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March 17th, 2021
Get to Know the Women of NoHo - Part Two

This March is Women's History Month, and we're joining over 30 other neighborhoods from around NYC in the #SmallBusinessWonderWoman Campaign to highlight our City's women-owned and operated businesses. We'll be updating our social media feeds regularly and showing off the women of NoHo, so make sure to follow us.

We asked these #SmallBusinessWonderWomen what sets them apart  and why NoHo. Click on their photos to learn more
Selima Salaun of Bond 07 by Selima

"Handling sales, customer service and bespoke fittings has been challenging but the silverlining has been how our AMAZING NoHo customers have been ideal to work with. I LOVE NoHo and especially the BID which has been unbelievably present and supportive during these difficult times!"

"NoHo is the gem of Manhattan with such a rich history and incredible talent. I have been talking to my landlords across the City about the incredible support the BID has given us. No other neighborhood has done that.
Donna Leonard of il Buco

"This past year of this unprecedented pandemic has brought forth numerous silver linings:  my first cookbook, the return of my 3 star chef, Justin Smiliie, and the redefining of my team in ways I could never have expected.  The continued support of our regulars and friends has been heartwarming and proof of the greatest goal of my brand:  to bring friends together over food and wine, to share, discuss, create and grow together. My son was born 16 years ago this week, and raising him, mostly as a single mom, with the 
extended il Buco family below and all around me, has been my greatest joy.  He truly makes me feel like Wonder Woman!"

"NoHo is a unique oasis in our crazy bustling city.  The cobblestone streets interspersed with the beautiful old manufacturing buildings of old New York, now interspersed with some of the most unique modern residences and even mini towers, make it visually stunning and unique like a small enclave within a complex web of diverse enclaves.  This one is filled with artists, builders, creators & innovators.  Even as gentrification takes hold, it still retains its charm and nuance."
Ulla Johnson of Ulla Johnson

"As a lifelong New Yorker, NoHo was always somewhere I had an affinity towards, specifically this quiet block with trees lining the streets. It is the perfect spot for our flagship shop. We hope to have created a transportive space that feels intimate and inviting, with places for the eye to pause while complementing each incoming collection."
Jill Dienst of Dienst + Dotter

"I am a #SmallBusinessWonderWomen because the gallery – after 16 years – remains a reflection of my own personality and style: inclusiveness, curiousness, and a broad view of what defines beauty in art and objects. Every #SmallBusinessWonderWoman is wondrous in their own personal way!

As a woman business owner, I often remind myself,
“There are no ceilings except those that you put on yourself.” I began my career in the Department of European

Paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and later worked at Didier Aaron, Inc. and Jacques Grange before opening my own gallery. Then and now, the items I collect are truly one-of-a-kind. I love learning and experimenting and, most of all, sharing my love for Scandinavian design with others! Our collection is always changing, and it’s not uncommon for the gallery to look entirely different from one day to the next."

"We have been at our current location on Lafayette Street in NoHo for over a decade and absolutely love the energy, buzz and comradery of the neighborhood! My family resides nearby and adore the range of options from the arts, to dining, to theater to fashion that are all commingled into the magic of our NoHo neighborhood. I truly believe that the some of the success of Dienst + Dotter Antikviteter can be attributed to the magic of our NoHo location and its amazing BID team which is the glue that brings us all together!"

If you’re having non-emergency neighborhood safety issues, the NoHo NCOs are here to help. These police officers work with community members - including businesses - to address challenges. If you’re facing a problem, they’re here to help! This Thursday, March 18th, you’ll be able to meet face-to-face with NCOs and bring up whatever problems you’re having. If you’re on the west side of Broadway or further west, you should attend the 6th Precinct meeting located at 233 West 10th (left flyer). If you’re on the east side of Broadway or further east, you should attend the 9th Precinct meeting held at Bowery Meat Company (right flyer). For more info, click here
Join the Merchant's House Museum for Women Who Dared

At 4:00 PM, every Sunday in March, as well as April 4th and 11th, join the Merchant's House Museum for a special series  on 19th century female writers. These “women who dared” defied convention by invading the traditionally masculine domain of literature – and they were successful, albeit treated with disdain. Learn more here
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