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Meet the 2017 mentors

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is proud to announce that eleven new mentors have joined our community: Manon Barbeau, Tim Brodhead, Mel Cappe, Thomas Cromwell, Pauline d'Amboise, Barbara Doran, Hiromi Goto, Sophie Pierre, Valerie Pringle, Lynn Smith, and Bruce Walsh. These highly accomplished Canadians – active in the public and private sectors, the arts, and not-for-profit organizations – will build a special relationship with the 2015 scholars, helping them connect to networks in the realms of public policy, law, philanthropy, and culture. 

Issues Brief - Number 1 | Terrorism and Migration

This issues brief, our first showcasing the work of community members on a topic making the headlines, addresses government responses to terrorist threats and the evolution of policy in relation to migrants and refugees. It highlights the work of five Foundation fellows and scholars who have reflected on how government responses to terrorism and migration have shifted in the current environment. To comment on this issue or to contribute to the Foundation's future publications, please write to us. +

Recent events

Growing worker power: Innovative organizing across the food system

On 18 March 2017, 2015 scholar Anelyse Weiler co-organized a free public symposium on how food workers and farm workers in Canada and the United States have struggled for workplace power through creative forms of organizing and resistance. + 

Pluralism and Islam: Muslim Citizenship in Western Liberal Democracies

Are concerns about Islam and freedom of speech legitimate? Are Muslim identities really in conflict with Canada’s values of pluralism, free speech, and democracy? On 20 March 2017, 2014 scholar Tammara Soma co-organized a half-day symposium on these questions with the support of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and other partners. The event was part of Tammara's targeted-area-of-inquiry project on Muslim youth citizenship and identity, co-led with 2015 fellow Bessma Momani. + 

How Ottawa Works: Tips and insights from Foundation scholars

2016 scholars Heather Bullock, Anna Dion, Gerard Kennedy, and Antoine Pellerin pooled their favourite insights and tips from a two-day meeting that the Foundation organized in Ottawa in February with Parliament Hill research units, public servants, parliamentarians, or civil society organizations. + 


Return of the Michif Boy: Confronting Métis trauma 

Jesse Thistle, 2016 scholar, CBC Radio 

The Case of Trinity Western University Law School

Gerard Kennedy, 2016 scholar, Policy Options 

Putting the care back into foster care

Melanie Doucet, 2014 scholar, Policy Options 

Indigenous peoples and homelessness in the Canadian North

Julia Christensen, 2008 scholar, UBC Press + 

FARC Justice: Rebel rule of law

René Provost, 2015 fellow, Social Science Research Network + 

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Will you present at the Annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences? We want to know!

Are you a scholar, fellow, or mentor who will make a presentation at the Annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Toronto (27 May to 2 June)? Please send us an email at with your first and last name, the date of your presentation, the title of your presentation, and a hyperlink for more details. We are working on an article on the subject and can help you plan a get-together!

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation will have an information stand at Congress from 27 to 30 May where we will promote our doctoral scholarship and research fellowship programs. We'd love you to join us at our booth for a few hours to share your experience with scholarship and fellowship candidates. Please get in touch.

Canada's Drug Futures Forum

On 4 and 5 April 2017, join the discussions at Canada's Drug Futures Forum (hashtag #candrugforum on Twitter). Some 120 researchers, policymakers, public health officials, law enforcement professionals, drug users, and community organizers will meet in Ottawa to discuss the future of Canada’s domestic and international drug policies. Organized by scholars Jennifer Peirce, Ayden Scheim, Claudia Stoicescu, Meaghan Thumath, and Daniel Werb, the forum is a targeted-area-of-inquiry project supported by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and partners. +

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Mark your calendars!

> Canada's Drug Futures Forum 
4-5 April | Ottawa, Ontario

> Pluralism, diversity, and the future of citizenship: The economic dimension 
24 April | Ottawa, Ontario

> Indigenous peoples’ land rights and the roles of ethnoecology and ethnobotany
2-5 May | Victoria, British Columbia

> Summer Institute: Optional media training (Foundation community only)
6-7 May | Winnipeg, Manitoba

> Summer Institute (Foundation community only)
7-12 May | Winnipeg, Manitoba

> Aaron Mills speaks at Walrus Talks: We desire a better country
15 May | Surrey, British Columbia

> Annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Toronto
27 May to 2 June | Toronto, Ontario

> Timeline 150: Québec, Canada, and the weight of history
29 May | Toronto, Ontario

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