The Global Reporting Centre is dedicated to finding and telling the world's most neglected stories, and we're proud to share with you some updates on current and recent projects. Thank you for your interested in our work.
We have teams leaving for BeninJordan and India next week, to document the hidden struggles of people with mental illness around the globe. Our multimedia documentary  In The Shadows is almost fully funded, but we need another $25,000 to complete the budget, so we can bring along physicians into the field with us, and so we can continue reporting on this important topic throughout the next year. Please help spread the word about our tax-deductible crowdfunding campaign by sharing this website.
China's Generation Green has just been honoured with the top award for Interactive Website at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards. We teamed up with students from Shantou University, and traveled through-out China to report on an emerging environmental movement. Visit the website we produced in partnership with the Toronto Star.        
CUT is a web project produced with The New York Times about illegal logging in Cameroon, Indonesia and the Russian Far East. The interactive site earned a Webby Honor, as well as the Edward R. Murrow Award and the COPA for Best Multimedia Feature. Visit the site to learn more about the true costs of logging.
Pandemic: Unseen Enemy is a documentary we started a year ago, when the Ebola pandemic was just beginning. We're partnering with CNN Films and Ikana Media to produce a feature-length documentary about efforts to address future pandemics.
The Pain Project is our award-winning story on global access to painkillers. It was called a "powerful documentary" in a recent NYT article, and has been featured in international health care conferences all over the world. Human Right Watch credits the documentary for helping to change laws around access to medical morphine.
Strangers At Home is a new project we're developing about the rise of xenophobia and racism in Europe. We have just sent out a call for proposal for European scholars, writers and filmmakers to share stories about marginalized communities, and we will be offering funding to select storytellers.
We mourn the loss of GRC Advisory Board member Jim Frederick, an inspiring journalist who gave the centre valuable guidance. He served as International Editor of Time, and spent much of his career reporting from Asia.

Our newest project, In the Shadows, is about mental illness, one of the major burdens of global disease, but one that gets little attention. So next month we’ll be shadowing activists from Saint Camille in Benin, who travel throughout western Africa freeing people with schizophrenia who have been chained down and abused. We will be going to India to look at the work that Dr. Vikram Patel and his organization Sangath are doing to introduce community-based mental health services throughout the country. And we’re going to Jordan to see what is being done to address the needs of traumatized Syrian refugees in camps there. Our International Reporting fellows will be sharing their reporter's notebooks throughout the trip. We are also crowdfunding to allow us to bring physicians with us into the field, to enrich our reporting. Please help us spread the word about this tax-deductible fundraising campaign:

We are experimenting with crowdsourcing with a new project called Strangers at Home, about the rise of xenophobia in Europe. We are asking Europeans to share with us examples that illustrate this troubling trend in their own countries. We'll be offering €500 to ten storytellers, in exchange for producing a 60 second video, which we will then use to try to fund a multimedia documentary series on this complex and under-reported issue. Please feel free to distribute the call-for-proposals widely:

And we are sad to report the passing of Jim Frederick, one of the first journalists to sign onto the Honourary Advisory Board. Jim and GRC founder Peter Klein collaborated on a project about the decades-long detention of US soldier Charles Jenkins in North Korea. Jim went on to co-write Jenkins' memoir, entitled The Reluctant Communist: My Desertion, Court-Martial and Forty-Year Imprisonment in North Korea. Jim also wrote the critically-acclaimed book Black Hearts: One Platoon's Descent Into Madness in Iraq's Triangle of Death. He spent much of his career reporting from Asia for Time Magazine, and served as the magazine's International Editor.

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