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Get ready for fall soccer

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3. Have a friend who wants to play? There's still time to register. The Coach Staff will do their best to make more teams if there are enough volunteers.
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Outgrow those old cleats and shinguards? Need new ones? Bring your old but good shoes & shinguards, and your kids, to the Cleat Exchange at the clubhouse on August 19 from 5:30 - 7pm, or drop them off in the bin outside the clubhouse any time before then. The gear, that is. Keep your kids with you. 

You'll also need a ball and an enormous water bottle. You can repair an old, flat ball with an egg. Seriously. We tried it and it worked. The syringe from Infant Tylenol fits into a standard ball inflation needle. Use that to squirt about half an egg white into the ball. Shake it vigorously, reinflate, and you're good to go!

Open House

August 19 from 5:30 - 7pm, meet the volunteers who run Region 13 and ask  questions, like, "what does offside mean?" or "why do the division names not match the kids' ages?"

New family orientation

August 19 from 7-8 pm, come to the clubhouse to learn about what AYSO is all about, and what to expect from your upcoming soccer adventure! While you're at it, snag free cleats and shinguards.

Looking ahead

Aug 1 Board meeting, 7 pm at the clubhouse
mid-August Teams announced
Aug 24 Coach class
Aug 19 Cleat exchange, open house (5:30), and new family orientation (7 pm) at the clubhouse
Aug 17, 24, 25, 29,31 Referee classes
Sep 3 Fall soccer starts
Sep 7 First game

Night Out at the Galaxy

September 21 will be Region 13 Night at the LA Galaxy. Read the September newsletter to learn how to get tickets, and a chance to walk the players onto the field or play in the halftime game. 

Summer camps

UK Soccer, an official partner of AYSO, has a soccer camp in Pasadena the week of Aug 12.
Launch Sports, a Region 13 partner, is offering 25% off of all their summer camps. Use code AYSO1319 at checkout. 

Soccer videos

Need to park your kids in front of a screen for a while? Try Region 13's collection of soccer videos on YouTube. Remember: even though Jeremy Lynch makes it look easy, don't practice the Samba Flick indoors.

Volunteer training

Now is the time to volunteer! We'll teach you everything you need to know. Sign up now for coach and referee classes before the season starts. If this is your first time coaching, stay for the in-person Safe Haven course at 1pm. Also at the clubhouse on Aug 7. See for the time.

Law changes

Get the mobile app for the Laws Of The Game. Some of the changes: the goal kick will be in play as soon as the ball moves, dropped balls are uncontested, and if you win the coin flip, you can choose to kick off first instead of picking the direction.

Superhero of the Month


Taj Chiu, Regional Coach Administrator, grew up playing soccer in Region 13. Her Dad coached her first 6U team, which played 11-on-11 with goalies on the new fields builty by AYSO at the Rose Bowl. Before having kids of her own, Taj wanted girls to experience having a female role model, so she volunteered to coach girls' teams in Region 13 for 5 years, and went on to serve as the Registrar for two years, and Advanced Play Coordinator after that. In Taj's second year as RCA, she works with the Division Coach Administrators to get all our coaches prepared to lead their teams through a fun fall soccer season. She also coaches Nick's 12U team, so look for her on the field this fall (hint: bright red hair).

From the Commissioner

As I start my 10th season as a Region 13 volunteer, I look back on how this amazing community has shaped my family's lives.

At first, it was the fun on the field we had with our 6U teams. Then, thru 7U and 8U, it was dinners after practice, ice cream after games, seeing kids in school, and running into new friends at the grocery store. I realized that AYSO was more than just being a coach or a parent, because we were part of a community. 

In the tense, competitive ages of 10U, 12U, and 14U, we found ourselves knowing players and families not only on the opposing team, but also on the teams that played before and after us. I was no longer just taking my kids to and from a game, but spending Saturdays in a friendly, familiar environment, at the fields, with friends new and old.

Think about this as you consider volunteering. It doesn't have to be checking a box, getting it over with, or just fulfilling an obligation. AYSO is one of many amazing communities you'll be a part of, and if you look at the big picture and choose to embrace it over the years, volunteering can have a powerful impact on yourself and your family, both on and off the field. 

Neil Weinberger,
Region 13 Regional Commissioner

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