Finding inner calm and peace

Recently I have been challenged more than ever to find that place of inner calm and peace. I have felt overwhelmed, impatient, frustrated ... I've given unnecessary and unproductive thoughts far too much attention and have really had to work hard to focus my attention inwards to restore the balance. 

The reality is I know that when I find that place of stillness I become calmer and more relaxed and therefore more efficient. I gain clarity and focus and suddenly those feelings of overwhelm don't have so much power of me. 

I am so grateful every day for the self care practices I have integrated into my daily routine and the resources available to me to support my journey. I'd love to share some of these with you, and introduce you to some amazing women who, by sharing their talents & insights are enriching the lives of so many.  

If you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, stuck or simply out of balance know that you are not alone and that you are completely supported. 

"Self care is a divine responsibility". 

With love,

Karen X 

Introducing the wellness guru's
Rachael Kable is a Mindfulness Mentor, Workshop Facilitator, Blogger and Host of her extremely successful podcast, The Mindful Kind.

Her eBook "A Journey into Mindfulness: Your Twenty One Day Guide", offers practical and engaging mindfulness exercises and insights into living more mindfully.
Rachael is passionate about working with women who are enthusiastic about living more mindfully and are open to learning and trying different mindfulness practices to bring about balance in their lives.

Visit Rachael at or find inspiration on her Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts.
Fiorella Kis-Major is the founder of the Nourishing Goddess and is a passionate advocate of women nourishing the Goddess within. 

Fiorella provides heart felt services as a Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Wellness Coach, Writer and Speaker. To connect with Fiorella and learn more about her upcoming events including The Women's Wellness Workshop in Paddington, Sydney visit her online home at
Be inspired to take part in Fiorella's nourishing and soulful events at
Alissa Buttiglieri is a Wellness Coach, Speaker, Writer and Mentor and is passionate about helping women manifest the life they desire. 

Alissa has created an engaging tool 'My Daily Canvas' to help women create new positive habits that step-by-step will help transform each and every day. Currently Alissa is offering 'The Daily Starter Bundle' (as pictured above).
An opportunity to kick-start new and positive habits using proven tools (including a Combardis Mist) whilst being supported by Alissa in a self discovery session.

To connect with Alissa visit her at or get to know her on Facebook or Instagram. 
Jarka is a Business and Life Coach, Mentor, Writer and Speaker and the originator of Designed by Life.

Jarka is on a mission to help individuals overcome
limiting beliefs and inspire people and businesses to practice mindfulness and kindness more often.

Jarka's writing is honest, candid and transparent. Her writing includes regular blogs, two soulful and supportive e-books and most recently Jarka launched her 'colouring for mindful living' series ... monthly mindful colouring mandalas.

For access to Jarka's resources visit her on-line home at or find her on Facebook and Instagram. 
toolboxtime™ is the creation of the incredibly talented Kate Helder following an 'aha' moment around the simple need to integrate energy therapies.

toolboxtime™ is best described as your self-care “go to” with simple suggestions to assist you with day-to-day emotional and physical challenges.

Focusing on four key energy therapies including EFT (tapping) and essential oils, toolboxtime™ offers effective solutions to real life issues of stress, discomfort and fatigue. 

Visit or find toolboxtime on Facebook for more information and to purchase your 'toolbox'.

THE DAILY GURU is the ultimate resource ... an online publication shining a bright light on Personal Growth & Wellbeing. The Daily Guru offers fresh and engaging daily content and live events.

Ultimately, The Daily Guru encourages women to educate themselves around making better decisions & provides the tools to allow them to create the life they desire.

Find daily inspiriation at The Daily Guru on Facebook or Instagram or sign up at for a daily dose of self-care.
I am grateful to all of these beautiful women (and their businesses), for making the conscious decision to use their talents to serve others. I hope that by sharing their talents with you, you too are able to benefit from their experience and insights and bring more calmness into your life. 

I am also grateful for their support of Combardis as a complimentary wellness tool to bring about a sense of inner calm and peace and to inspire positive change. 
Click to view the Combardis Offerings
"Simply pause for a moment and spray the mist over your face and hair. Breathe the natural scent in deeply and just notice how you feel. Use this moment mindfully to relax your body and set an intention for your day by repeating an affirmation that resonates with you."
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