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8 Supervisor Tips for Getting More Done

I guest posted this to The Military Leader website.

When I took over my duty position, my supervisor told me that in order to succeed, I needed to get more involved in orders and taskings than the officer I replaced. I did the opposite and got better results. Here’s how. Read More >>.

Start Learning Yoga With This DVD

Rodney Yee’s Complete Yoga for Beginners is an excellent introduction to yoga. Read More >>

Rapid Fire

If You Have Ever Felt Bad By Quitting Something...

You may have made the right decision! This article highlights using quitting as a productivity tactic. I completely concur with the message and avoiding the sunk cost fallacy (sticking with it just because you have stuck with it this far). They point out deftly that just because it is on your to do list doesn't mean it has to get done. Just say no!

If You Want A New Look At Food...

Check out The Atlantic's piece on What Food Porn Does To The Brain. This is a great look into one of the aspects of our modern society that greatly influence how much we eat. It shows the relationship between sensory overload and food/satiety. I have a post I am working on about this topic. The idea is that the super-engineered tastes, smells, and sights of all the processed food products we have invented in the last 100 years make them utterly irresistible. Do you think our relatives a few hundred years ago had to fight off anything like the cookie or cereal aisle at a modern grocery store when they got food? Nope. While you are still the one who controls what you eat, the willpower required is phenomenal and it's mentally taxing.
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