They say good things come in 3's. Well, this is the 3rd Newsletter. I planned the long delay between #2 and #3. Really. Because this one is extra special!
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We've been busy. Seriously.

It's been a crazy year - full of good, bad, and, well, drought.

So, first, I had good intentions: a bi-monthly Newsletter. Then reality hit. I'm still not sure what I was thinking. Did I think we'd win the lottery? Buy a cozy cabin in the Rockies to spend winters enjoying that elusive white stuff we used to have around Tahoe? Well, sure, who wouldn't? But alas, it didn't happen...although I hold out hope for winter 2015-2016. Hmm, how about a Rocky Mountain Mountaingirl Mysteries series (this has honestly crossed my mind)? Well, in all buying a lottery ticket is likely a prerequisite for winning said lottery, I've failed.

But enough of that - the big news: Sierra Nevada River of Lies is on the way!

Of course, launching the new book requires a launch party. Bona Fide Books HQ (headquarters) has graciously agreed, once again, to allow us to use their space! Mark your calendars: Saturday, November 7th (in Meyers, CA). It's the place to be. It will be all the rage (do they still say that)? I'll provide more details soon (thus ensuring I'll send a 4th Newsletter before November).

That said, this is one reason (excuse) for being behind. We haven't even finalized the book cover yet - but we're close! Another reason I am, er, slightly lagging - we needed ample doses of Nature Rx (seriously, the video is worth watching). We didn't take enough time last year, so have made it happen this year, one way or another <yawn>. But it's worth it (and frankly, caffeine is easy to come by). Finally, this spring was the beginning of 'the booth circuit.' Thanks to the excellent advice of my friend (and artist, marketing director, and attempted fashion advisor [if I'd let her; I refuse to wear heels!]), Moya Sanders, I didn't show up for my first event - the Lake Tahoe Home and Garden Show - looking like the novice I was. We had a banner, poster, flowers, and of course, the infamous "bloody rock magnets" (image below). And if that wasn't enough...we had chocolate and suckers (which I must say, were more a hit with adults than children).

So there you have it. And now, you have to admit it; you're tempted to learn more. Curious about what's next. Maybe you're even wondering: "Did you have Tootsie Roll suckers or Blow Pops?" It's an important question. But you can find out the answer at our next booth on September 12 at the Fall Festival and Chili Cook-off in South Lake Tahoe.

Pardon me one self-indulgent moment, here, but Sierra Nevada Trail of Murder received an exciting review in our local Tahoe Mountain News this month.

And finally, I can't sign off without a reference to Bella, the peakmaster. As always, it has been a fun year watching her antics and comedy shows (and then quickly morphing those innocent, playful behaviors into some disastrous story of murderous intent). Ah, but she doesn't know that. I think.

Happy Summer, everyone, and I'll be in touch soon (I promise!)

~Jennifer (& Bella)

PS: In order to indulge my ongoing desire to pretend I'm a master of social media (what's Instagram again?), my attempts to impress people with ever-corny games, and my need to share pictures of Bella, mountains, and Lake Tahoe, please Like my Facebook Page if you haven't already.
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