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Moving forward into a New Year !
Welcome to the Winter 2016 newsletter.
Lots of upheaval in the world over the last few months, so let’s think about grounding ourselves and getting outside to increase energy levels. This season’s newsletter focuses somewhat on the runners out there, as we seem to have a few with injuries coming through for treatment/gym at the moment and thoughts turn to marathon training. For those of you not interested in actually running there is still plenty of information which is relevant and crosses over into ‘normal’ life – or why not forward this informative newsletter to those runners in your life..

This season’s articles/offers:

Barefoot running v Conventional trainers running - Jo has an article on transitioning into barefoot running wear and why.
Eating for performance and recovery - Ty has an article on nutrition to maximise your training/life.
Motivation to running and exercise - Fiona has an article on how to motivate yourself to do the above.
Sam's Special Offer: Marathon Runners Sports Massage
Jo's Special Offer: Runners Bio-mechanical assessment offer and exercise program
Moving meditation - Jo's 5 minute walking/running meditation.

Have a merry, peaceful & prosperous Holiday Season.

Jo and the Refresh Team
Refresh Wellness

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Barefoot running v Conventional trainers running
By Jo Tankard

Are those shoes comfortable” is probably one of the most common questions I get asked – yes they are  comfortable, yes I do wear socks in them, no I can’t feel stones through them :D.

I’ve just started to build my running up with the aim to do 5k in my five finger toes. I’ve been very slowly building this up. Why?

In five finger toes you naturally run off of your toes, which is very different from running in trainers where you tend to run off your heels. However, pre the 1970’s jogging craze all running shoes were sandals, moccasins or flat style and we naturally ran off the toes or midfoot.

Click here to read full article...
Eating for performance and recovery
By Tyrone Bray

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you very likely know that I believe our nutritional requirements are completely individual due to differences in the likes of genetic and ethnic background, the environment we live in and the environment our ancestors developed in as well as your daily activity levels…

That said, we are all still human and because of this fact, we also share quite a few similarities in our needs also.

Particularly if you’re a healthy individual without any major health complaints.

When this is the case, I use a simple 'Portion Size' template based around my clients training frequency to get them rolling.

You see, your training frequency - or activity level in general - has a huge impact on how much energy your body requires to function at optimal levels.

They type of activity and intensity will also play a massive role so these aspects must also be considered.

For example, somebody training once a week is going to need far less calories than somebody that's training 4-5 days a week.

This likely seems obvious, but somebody who's training once a week and eating the 'ideal' diet for somebody that trains 4-5 times a week is very likely going to gain excess amounts of body fat. Whereas a person that trains 4-5 times a week but eats the 'ideal' dietary intake for somebody that trains once a week will very likely have poor energy levels, impaired recovery as well as muscle and strength loss to name a few.

Not ideal for either person.

So, how much should you be eating each day?

Continue reading to find out...
Motivation to running and exercise
By Fiona Simpson

If you are like me you know that exercise is good for you and you enjoy doing it (and the feeling afterwards), but sometimes getting going is like climbing Everest. Like many tasks we have to do, it can be easy to procrastinate and make excuses to avoid exercise - it's raining, too cold, you don’t feel 100%, you need to get petrol and so it goes on.

A very simple aid to getting on with it is to make a commitment to someone. Society has conditioned most of us to keep the commitments we make. So make a commitment to someone today. They are probably struggling too and together you can help each other. That commitment can drive you when the sofa is calling.

Alternatively you can use Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques to borrow motivation from something that you find easy to get on with; maybe for example you find it easy to motivate yourself to read. The idea of sitting with that book and getting lost in its pages is just really exciting, you can't wait.

So to borrow the motivation firstly think of your 'something that you look forward to doing', think into that. Now really think into that. Make the colours brighter, the sounds louder and the feelings bigger. Now take those sensation and apply them to your exercise. An NLP practitioner can help with this process as they are trained to understand how your mind is tuned to these 'modalities' and hence how to most effectively borrow the motivation.

If you would like to know more please contact Fiona at

Marathon Runners Sports Massage Offer

Sam Muncaster is offering
5 one hour sports massages
for the price of 4.

Price £140 (a Saving of £35!)
Anyone entering a Marathon is advised to get sports massages at least every 2-3 weeks during training, particularly after their long runs.

Sports Massage helps by:
- Reducing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
- Improving blood flow to repair legs
- Reducing Inflammation
- Re-aligns muscle fibres for improved running efficiency

It’s like having your own mechanic who can tell you where problems are creeping in.

To take up this offer please call Sam on 07710 627899 quoting ’marathon offer’.

Runners Bio-mechanical assessment offer and exercise program

Normal Price £105

**January and February Special Offer £90**

Do you want to avoid injury and get stronger and faster Imbalances in the body lead to injury via poor technique. This assessment identifies joint and muscle imbalances and gives you the tools to rectify them.

This offer includes a 1 hour Assessment covering:
- Spinal curvature Measurement
- Lower Limb Range of Motion Measurement
- Movement Pattern Assessment
- Core Strength Assessment

And then a 1 hour PT session:

Your individualised corrective stretch and exercise programme designed and delivered to you at our one-to-one facility on Ransomes Europark. You can then take this programme away to use at your own home or gym (programmes can be designed regardless of your fitness equipment access).

For further details please contact Jo Tankard at or call 01473 722727.
Five minutes Moving Meditation
By Jo tankard

Click on this video below to listen to the 5 minutes Moving Meditation.

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