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GAI Training Centre

We've continued to have a lot of groups come through our Training Centre, for our Child Protection and Personal Protection classes! Each week, the crew from Mae Sot Blind Centre (MSBC) are improving their skills in being more aware of their surroundings, and responding to a potentially dangerous situation. This has particularly challenged Ruth & Mechelle as trainers - having to attempt to explain the concepts and 'demonstrate' the techniques from the perspective of non-sighted people. In saying that, the boys are doing exceptionally well (it also helps that they are feisty, and have a feisty teacher who comes along with them!)

Towards the end of October, we also had the opportunity of meeting with another local NGO that runs a student boarding home. We met up with their 'house-mother' and teenage girls, and discussed running classes during their holiday break. It didn't take long for them to break out of their 'shy' exteriors and show us their strength (see photos below)!

We have now begun an 8-week General Public program available to the females in Mae Sot; and another monthly program with the HCTC (Hospitality and Catering Training Centre) who train their students in professional hospitality skills, and then send them out to exclusive hotels and restaurants as interns and great job opportunities. The classes are going well, and it's also provided us with another channel to build some great connections with other workers and community groups in town.

P.S.: Our website just got a makeover! Feel free to check it out:

NCART - Seminar & 2016 Plans

During the first week of November, we hosted a 3-day National Children At Risk Training Seminar with
We had 7 participants: Thais, Burmese, and Karen; and had 2 of our 10-day Train the Trainer Course (hosted in September) graduates join us assisting and translating! It was a fantastic time, and we all learnt a lot from each other. One of the greatest opportunities formed by these seminars and courses is the way in which leaders, managers, caregivers, teachers, and parents - are all able to learn more about best care practices for working with children at risk. We heard some great feedback from this seminar, with participants updating us about strategies that they have put in place in regards to taking care of the children in their care, and the small improvements that they are making. They may seem like small steps, but they're huge influences in regards to the development of that particular child, and their understanding of how much love and respect the trusted adults in their lives are able to provide.

One of the standout examples came about when we went through an exercise which challenges us to not only observe a child's behaviour, but the feelings and losses which may be associated with the 'bad' behaviour. Caregivers have a particularly tough job since they not only have to meet the basic needs of the child, 24/7, but also listening to them in order to discipline and respond to certain situations with sensitivity. It's been an honour meeting others who are so passionate about providing better care for the at-risk communities here. 

If you would like to check out the testimonials of the scholarship recipients, here are the links!
Moo Ra:

We have now locked in all of our workshop, seminar, and course dates for 2016; and we're very excited! A calendar has been drafted, and we'll soon be releasing it to the community in order to lock in numbers, and figure out which topics may suit the groups best.

- E Shwe Zin -

Small Business Development

"Nobody talks about entrepreneurship as survival, but that's exactly what it is, and what nurtures creative thinking." - Anita Roddick

E Shwe Zin has been busy making a collection of products to sell, and gain an income from the proceeds.
 For the past year or so, we have been training ESZ in various skills such as using a sewing machine, product construction, quality control, basic cash flow and bookkeeping, profit/loss, appealing to specific markets, and English speaking! Our hope is that she'll be able to slowly chip away at the financial issues which continue to be a burden for her. As a 19 year old girl entrusted to take care of her family (currently including her Mum, 2 siblings, a nephew, and a baby niece); she has shown so much strength, faithfulness, and hard work. This girl never shies away from any opportunity to learn or increase her skills. Although she has expressed her disappointment at not being able to attend school, she understands the value of building up her repertoire of skills now so that she may have better opportunities later on in life. So far, she's been making sets of placemats and cushion covers, and infinity scarves. If you're interested in placing an order or purchasing any of the items, please feel free to contact us! There are also photos available for viewing on our Facebook page.


This month, we will have the privilege of having two volunteers with us - Ally & Anwen! Ally has a background in fashion design and kindly connected with us earlier this year, regarding the products that our Sewing Workshop was producing. Ally's expertise in dressmaking and the textiles industry; coupled with hers and Anwen's commitment to giving to others is going to be a HUGE help for us! During their time here, they will be busy teaching specialised classes in dressmaking; English; crafts; as well as being involved in our jam-packed schedule of classes and community involvement. December is usually a hectic time of year, and we're glad that they'll be able to be lending us a hand... and that we'll be able to celebrate Christmas together! We wish them all the best as they complete their final preparations before making their way over to Mae Sot. Safe travels ladies, and see you very soon!

Happy Baby!

This particular cutie was taken in by her Grandma and Aunty since she was a newborn. Although her Grandma has had several kids herself, this is the first time she is taking care of one relying on formula, rather than breast milk! Often, the mothers here don't know the differences between various baby formula products, and they (understandably) usually buy the cheaper ones in order to be able to afford the copious amounts that their babies would drink. With this particular family, we've now incorporated a great contribution scheme as a part of our Family Support Program! This means that they are still able to purchase better quality formula for the price they would have normally paid for the less nutritional powder. Ever since switching to the better formula, she is now getting stronger and developing more of an appetite - especially for rice - even though the 'pause' button has been struck a few times due to her teething experiences! We're thankful for opportunities to continue to strengthen families.
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