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Sewing Workshop

Global Alms Inc. Training Centre

For the past few months, our Sewing Workshop classes have been filled up, as more and more young women sign up and express their interest in learning how to develop their skills. We were able to run weekly classes over 2 months, covering 2 different Modules.

One of the greatest things about these classes is seeing the more advanced students taking part in assisting with teaching the other classes they have already mastered. We are working towards having the Modules translated into different languages so that the students are able to take the materials and teach it to others themselves. It has also been interesting to see the girls being pushed out of their comfort zones by using their creative juices, rather than simply following and copying instructions.

We've always aimed these classes towards providing the students with foundational and technical skills, but also to encourage their entrepreneurship so that they can eventually start their own businesses, if they wish to do so. It also means that wherever they may end up, whether here in Thailand, Burma, or their own villages, they still have the skills to use the resources around them to make clothes, household items, or products that they can sell! Overall, they've done very well, and have expressed a lot of interest in continuing to learn.

In December, we will have the opportunity to have a fashion designer (Ally, and her daughter Anwen), volunteer with us. Our Community Liaison Officer, Ruth, first met Ally through the TBT Women's Group that has consistently supported and provided seed funding for this project! Ally has already been involved with providing us with ideas and advice in regards to our Sewing Workshop and the products that we make, so we are looking forward to having her come over and for the girls to meet her, and learn from her expertise! Thank you so much to all of these ladies who believe in our girls and generously give up their time, efforts, and resources to help us continue with this venture.

GAI Fundraising Events

Our team travelled from Mae Sot (via Bangkok and Sydney) to Alice Springs where they held a few fundraising events for Global Alms Inc from 7th-9th AUG '15. When Ruth and Mechelle arrived in Alice Springs, after leaving Mae Sot 30 hours earlier, they visited two local High Schools where they each ran information sessions, demonstrations included, on Protection Programs and why Global Alms Inc. run them for women and children on the Thai/Burma border. This was to raise awareness and to also give people a small taste of what was to come the following day.

The next day, the team held two 3-hour Personal Protection workshops for women in the local area. These workshops actually came at a good time as there had recently been some assaults within the local area. As a result, they had a few ladies attend who were avid runners and wanted to learn some personal preservation skills. As Trainee Instructors, Ruth and Mechelle assisted their Principal Instructor from Modern Defensive Tactics Australia, Mr Karl Thornton, with demonstrations for the group, and assisting participants when they needed some extra help.

It was a great chance to pass on some valuable knowledge to young women in the community, but equally a fantastic opportunity for the team to speak with the young High Schoolers. A big thank you to David and Tiffany Keane for hosting the Global Alms Inc. team and coordinating the events over the weekend. Your family is very involved within your local communities (which is great to see), the red meat was phenomenal (a huge treat, as it's something they don't usually have access to in Mae Sot), and it is always great for our team to spend time with you guys!

Mechelle also went to visit Perth towards the end of her time in Australia, where she attended a fundraising event run by Richelle Gandy. Thank you to Richelle, and all of the women who came along to this event and took the time to find out more about Global Alms Inc. and the work that we do!


"The TTT Child Caregiver training is an awesome experience for EVERYONE who likes to learn more about compassionate service to children. The high level of professional input, hands-on experience and personal exchange is an unique blend everyone will enjoy."

Our 10-Day Train the Trainer: National Children At Risk Training with was a huge success, with 17 participants representing at least 7 countries, and 9 organisations (altogether working with/influencing hundreds of children); who are now trained to train others in this valuable material! Our GAI Mae Sot Team became accredited trainers in this course material earlier on in the year, and have been very excited about bringing it to Mae Sot because there is nothing quite like it available here. There are so many teams and organisations here who work with vulnerable children (including ours), but there isn't much on offer in regards to training child caregivers and leaders about the needs that not only all children need; but specifically orphans, vulnerable children, and children at risk/in crisis. 

Many different topics were explored, including: children's developmental stages; attachment; trauma, loss, and grief; abuse; child protection; play; caring for the caregivers; and models of care. A lot of the discussions were tough to work through, as we all shared various personal and professional experiences and issues, but it also meant that it was a fantastic time of building new relationships and encouragement to unite, and advocate for children. Especially for those who are leaders of children's homes, it is difficult to find the time to get to know each other and reflect on things that are already in place within the organisations, and also ways to improve. The 2 weeks were difficult to push through at some points, but it meant that a lot of reflections and discussions could be facilitated.

We were also thankful for Marjory (CEO of Cradle of Hope, Macau), who completed our trio of trainers throughout the 10-days and provided invaluable insights. Thank you so much to all who supported this particular course, especially those who gave towards sponsoring a trainee to attend! You've been instrumental in providing best care practice to our friends here along the border.

Child Protection Program

We have continued to run weekly Child Protection workshops with the Farmhouse Migrant Learning Centre, and the Mae Sot Blind Centre (MSBC).

Despite the cheekiness of these kids, they're doing very well in regards to gaining confidence, and learning the techniques and sequences to keep themselves safe. The girls in particular, are showing a lot more strength and determination - which is fantastic to see! 

The MSBC boys are also learning quickly. We always love spending time with Boon (the founder of MSBC) and her students, and these classes have challenged us to plan workshops for visually impaired participants. This is not to say that the boys are less capable, but it involves different challenges as we encourage them to use varying techniques and using different senses. It also means that we have to use a more 'hands-on' approach rather than being able to demonstrate and expecting the students to follow. They're always very keen to learn, and we're excited to see their progress.

Personal Protection Program

We had a great time with The Charis Project Team when they attended a couple of Personal Protection Program workshops with us at the Training Centre. Their team members work with many different children's groups (homes, schools, and community centres). 

We led 2 different workshops. The first was aimed at the young girls and involved most of what is usually covered during an MDTA Rape Prevention Workshop. As per usual, the girls were very shy at first but were soon giggling (with nervousness) as they were confronted with exploring the realities of violence. They did very well learning the skills and techniques; and their caregivers also took the time during this day to discuss some sexual education issues and open up an honest platform for the young people.

The second workshop was attended by the leaders and caregivers of the homes. This involved learning individual skills, but also techniques, systems, and procedures that they could put into place as a team, in order to deal with strangers or threats which may enter their communities. The team members also had a great time using their leader as a 'test dummy' and beating him up during the test-sequences!

Livestock Project

During the past couple of weeks, we heard some sad news about the farm and Livestock Project that we had started in order to assist with our Family Support Program. It is always especially difficult to take care of a large number of animals in the town of Mae Sot, and they are also more susceptible to becoming sick during rainy season. We were informed that a number of the goats died due to sickness brought on by the flooding and constant rain. Half of them were young ones (kids) who couldn't handle the flooding and heavy rains.

We're very sorry to report this news, especially to our supporters who particular gave in order to support this project. As a result, we will be concluding this project earlier than expected. We appreciate your thoughts and understanding during this time, and should you have any questions regarding the wrap up of this project, please feel free to contact us.

Staff Training

The Global Alms Inc. Board and Team are always thankful for opportunities to learn. In August, we had the honour of having the Ignite Network visit us in Mae Sot to run a 3-day intensive course about presenting a skill set. The course involved topics such as adult learning principles, lesson planning, qualities of a good trainer, and also provided us with opportunities to practice and hone our skills with our fellow trainees. We had 3 others join us, representing 2 other organisations in the community. Everyone agreed that it was more than worthwhile, and particularly helpful in our fields of training locals and nationals in various skill sets such as teaching, personal protection, leadership, sustainable farming, and languages.

E Shwe Zin - Small Business Development

We have now set-up a small corner of a Sewing Workshop at E Shwe Zin (ESZ's) home so that she can continue to make products in order to gain some income. The confidence she now has in her sewing skills is growing, and she (as well as her mother) have shown particular keenness towards continuing this project so that they can eventually start up a small business. Our team has been working hard to assist them with this. Especially in regards to teaching ESZ the basic business principles in regards to budgeting, money handling, finding a market, and choosing the right (and good quality) fabrics.

So far, she has continued to make sets of placemats and cushion covers, but we are also working towards teaching her to make cloth diapers. As shown in the photo, their family has recently taken in ESZ's baby niece. We are hoping that the cloth diapers will not only assist them in their own expenditures, but also provide them with another product that will be able to be sold to other families in the community. Hence, creating a sustainable market.

Impromptu Visa Run

In the middle of running the 10-Day TTT, our Global Alms Inc. team found out that they would have to make an unexpected border crossing in order to renew their visas! So they followed the Macau team to Bangkok, and made their way over to Vientiane, Laos. This trip itself was a bit of an adventure, as neither of them had done it before. It ended up including 2 short flights, 2 bus rides, and 1 tuk-tuk ride. The visa process took one day to complete, but they went through some confusion at the Thai consulate too. It's always a 'fun' process, and a huge relief to see new visas placed in their passports! Ruth and Mechelle tried to make the most of the trip by doing a little bit of sightseeing on the side. It was lovely for them to be able to explore parts of Vientiane even in the rain!
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