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We've Moved!!!

Global Alms Inc. Training Centre

This month we relocated the Global Alms Inc. Training Centre into a new facility. The last building was quite old and would not have survived the upcoming wet season. It was quite an effort moving out of the old centre and then having our lounge room look like a storage room for 3 weeks, but we have finally moved and settled into our new facility!

The new Training Centre is located closer to town on Don Kaew Road, and is in a more accessible location. We began classes two weeks ago for the general public, local organisations and our affiliated Migrant Schools. Everything is running smoothly and we have been lucky to have new students joining us every week!

If you find yourself in Mae Sot or if you are already a local, please feel free to come down and visit us.

Protection Programs

Our Personal Protection Programs have been running smoothly. We have had the opportunity to train several non-government and community based organisations within the Mae Sot area.

We continue to offer our weekly training for the Migrant School students participating in our Child Protection Program. One local school is now incorporating our program into their curriculum each Semester. It is hard work, especially when you hear some of their stories, but they are all doing very well and have definitely come a long way towards knowing how to protect their bodies and understanding their rights. It is good to see some of the same students from last year remembering their training and incorporating the new skills they are learning.

Our team spent some time working with a group of young females at risk along the border. These young females live in a boarding house in a small village. We have been visiting them since November 2014 and they are now participating in our Child Protection Program. They have little to no knowledge of how or why they need to keep their bodies safe, so we are doing what we can to make sure they learn quickly and stay safe. 

If you or a friend are interested in participating in one of our Protection Programs, please email our team at

Muay Thai Training

We now have Muay Thai Training available each week for the general public. We offer separate classes for men and women; all run by our Muay Thai Trainer, Khun Paritat. The Women train on Sunday and Tuesday nights 6:00pm-8:00pm and the Men train on Thursday nights 6:00pm-8:00pm.

All classes seem to being going quite well. We had to add an additional women's class as we have had a lot of interest from the ladies in town. If things continue to improve, we will add additional classes as required. It has been a lot of fun watching them all begin to learn the Classic style of Muay Thai and we know Khun Paritat absolutely loves instructing again.

All proceeds donated through these classes go towards the training we provide at no cost for children at risk in our local communities. 

Vocational Training - Sewing Course

Our current round of classes in our Sewing Workshop are going well. It is currently running as a 4 week course - with 2-hour classes each week.

We currently have 4 young ladies signed up and the first class was spent discussing the Safety Precautions and Important Equipment used around the Workshop. The introductory classes allow the students to study a breakdown of all aspects of Sewing, including different fabric types and fibres; and the parts of the Sewing Machine. It has been great getting to know the different quirks of our students, as they learn to navigate the machine. A lot of giggles ensued during the first lesson, when they had to learn to sew on lines (straight, and circular) on a piece of paper. Reminding them to go slowly at first can always be a repetitive venture, but it shows the genuine interest and keenness of the participants!

We're looking forward to seeing how they progress in their skills, and allowing them the space to release some creativity into the items which they will make. One of the aims of the classes is to also discuss their basic rights as a worker. Many migrant workers end up working in hazardous conditions due to a lack of education, support systems, and their vulnerable situations. Garment factories in Mae Sot are often filled with these cases, so it is important that we are able to raise awareness and discuss these issues during our classes!

Saying good-bye! 

In April this year, we said good-bye to one of our lovable families here in Mae Sot. They were a part of our Family Support Program for 10 months and Pahn E Phyu was one of our trainees for a good portion of that time. It was sad to see Zoe-Mo, L'Win, Kabya Lei and Pahn E Phyu move back to Burma. We loved our time working with them and will continue to stay in touch.

Upcoming Events

We have an upcoming Global Alms Inc. fundraising event in Alice Springs 7-9 August 2015. We will be hosting some Personal Protection workshops featuring Mr Karl Thornton from Modern Defensive Tactics Australia and a fundraising evening, including dinner and an auction.

If you would like to be involved or come along to see what we are all about, please feel free to email us at for more information.
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