NeamtPianoFESTIVAL op.1

Having reassembled my cerebral material after the wave of events that tsunamied under my fingers in the past months , I am finally ready to re-engage with the traditional monthly newsletter of my highlights and
Video Treats !

2017 marked two huge milestones for my career from the Prize in the prestigious "Arthur Rubinstein" Competition to the inaugural edition of my Piano Festival in Romania , events which ignited an unprecedented chapter of my life that I am still absorbing as I type . 

I am very grateful that through this abundance of musical decadence that I let myself be drifted off with , I was well understood by all of you and am grateful to still be beeping on your Radar as a friend ! 
It was overwhelming and exhausting but a decisive moment to go "All-in" and with all your constant support I managed to really blossom from one concert to another !

Therefore I will be working now on recovering all our lost moments of silentium with different videos each month , covering self-made samples or fragments from the concerts that I hope will contribute with boost of jollity to your Aura !

To let the tradition of the newsletters restart in big Style in this email is attached a short trailer of the documentary from my Festival with a glimpse of the events and people that accompanied me and my home town for an absolutely Magnificent weekend in the magical hands of Piano Music ...and myself !

NeamtPianoFESTIVAL op.1
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