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Unwind for Spring!
Well let's hope the weather improves for Easter! But in the meantime here’s this springs newsletter to start preparing you to unwind that winter body and breath in some energy.  In this edition we have:

Exercise - Prone Cobra – all levels of fitness and mobility can do this exercise – its great to get those lungs open and to reverse that winter foetal posture.
Post Treatment Considerations – what to expect after you have a sports massage and what you should do yourself to help.
New Sports Massage Therapist - Sam Muncaster has joined us and currently has a promotion running for £30 for one hour and £25 for 45 minutes throughout March- that's a fab offer!!  Also, if you know anyone doing the Marathon and any GCSE or A level, Degree exam time students she has offers on this.
Fiona - Follow up information with regards to SleepTalk which is having wonderful results in children/parent relationships.
Rebecca - Gel Nail Removal. Great advise on how to remove those darn gel nails at home.
Rebecca - Lunchtime Facials. Information regarding Rebecca's lunchtime blue light laser facials.
Springtime Meditation. A nice springtime meditation about unfolding from within.

Enjoy this time of renewed growth and green shoots of energy.

Jo and the Refresh Team
Refresh Wellness

Tel: 01473 722727
Cobra Exercise

Note: if you have an underlying spine issue consult your physical therapist first.

This is one of my favourite exercises, I don’t think many people get out of the gym or treatment room without doing a variation of it. It opens up the ribs to expand the lungs and bring that fresh spring air in.

You can do this seated at work as per these pictures of me on the ball. So in a seated position take a breath in lifting the chest up and turn the thumbs out and backwards so the chest opens up, the eyes should be level with the horizon.  Hold as long as your breath and then return to the start position.

You can either breathe in and out of the position doing about 10 minimum or if you feel you’ve been hunched over a desk for too long then hold it for one minute whilst breathing.
If you wish to add it as a strengthening exercise then do it from the floor which engages the postural muscles of the back more, taking you out of that winter drawn inwards position.

So start lying flat on the floor completely relaxed with head turned to one side, palms flat on the floor.  Then lift the chest and arms off the floor and bring the head to centre.  Turn the thumbs out and up again (your chest will be open, if you turn the hands inwards you will feel your chest and shoulder close down, we don’t want this, we only want expansion in the chest and lungs).

Again hold up on the breath and return to start on exhale – do about 10. Or if you wish to improve your posture and strengthen up the postural muscles of the back hold the end position and breath. Optimal postural strength would be a 3 minute hold!!!!
What to Expect after a Sports Massage Treatment

At the end of your Sports Massage your therapist will give you some recommendations i.e. stretches to do, to drink plenty of water and rest and any other lifestyle changes to be considered.  You should ensure you feel confident of what you have been asked to do before leaving your treatment.

Our general piece of advice is that cold should be used on the area that has been worked on – why is this?  Massage is basically friction to realign fibres in muscles or tendons and ligaments that have become misaligned due to injury or overuse.  The friction creates heat in the body which you may feel for some time after.  We recommend cold, generally 10 minutes in every hour after the treatment, so that you reduce the heat and also because cold is a natural analgesic (pain killer).  You should continue the cold packing every day until your pain has gone.

Usually you may feel tired after your treatment therefore we generally ask you to take things easy. 
The next day you may feel tenderness on the area that has been treated, even when just putting clothes on, this is normal and to be expected.

Occasionally, and depending on your body’s healthiness you may have bruising, again this is nothing to worry about.

You would expect the discomfort to last up to 48 hours and then ease away.  If the discomfort continues you should inform you therapist and they can adjust your follow-up treatment accordingly.

I hope this helps you to understand and maximise your treatment.
  Samantha Muncaster March Offers! 

* 60 minute Sports Massage £30 (normally £35)
* 45 minute Sports Massage £25 (normally £30)

* 5 for price of 4 Sports Massages for Exam Students. £100 (5 x 45 mins) to keep those kids stress free is definitely worth it!!

Massages can be paid for in March but used up any time after.

Samantha is working Tuesdays 8am-1pm and Wednesdays 1am-6pm initially.

Please call Samantha direct on 07710 627899 or email to discuss and book your treatments.
Fiona's follow Up information about SleepTalk
Before Christmas I wrote about SleepTalk, a process delivered by a child's parents to bolster self-esteem, improve self-confidence, assist with anxiety issues and help with mental conditions and physical body ailments.

This quarter I wanted to share with you some of the great results that have been experienced locally:
  • Mr F said "family life is so much calmer since we have been doing the process". "the temper tantrums are now occasional rather than several times a week", "We no longer feel we are walking on eggshells".
  • Mrs R has noticed "…. is much better with dogs since doing the process and …….. is doing much better at school too".
  • Mr & Mrs D are really pleased that their eldest is now happy at school and their children have stopped fighting at home. 
Not only have these great changes occurred, but the parents also report enjoying delivering the process to their children too.

Just a reminder of the process: 
  • It is designed for children up to the age of 13 years old,
  • It takes just 2 minutes a night
  • It is ideal for children suffering with anxieties or lack of self-confidence/self-esteem, eating issues, bed wetting or behavioural issues.
Find out more at or contact Fiona on 07704 195969.
Gel Nail Removal
I am often asked how to remove gel nails.  This can easily be done at home whilst relaxing.

First take a nail file and file over the top of the gel removing the shiny top coat.
2. Then with acetone remover place on cotton pad and place on nail. Wrap your nail with foil and keep hands warm to assist in the removal. Using a heat pad or hot water bottle with towel round can assist.
3. Leave for approximately 20 minutes and check to see if the gel is lifting off the nail easily.  I would recommend using an orange stick to assist in removal but the gel needs to be ready to come off and there should be no scraping or digging to get the gel off, this is where the nail can get damaged.
4. If it is not coming off easily then file over the top again and put some more acetone on the cotton pad and leave for a further 10 mins.
  Rebecca's Lunch Time Facials 

* 30 minute - £30

Two facials that you can squeeze into your lunch break. 
  • Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion firms and smooths the skin removing dead skin cells making it feel soft and supple.
  • Radio Frequency and Ultrasonic Photon Light Therapy - Radio Frequency technology is extremely effective for non-surgical skin tightening and firming loose or sagging skin used in conjunction with Photon Light therapy red, green and blue light help rejuvenate, even out pigmentation and assist with spots to give skin a glow.
Also, not to be missed! SkinPep – I use SkinPep products in all my facials.  To order any of the products I use you can use my code of SKNP6049 and get your products direct to your home.
Five minutes Spring Time Meditation
Click on this video below to listen to the 5 minutes Spring Meditation.
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