We did face much opposition, and had to take caution as we can still be received negatively by men who feel that we are giving their daughters, wives, and sisters the wrong ideas. "The women we spoke to were very kind and patient with my lack of speaking Thai and Burmese. It must have been odd seeing a 'farang' (foreigner) in this part of town.", said Kenzie. "Most westerners don't go to that part of town so I can imagine that they were nervous as well." There was also a big language barrier as Kenzie and Moo Ra speak very limited Thai. However, more often than not, we were well received and the girls made it work.

These classes are important to these women because, "Everyone deserves the right to be safe and if I can teach them skills on how to do that, I will," says Mechelle Moore - CEO. "Mae Sot is a dangerous place. People call it a 'sleepy border town', and it is, but it comes with a different set of dangers. You have people coming in and out all the time because it's a trade route between two major Asian countries and it's right on the border. There is a higher level of violence because people can come and go across the border with ease". 

Modified Sewing Classes

For the past couple of months, our Community Liaison Officer, Naw Moo Ra Soe, has been teaching Sewing Classes to a girl with a hearing disability. The student is currently completing her studies at a learning centre that caters specifically to migrant children with various disabilities, genetic disorders, and learning challenges. Naw Moo Ra Soe has faced all of the challenges that come with teaching a student with disabilities with grace and determination. 

This student does not speak, and knows very little sign language. However, she and Moo Ra have created their own sort of system, or language, if you will. “We have signs for ‘stop’ and signs for ‘continue’ so it works”. Moo Ra uses various patterns of ‘taps’ on the girl’s shoulder to express the information. She has progressed tremendously. “Teaching her is good." Says Moo Ra, "I need to have patience but I like working with her. I like showing her how a business works and new sewing skills, so she can support herself”.

International Women's Day

International Women's Day was celebrated worldwide on Wednesday 8th March. It was also a day for bringing attention to, and calling for action in regards to the issues women face today. We at Global Alms visited a "Keep Women Safe" seminar that focused on migrant women and their personal and legal rights. 

"The information they gave us was important to know because many migrant women don't know about their rights", says Naw Moo Ra Soe, our Community Liason Officer. "It is especially good for them because when they know their rights, they can protect themselves against corruption and exploitation that they often become victims of."

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