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Welcome to the Summer 2017 newsletter
This season’s newsletter focuses on Sunshine and Holidays. Lots of people off travelling and lots not, in this edition:

Mindfulness Taster Session in July – From Anne Marie Bealing @ Right Now Works.
Vitamin D – Sun, Sustenance or Supplement?.
Keep Healthy When Travelling – The Refresh 'Alternative' Travel First Aid Kit.
Quarter Life Crisis, Fact or Fiction? – From Fiona Simpson @ Lilac Pearl.
Special Introductory Offer - From new Sports Massage Therapist Kelly Goody.
Beach Walk Meditation – If you can't go, dream it.

Have a great Summer.

Jo and the Refresh Team
Refresh Wellness

Tel: 01473 561 008
* Mindfulness Taster Session *

Tuesday 11th of July, 6:30 - 7:30pm
At Ipswich Sports Therapy Ltd.
Cost: £5

Have you ever wondered if Mindfulness was for you?  Well, we invite you to attend a taster session in the evening of Tuesday 11th July.


Head chatter? Overthinking? Life on autopilot? Are you living in the past or in the future and ignoring the present? It is happening to us all and sometimes seems to take control of our lives so we may become anxious, stressed and over tired.

Mindfulness is a current buzz word, schools are doing it, MPs are doing it, tennis players are doing it and newspapers are reporting it-but what actually is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a learnt technique that encourages moments of mental stillness and awareness to help develop strategies for dealing with life’s stresses and strains. You learn how to reflect on rather than react to strong emotions, develop coping strategies for dealing with anxiety and stress and to become more aware of the present moment. Mindfulness will not eliminate life’s pressures but can help us respond to them in a calm manner. It has no religious dimensions and you are not trying to achieve some mystical state or spiritual transcendence; just being you.

I have been a teacher in a secondary school for 25 years and over the past few years I took up practising mindfulness to enhance my quality of life. I was so encouraged by its benefits to me and my pupils that I have now trained to teach mindfulness to adults and children. I am passionate about mental health for teenagers.

For information about taster sessions and the courses that I run- ‘Mindfulness for Me – a lighter approach to Mindfulness’ please find me on facebook Right Now Works or email me at

Everybody welcome!

Testimonials from previous courses:

“Very worthwhile – in fact life changing experience!”

Vitamin D - Sun, Supplement or Sustenance?
By Jo Tankard

This has become a very popular health discussion point lately, loads of people being diagnosed as lacking in it and that influences on your health and so now we are all using supplements and sprays. Here’s our take on it.

Lack of Vitamin D will present as the following:
  • Immune System Issues ie cancer, coeliac disease, candida, constant ENT problems
  • Depression
  • Hormonal Balance as it’s a pro-hormone which can lead to weight gain
  • Muscle Mass depletion
  • Osteoporosis
First get tested – ask your Doctor to do this if you feel any of the above apply to you, or get a home-test. Advice is you should fall between 50 and 65 ng/ml of Vitamin D3.

So you come out low, now what? Well first thing is get in the sun WITHOUT SUNSCREEN!! When you start to burn your body is telling you you’ve had enough, ting you’re full. Now you have to ask yourself why you’re not getting in the sun? Are you being lazy?? Are you making an excuse to sit in watching tv or playing or your phone or can you actually spend 30 minutes walking, yes walking!! Outside. As I type this its 26 outside, I’ll go get my top up and then I’ll either sit in shade or use an Organic sunscreen – so many chemicals in non-organic that I won’t touch it.

If your answer is truly a no, then go for the diet first to improve it via grass-fed butter, organic eggs, organic milk from grass fed cows!! and THEN go for supplementation. However, just taking a Vit D3 supplement in whatever form isn’t your magic pill. In order for it to absorb you have to have enough magnesium (green leafy veg, grass-fed red meat, nuts and seeds) and you have to have enough QUALITY fat going in, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, avocado are best options. Dr Josh Axe suggests taking your Vitamin D3 with a teaspoon of coconut oil, avocado or almond butter to increase the uptake. Dosages are 2-5,000 iu’s/day.

If 50% of your diet is junk, you are dehydrated or you have a leaky gut then no amount of supplementation of any form is going to suddenly be the magic solution. So as ever best quality meats, fats and vegetables should be 80-90% of your diet.
Something on offer here at Ipswich Sports Therapy that would be worth considering is HRV testing from Lien at Adaptive Health. This monitors the variability of your heart rate over 5 minutes and shows how well your body is currently functioning. From this you are determined to be in the red, orange or green zone. Only if you are in the green healthy zone would Vitamin D supplementation be of any benefit to you. To get you back into the green zone would require lifestyle changes and possible Mitochondrial Therapy in supplementation form to bring you back to health.
Initial consultation is £50 including the initial HRV reading. The consultation takes about 30 minutes. If they believe that the therapy can help, only then would a course of MT be recommended.

Adaptive Health are currently offering a follow-up retest for free a saving of £45.
Contact Lien on or call 01473 561003.

A few other interesting facts:
  • Darker skinned people need longer exposure to the sun
  • Heavier people need more Vitamin D3
  • Don’t have a shower after getting in from your sunbath as your body needs 30-60 minutes to absorb it.
  • The chemicals in plastics block the absorption so consider your food packaging.
If you have any questions about where to source any of the foods mentioned above then please contact us at
The Refresh Wellness 'Alternative' First Aid Travel Kit
By Jo Tankard/Fiona Simpson

Fiona and I were having a think about this and have put together what we take:
  • Oil of Oregano – its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral – put two drops under your tongue on the plane (its burns a bit) but will stop those airplane bugs getting you. Plus if you get a stomach bug this will kill of the bugs very rapidly.
  • Badger Company, Anti-Bug Balme - as sold here. Great protection against all critters.
  • Nelsons Pyrethrum Spray- as sold here. If you do get bitten, this homeopathic spray eases symptoms straight away.
  • Aloe Vera gel – great for sunburn and any other skin complaints that erupt.
  • Organic Suntan Cream – Jo uses this one. Nasty stuff in non-organic – don’t go there.
  • Pro-biotics. Different food and environment can affect your stomach. Bio-kult suggests taking 1-2 daily for a week before going, then 4 a day while away and then 1-2 again for the week after the travelling.
Don’t forget ear plugs, eye mask and a comfy neck pillow for the plane.

Happy Travels!!!
Quarter life crisis, real or fiction
By Fiona Simpson

Twenty somethings are now being diagnosed with Quarter-life crisis. They report high levels of stress & anxiety and are suffering from multiple breakdowns in their short lives.
Twenty somethings are lonely despite so many communications mediums that older folk didn't have at their age. They meet with their friends and feel empty at the end of the night.
Is this real or just life? … click here for more info.
*Kelly Goody's Special Introductory Offer*

Massage: £35 for one-hour / £30 for 45 minutes (Saving of £5)


A big Welcome to Kelly Goody, the newest member of our team. Kelly is joining us as an experienced Sports Massage Therapist having worked in the Health and Wellness industry for 10 years around Colchester, Ipswich and Framlingham.

She will be available for appointments Mon, Weds, Fri 10-2. Her experience includes treating Channel Swimmers, Ironman Competitors, Marathon Runners and non-sport related clients. She recently completed the London Marathon herself so understands the process and challenges.

Kelly is also currently training in Biomechanics Coaching which she brings to her treatment as corrective exercises to further resolve injuries and their causes.

If you would like to book an appointment Kelly is offering an introductory offer for June and July of £35 for an hour, £30 for 45 minutes - a saving of £5 on her usual prices.

Please call her direct on 07901 923874 quoting Refresh Wellness to book or contact us on 01473 561008.

Five minutes Beach Walk Meditation
By Jo tankard

Click on this video below to listen to the 5 minutes Beach Walk meditation.

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