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The Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project, organized in 1999, seeks to preserve petroglyphs on Mesa Prieta through the education of the local community and recording what may be well over 100,000 images on the mesa.

October 2016 Newsletter

Flute Player Tour - Sunday, October 23rd - Two Tickets Available!

We unexpectedly have two tickets available for our upcoming Flute Player Tour on October 23rd!

If you'd like to attend this fabulous event, please contact Jennifer at the MPPP office: 505-852-1351

SAVE THE DATE - Sunday, December 4th, 2016

On December 4th, MPPP will be holding an important fundraising event, Rock Stars of the Mesa, a silent auction benefiting the Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project, at Hotel Santa Fe in Santa Fe from 3:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon. There will be enticing gifts, yummy food, and music by Fletcher and John.

In addition to helping the project, you'll be able to take care of your holiday shopping at what we think will be a fun and lively event. If you'd like to donate an item to the auction you can contact Jennifer at the MPPP office: 505-852-1351. We're especially interested in gift certificates from restaurants and other service-type items. We'd like to extend a special invitation to our newsletter readers.  Please plan to come, and spread the word to your friends and family.  It will take all of us to make this a successful event.  Watch for more information in our next newsletter and in Pasatiempo in late November.


Early Fall on the Mesa

Wild Four O'clocks
Wild four o'clocks growing among rocks on the mesa.  Fall is a time of change, with wonderful swaths and splashes of color on the mesa and down along the bosque.

The Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project 2017 Calendar

This year for the first time, the project is offering a beautiful wall calendar featuring images from across the mesa, taken by our board member, Norman Doggett. 

You can buy your own copy at our Square store:  All proceeds go to help fund the Mesa Prieta Petroglyph Project.

Petroglyph of the Month

Our Petroglyph of the Month for October is this handsome horse and rider from the Historic Period. Horses arrived in New Mexico with Vásquez de Coronado in 1540. They may have been seen by the local people then, but became more familiar when Don Juan de Oñate settled in our neighborhood in 1598. The Ancestral Puebloans were not allowed to ride them but they no doubt created some of the wonderful images of horses found on the Mesa. This artful figure is on a very rough basalt surface but its maker managed to achieve an amazing sense of motion.

Please Support Our Friends - Dixon Studio Tour

Each year, MPPP benefits from the help of our friends and neighbors who volunteer their time and expertise, and donate items to our silent auction. Many of our supporters are members of the Dixon artist community, and we'd like to encourage you to support them by attending this year's Dixon Studio Tour on November 5th & 6th.

You can find more information about the Dixon Studio Tour here:

Petroglyph Pláticas

Our pláticas series continues at our new venue at the National Heritage Area. September's speaker was our esteemed Project Director, Janet MacKenzie. As an archaeologist she is interested in all aspects of the history of Mesa Prieta and gave an eye-opening presentation about the trail systems found on Mesa Prieta. Humans have been creating trails for millennia, and animals for even longer. Our recorders document trails as part of their work and Janet has stitched them all together to give us an idea about human activity on the central part of the landform.  She also showed images of unusual artifacts like a metal spear point, and a Coke bottle from before 1924.

October 25

Our next plática will be "Pueblo Lifeways and Traditions," presented by Marlon Magdelena, Instructional Coordinator from Jemez Historic Site.

This presentation will focus on the Pueblo People, and more specifically, the Jemez People.  Beginning with an orientation on Pueblo languages and cultures, and delving into personal experiences as a Jemez Pueblo Tribal Member. Artifacts and replicas will be utilized to discuss their usage and meaning in Pueblo Culture, while also explaining the reason why some Pueblo Peoples do not indulge in the sharing of cultural knowledge with "outsiders."

October 25, 2016
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
The National Heritage Center in Alcalde

2016 MPPP Volunteer Picnic

MPPP held its annual Volunteer Picnic in September  at the National Heritage Center (formerly the Oñate Center) in Alcalde. The weather was perfect, and about 25 attended.  We all had a very good time getting to know each other better, and discussing MPPP activities past, present, and future. Paul Williams, former Taos BLM archaeologist who played a vital role in the organization's beginning, came from Albuquerque to join us.
The food was outstanding and our annual awards were presented. Our Volunteer of the Year for 2016 is Jan Martenson who spends a lot of time in our office in Velarde doing database work, and digitally tending to our small library.  Jan can be seen at nearly all tours and other events where we sell project merchandise.  She brings it from the office, sells it and returns unsold items to the office thus boosting the very important revenue that helps fund the project.  Jan has volunteered since 2010 and is now a member of the Board of Directors and the Development Committee. We are very grateful for her contributions.
An Education Award was given to Judith Chaddick and Esta Gutierrez who have worked for many years to produce our award-winning 4th-7th grade curriculum, Discovering Mesa Prieta. They recruit teachers through school visits, train them, as well as conduct tours for kids who visit Mesa Prieta after doing classroom work with the curriculum. Their combined decades of experience as local classroom teachers make them uniquely valuable to MPPP's education programs. We thank them both for their important contribution to our work.
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