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How Are Your Teeth???

Health Program

This semester we organised for a Dentist who works with Burmese Migrants to conduct Dental Check-Ups for students at the Farm House Migrant Learning Centre (Migrant School). We have never seen so many children excited and curious about having their teeth checked by a Dentist.

After over 130 dental check-ups just over one third required treatment. This means they either needed a filing, tooth extraction or further care e.g. treatment for gingivitis. Each treatment only cost $7.00 AUD per visit or $200 THB. Some students require multiple treatments and some require urgent work so we have kicked these off now. If you are able to assist a student in receiving some much needed treatment, please let us know.

Family Support Program

We have had some new additions to our Farm with eight kids born over the last three months. They are always pretty cute and have quirky little personalities to match. During our weekly visits to the farmland  their curious nature always makes us laugh, especially their dedication to eating everything in sight, including the clothes you are wearing at the time. 

The whole reason we have these cute and quirky little kids is to raise them up into a sustainable food source for struggling families. They can breed and provide their own offspring as a food source and also be used for further breeding.

Vocational Training - Sewing Workshops

Our participants have worked hard to produce the Christmas items which were sent to Australia! The batch of items included placemats, table runners, coasters, and ornaments. We're very proud of the ladies who put in the time and effort into making these handicrafts, and we hope that those who purchased the items are able to enjoy them in their homes, throughout this Christmas season!

Since the fabrics, designs, and patterns have been hand-picked by our team, our participants have been able to learn valuable skills throughout every step of the production. E Shwe Ze (pictured above) has vastly improved her fabric cutting and machine-stitching skills. She is a keen learner and hard worker. However, she has also learnt many lessons along the way - one of which was having to unpick and re-handstitch the ornaments when she had forgotten what they were supposed to look like! After a little bit of encouragement and guidance, she was able to quickly mend them and produce lovely items. Thank you to all who have contributed in any way, whether through providing seed funding, or purchasing the finished products - you are helping to support participants such as E Shwe Ze and her family! 

This month, we will begin to train up a new young woman from our community, she is very excited to begin - shown by the way in which she and her family members continually ask us when she is able to start! It will also be a good opportunity for E Shwe Ze to start becoming involved in teaching someone else and pass on the skills and knowledge which she has built on, so far.

Protection Programs

In November we had Mr Karl Thornton, founder of Modern Defensive Tactics Australia, vist our team in Mae Sot to conduct some additional Reality Based Self-Defense training and host a couple of workshops. After a full week of grappling and take downs, despite the sore muscles, two workshops were held at the Global Alms Inc Training Centre for locals in our community. We had different Non-Government Organisations, Community Based Organisations and locals attend both the Female Personal Protection workshop and the 3rd Party Protection Workshop. Both workshops were very successful and all participants enjoyed the experience.

Over the last three months we have continued to run Protection Programs for Thai nationals, Migrants and westerners in our area. We usually have many languages and translations required during each program, but the diversity of participants is wonderful to see. All individuals have done extremely well during each class and are always excited to learn new skills.  

If you or a friend are interested in participating in one of our Protection Programs please email our team at
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