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Welcome to the Autumn 2017 Newsletter!

Today is the autumn equinox, equal amounts of day and night but don’t despair!!! We’ve got loads of ideas and offers to keep you busy over the course of the season.

Why not use this time as an opportunity to improve your fitness? We always use the summer holidays as excuses and lots of exercise gets dropped so now is the time to get back into your routine. This is traditionally the running and tri- season, people start thinking about marathon application and we’ve been doing lots of outside events to co-incide with this.

Below are this issues articles: Have a great autumn!

Jo and the Refresh Team
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Kinesiology Taping Course

By Kelly Goody

Last Friday 10 of us participated in a hilarious Taping Taster Session with Kinesio UK here at Ipswich Sports Therapy – this is what we all saw on many athletes in the Rio Olympics last year.

It seems to have become very popular lately, but why is that?

Taping has been show to assist in:
•    Muscle Strains and Tears
•    Shoulder Injuries
•    Patella (Knee Cap) Maltracking (common with runners and cyclists)
•    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
•    Lower Back Pain
•    Shin Splints
•    Golf and Tennis Elbow and many more injuries……

How does it help?
•    Enhances muscular, joint and circulatory function speeding up repair
•    Lifts skin to reduce pain by allowing inflammation to be drained by the body’s systems
•    Can put the joint back into a normal range reducing stress and pain on ligaments, tendons and joint capsules.
•    Can improve muscle contraction of a weakened muscle
•    Can stimulate relaxation of an over contracted muscle

Taping can be used as part of your manual therapy sessions in addition to your sports massage or by your trainer in the gym, so ask for more information at your next session – we are keen to practise our newfound skills!!

Past Life Regression Offer

By Fiona Simpson

Are past lives real or imagined?
Ever thought you have been here before – Deja Vue or is it all mumbo jumbo?
Should I care?
Could it change my life?

Past Life Regression day Saturday 21st October!

Click here to find out more.

Eating Seasonally - Fruit and Vegetables

By Tyrone Bray

Often we hear that in order for our nutritional intake to be optimal, we should eat seasonally and ideally it should be locally sourced in order to ensure freshness and nutritional density.

That’s great advice but there’s rarely any indication of what vegetables are actually seasonal and with the fact that so much fruit and veg is imported these days, almost all fruit and veg appears to be constantly ‘seasonal’!

Click here to read full article.

To enquire or book:
or call 0785 0029257.

Using Facebook as a Fitness Tool

By Jo Tankard

If you’re someone who wants to walk locally but not on your own then I would advise looking on Facebook for a group such as a nature or walking group in your immediate vicinity. Then post out asking if anyone else wants to walk and join up with them on whatever basis works for you.

I’ve seen this actioned directly from Ravenswood-Residents and Ravenswood Wildlife Group (Click to access their respective Facebook groups).

When meeting someone for the first time, please stay safe and arrange to meet them in a public place.

Five Minutes Meditation

By Jo Tankard

Click here to listen to the 5 minutes meditation.


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