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Make the Most of Summer Time!
So summer is here, probably, maybe, surely??? Typical English weather. This newsletter is all about maximising your time, so that if we do get some good weather we feel confident to get rid of a few layers and go outside and enjoy it. We want to look good and feel good but don’t want to be spending hours working out. Here are some ideas on what works, how to actually get on with it, and sustain it. Then if you ‘overdo’ it Sam is on hand to iron out a few creases!!!

This season’s articles/offers:

How we perceive time - Fiona our hypnotherapist discusses our concepts of time, how to recognise your trait and improve it (if you want to!!).
Getting Stuff Done -Ty discusses how to put all your good intentions whether diet or exercise into an actual action.
Tyton Health and Performance - 21 days rapid fat loss challenge.
High Intensity Workouts v Chronic Cardio - Jo discusses training protocols and how to maximise your workouts time using HIITS (buzz word at moment but what actually is it and why is it so efficient).
Effort Expectation and Reality - How many hours do you think/are you willing to invest in your exercise in order to make a change??
Sam's - Sports Massage Offer - Sam has a spring into summer sports massage offer.
Summer Meditation - 5 minute meditation on clearing locked energy and moving forwards.

Enjoy whatever the weather.

Jo and the Refresh Team
Refresh Wellness

Tel: 01473 722727
How We Perceive Time
By Fiona Simpson

Are you one of the people who always arrives at an appointment early or one that struggles to get places on time? This is to do with how we perceive time.

Modern society expects us to know what time it is to ensure we get to work, arrive for commitments and do the things we need to do on time. For some people this comes easily, I'm certainly one of them. I always know roughly what time it is and I'm usually early for an appointment (which can cause its own problems). For other people this is a constant struggle; they need to monitor time to know what time it is; they find it easy to get lost in what they are doing and time runs away with them.

Knowing your natural perception of time can make it easier for you to manage your life and others to interact with you. Maybe you need to set your alarms or reminders earlier? Maybe you can gently encourage the planners to go with the flow? Being aware that people are different and not just being annoying can help with your interactions with them.

If you what to know more about yourself or would like some help making positive change contact Fiona -
Getting Stuff Done
By Tyrone Bray

In this issue, I’ve decided to talk about how to get things done.

It’s pretty simple and easy really and it’s called the Follow Through Formula. I learned this formula from a great Business Mentor of mine, Marie Forleo. Marie uses this formula to get things done in business and I thought it was so good I now teach it to many of my clients to help them follow through and achieve their health and performance related goals.

Whether your goal is fat loss, rehabilitation, improved health, gaining muscle, breaking PR’s, you can apply five steps to ensure success. Find out more here, on Ty's website.
  Tyton Health & Performance Offer! 

Get Faster Fat Loss Results than ever before
PLUS the Coaching and Accountability needed to GUARANTEE your success,
try our 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge!!
Click here for more details or call Tyrone on 07835 777 853.

Effort Expectation and Reality
By Jo tankard

What do you think you need to be doing activity/exercise wise per week in order to:

a) Not put weight on (using weight as indicator but body fat/health is far better indicator)
b) Lose Weight
c) Look Fit and Healthy

You might be surprised. Many people have been put under the illusion that 3 x ‘fat burning’ mode a week is going to make you look like a Fitness Magazine model, this is wrong and a fitness industry ploy to get you to use their expensive cardio equipment to no great results.

Below I’ve set out what is necessary to achieve these three states - the majority of people, the moderately active and then the really active – then you can decide what you are willing to give up or accept health wise from it.
Body Fat Percentage Stay the Same
What you’re probably doing
How to Improve
Greater than 20% male
Greater than 30% female

Eat Processed Food.
Don’t Exercise.
Inhale Food.

Results in:
Lower Energy.
Serious long term health issues.
Probable slow increase of weight.
- Increase protein to 1-2 fist size portions in 1-2 meals per day.
- Increase vegetable to 1-2 fist size portions in 1-2 meals per day.
- Exercise 3-5 times per week any intensity level.

Requires commitment to lifestyle changes.
Male 15-20%
Female 25-30%

Maybe 3 moderate exercise/I’m active (gardening etc.) sessions a week.
Some whole foods.
Small breakfast, Moderate. Lunch, Big Dinner.

Results in:
Few health issues.
Energy up and downs.
Not Thriving.
- Increase protein to 1-2 fist size portions in 2-3 meals per day.
- Increase vegetables 2-3 fists in 2-3 meals per day.
- 1-2 Hard sessions of exercise per week – see HIITS article!!
- Sleep at least 7 hours per night.
- Practice some stress management techniques – meditation, yoga, tai chi.
Super Healthy
Male 13-15%
Female 23-25%
5 or more exercise sessions a week or weights and HIITS.
Eating protein and vegetable rich whole food diet.
Good Sleep.
Actively seek stress reduction.

Results in:
Fit Appearance.
Higher Energy.
Good Health.
Few Food Cravings.
Easy to maintain as it is a lifestyle not a diet.

- Increase protein to 1-2 fists at each meal.
- Increase vegetables to 1-2 fists at each meal.
- Include 1-2 tsps. of essential fats at each meal.
- 3-4 hard sessions of exercise per week – sweating.
- Sleep 7-8 hours per night.
- De-stress 20 minutes daily.

Requires change in social life – i.e. go to gym not watch TV or go to bar few nights a week.

So the choice is yours. Do you choose to give up sitting on the sofa and takeout 2-3 times a week to avoid diabetes, obesity and heart issues or would it be prudent to use 5 hours of a 168 hour week to make some changes and live a healthier more vital life??
High Intensity Workouts v Chronic Cardio
By Jo Tankard

I think most people that we come into contact with at Refresh are now aware of the fitness industry promoting the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training or HIITs.

The BBC Horizon documentary by Dr Michael Mosley really highlighted the benefits of short periods of intense exercise as opposed the 30-40 minutes of moderate ‘fat burning’ exercise that has been promoted by the health and fitness industry for the last 20 years. But what is the difference??

It comes down the physiology of the cell (stay with me here!!). Cells have mitochondria, which are like power plants that convert glucose to useable energy. The more you have the more power they produce and the more fat and sugar they use up. The intensity of HIITS releases large amount of another set of hormones catecholamines that target fat cells and particularly those in the stomach!! In one Australian Study it also reduced the calories eaten for up to 48 hours after. Chronic Cardio just does not do this. So that’s the physiology - now how do you do it:
Dr Mosley’s method was this, 3 times a week:
  • 2 minute gentle cycling warm up
  • Increased resistance and flat out for 20 seconds
  • 2 minutes gentle cycling
  • Another 20 seconds full throttle
  • 2 minutes gentle
  • 20 seconds full throttle
  • STOP

Dr Joseph Mercola’s variation is: Any piece of cardio equipment but personally bike, rower or cross trainer is easier to move the resistance and speed around on them:
  • 60 seconds cruising speed, straight into 30 seconds of 80% effort, straight into 15 seconds all out. STOP, rest. When you can speak, go again. The 15 seconds all out should be so hard that you really really have to stop. Repeat this 8 times in total.
  • If you don’t have equipment at home and no access to a gym then you could do it on the stairs, stepping up and down, jogging up and down and then fast run up and down.
Remember this is your perception of all out and obviously that’s completely different for a 45 year old housewife to a 30 year old ex-footballer. But is still your perceived effort.

Give these a go, they are quick and easy, max effort gets done, get out!!!
  Samantha Muncaster Summer Offers! 

5 x 1 hour sports massage sessions for £150
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A saving of £25

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Five minutes Summer Time Meditation
By Jo tankard

Click on this video below to listen to the 5 minutes Summer Meditation.
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