December 2019
Discover and discuss the major municipal initiatives underway in Collingwood

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, The Town of Collingwood will be hosting a “Coffee with Council” Open House event to have meaningful two-way discussions on some of the major initiatives that are underway in the municipality. The public is invited to join Council and Staff in informal conversation and information gathering from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the Town Hall Council Chambers.

This Open House will feature booths and information on the following major municipal initiatives:

  • proposed 2020 Operating & Capital Budget
  • Strategic Plan Update
  • proposed Lobbyist Registry Program
  • Sunset Point Park Playground Designs
  • Collingwood Grain Terminals Process Options
  • Asset Sale Proceeds Update
  • Economic Development Action Plan Survey

Our accessible community empowers all to participate in discussions, engage in activities, obtain information, and provide feedback and opinion. Decisions made by Council will consider local beliefs and desires for the future of the Town’s finances, infrastructure, environment, and community services.

This Open House gives the public an opportunity to discuss the proposed 2020 Budget. The budget will first be presented at Strategic Initiatives Standing Committee Meetings on Thursday, December 5 and Monday, December 9. There will also be an opportunity for Public Commenting at these meetings after the budget overview presentations. The “Coffee with Council” Open House on Tuesday, December 10 allows the public to discuss the needs, challenges, and opportunities within our community.

“The Town of Collingwood is committed to working hard to be a progressive organization, supporting a healthy, strong, and vibrant community, and preparing for future growth, all while improving good governance, openness, accessibility, accountability, and transparency,” says Mayor Brian Saunderson, “Please join Council for coffee and conversations on our current major municipal initiatives on Tuesday, December 10.”

Please take notice that Winter Parking Restrictions began on Sunday, December 1, and will be in place until March 31. Parking is prohibited on municipal streets and municipal parking lots from 1:00 AM to 7:00 AM.

We need your help as we work to keep our roadways, sidewalks, and sewers clear throughout winter. Please remember that parked vehicles are prohibited from interfering with snow removal operations (as outlined in our Parking By-law). Residents are asked to make sure that vehicles parked in driveways do not hang over sidewalks or roadways in even the smallest amount. Keeping vehicles off roadways and sidewalks is critical for our crews to complete snow clearing operations under difficult winter conditions. Vehicles obstructing winter operations may be subject to the full penalties outlined in the by-law.

Please also refrain from placing snow and ice from your property onto the roadways and sidewalks.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Photo L to R: Fire Training Officer Jesse Bull, Deputy Mayor Keith Hull, Fire Chief Ross Parr, Mayor Brian Saunderson, John Doucet (Fire Protection Advisor, OFMEM), Amrit Kuner (EIT, Enbridge), Deputy Fire Chief Dan Thurman, Joe Corrigan (Field Supervisor, Enbridge)

Enbridge Gas Inc. is helping the Collingwood Fire Department purchase firefighting training materials, through Project Assist – a program that supplements existing training for Ontario volunteer and composite fire departments in the communities where Enbridge operates.

This year’s $100,000 donation from Enbridge Gas will be shared by 20 Ontario fire departments, including Collingwood Fire Department. Funds will be used to purchase educational materials for firefighters to enhance life-saving techniques.

Since the launch of Project Assist in 2012, 174 grants have been provided to Ontario fire departments for additional firefighter training.

“Project Assist improves access to training materials for municipal fire departments,” said Jon Pegg, Ontario Fire Marshal and Chief, Emergency Management. “Firefighting can be dangerous and unpredictable, and these training materials positively contribute to the health and safety of firefighters and the broader community.”

“On behalf of the Town of Collingwood and the Collingwood Fire Department, we would like to thank Enbridge and Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council for the very generous donation of $5,000 towards new training materials for our firefighters,” said Town of Collingwood Fire Chief Ross Parr. “With a new training division, this donation will be used to purchase updated firefighting training materials and educational materials to enhance life safety techniques which are critical not only for our community but for firefighters. It is important to keep current on the latest life-saving techniques.”

“The Town of Collingwood is very appreciative of Enbridge’s support for our Fire Department,” said Town of Collingwood Mayor Brian Saunderson. “This is a great example of how good corporate citizenship can impact and strengthen our communities.”

About the Fire Department
The Collingwood Fire Department is responsible for the mitigation of all emergency and non-emergency responses involving risk to life and property in the Town of Collingwood. The department consists of 31 full time staff, which include Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, Fire Prevention Officer, Fire Prevention Inspector, Training Officer, administrative assistant, custodian, and Volunteer Firefighters. 

About Enbridge Gas Inc.
Enbridge Gas Inc., formed on January 1, 2019 from the amalgamation of Union Gas Limited and Enbridge Gas Distribution, is Canada's largest natural gas storage, transmission and distribution company based in Ontario with a more than 170-year history of providing safe and reliable service to customers. The distribution business serves about 3.7 million customers, heating over 75 per cent of Ontario homes. The storage and transmission business offers a variety of storage and transportation services to customers at the Dawn Hub, the largest integrated underground storage facility in Canada and one of the largest in North America. Enbridge Gas Inc. is owned by Enbridge Inc., a Canadian-based leader in energy transportation and distribution.

For more information, visit
Snow and ice buildup can lead to dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide in homes

The Collingwood Fire Department reminds all residents to clear the snow and ice from vents and natural gas meters.

“A blocked furnace or water heater exhaust vent prevents exhaust from escaping your house, and can lead to a dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide inside your home,” said Fire Chief Ross Parr. “With this recent snowfall and cold weather, we are asking all residents to check every few days to ensure their vents and natural gas meters are clear of snow and ice.”

Chief Parr also reminds residents that all homes with gas-fired appliances, fireplaces, or attached garages are now required by law to have CO detectors installed adjacent to each sleeping area. Residents should make sure that their CO detectors have fresh batteries, which should be changed twice a year along with smoke alarm batteries. Smoke alarm and CO detectors do have an expiry date, and should be replaced after 10 years.

Residents are encouraged to check the vents and natural gas meters of neighbours who may not be able to clear the snowy buildup.
Your emergency survival kit should have everything you and your family would need to be safe and take care of yourselves for at least three days immediately following an emergency.

The following list is broken down into the essentials, items you may need to meet your family’s unique needs, and items to have ready in case you have to leave your home.

  • Food (non-perishable and easy-to-prepare items, enough for 3 days) and a manual can opener
  • Bottled water (4 litres per person for each day)
  • Medication(s)
  • Flashlight
  • Radio (crank or battery-run)
  • Extra batteries
  • First-aid kit
  • Candles and matches/lighter
  • Hand sanitizer or moist towelettes
  • Important papers (identification, contact lists, copies of prescriptions, etc.)
  • Extra car keys and cash
  • Whistle (to attract attention, if needed)
  • Zip-lock bag (to keep things dry)
  • Garbage bags
Special Considerations
  • Items for babies and small children—diapers, formula, bottles, baby food, comfort items
  • Prescription medication
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Pet food and supplies
  • Any other items specific to your family’s needs
Extra Supplies for Evacuation
  • Clothes, shoes
  • Sleeping bags or blankets
  • Personal items (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, comb, other toiletries)
  • Playing cards, travel games, other activities for children
  • Pack the contents of your kit in an easy-to-carry bag(s) or a case on wheels.
  • Store your kit in a place that is easy to reach, and ensure that everyone in your family knows where it is.
  • Your kit does not have to be built overnight. Spread your shopping over a few weeks. Purchase a few items every time you go to the store.
  • Your water supply is meant to cover what you would drink as well as what you might need for food preparation, hygiene and dishwashing.
  • Check and refresh your kit twice a year—when the clocks shift to/from daylight savings time is a good time. Check all expiry dates and replace food and water with a fresh supply. Check batteries and replace as needed.
  • Keep your cell phone or mobile device fully charged.
At the Monday, November 18 Development & Operations Standing Committee Meeting, Mayor Brian Saunderson announced the Mayor's Advisory Team on Economic Development. This Advisory Team will help draft the new Economic Development Action Plan along with Town Staff and a strategic consultant.

The Town received excellent applications for the Mayor's Advisory Team on Economic Development, and the 12 business leaders selected bring experience ranging from multinationals to local entrepreneurs, technology to tourism sectors, finance to HR, and marketing skills. Key considerations in the selection process focused on ensuring a diversity of skillsets, expertise, experience, and perspectives on economic development.

The Mayor's Advisory Team on Economic Development will be:

  • Paola Accettola
  • Anthony Griffiths
  • Bruce Harbinson
  • Brandon Houston
  • Chris Jordan
  • Dave Maney
  • Johnathan Smeh
  • Tony Smith
  • Andrew Stuart
  • Shelby Taylor
  • Foster Williams
  • Gillian Fairley

These business leaders will gather and bring forward ideas at an upcoming workshop to ensure Collingwood has a bright economic future. Their ideas will be one of the cornerstone inputs into the new Economic Development Action Plan that Staff is working on.

“These business leaders have a passion for Collingwood’s economic and business growth and will help guide the next 5 year Economic Development Action Plan,” commented Mayor Brian Saunderson, “The Action Plan will help established businesses grow, attract investors, employers, and entrepreneurs, and will ensure the right conditions exist for the new wave of businesses coming to, and growing in, Collingwood.”

The new Economic Development Action Plan will also diversify the tax base, allowing the municipality to fund the services that make Collingwood an attractive place to live and work.

There will be several additional opportunities for the business community to provide input and share their ideas about economic development and increasing Collingwood's investment attractiveness. An Economic Development survey is available on ​​Engage Collingwood until Wednesday, December 18.

Learn more about the Economic Development Action Plan initiative on Engage Collingwood at

Town of Collingwood (“The Town”) is committed to offering meaningful two-way communication with the public and stakeholders, and will be undertaking a consultation regarding the implementation of a lobbyist registry as part of its intention to be a high-performing 21st Century organization, supporting a healthy, strong, and vibrant community, and preparing for future growth.

A lobbyist registry is intended to provide transparency of information regarding individuals who communicate with Town Council and Staff with the intention to persuade or influence decision-making for the Town and who stand to benefit financially for these efforts.

This new initiative, to be implemented in January 2020, will provide more transparency regarding the decision-making process of the Town and is meant to inform the public of the stakeholders involved in the various matters of the Town.

Council’s original directive requested staff investigate existing practices and explore new opportunities to enhance accountability and transparency initiatives and programs ensuring good governance within the Town of Collingwood. “It is clear that by voting unanimously to support this initiative, Council is sending a very strong message on enhancing the transparency in the municipal decision-making process. Transparency is a crucial element to continuing to build the trust of the residents of this beautiful town and we are very proud of the fact that Collingwood will be the first municipality of its size in Ontario to implement a lobbyist registry,” remarks Mayor Brian Saunderson.

The stakeholder and public engagement shall occur in November and December of 2019. The findings will contribute to developing the most appropriate application of a lobbyist registry for the Town of Collingwood. “We are following the best practices of larger municipalities and we are looking to obtain feedback from the residents and stakeholders. Our hope is that this Registry, and our Accountability and Transparency initiatives in general, will continue to inspire trust from our residents,” states Fareed Amin, Collingwood’s Chief Administrative Officer.

The public is invited to view the Town’s website and Engage Collingwood to learn more about the registry and the public and stakeholder consultation.

The Town’s newly appointed Accountability Officer is expected to act as the Registrar and will be the key point person for questions or feedback.

For more information:
Sarah Fortier
Accountability Officer
Town of Collingwood
705-445-1030 ext. 3261

Which Streets Get Plowed/Sanded First?
The Town is divided into 6 routes. Each route is made up of streets categorized in priority order, with priority streets cleared first. Priority roads are arterial roads or secondary collector roads that carry the highest volumes of traffic. These roads are used to access business areas, fire and police and the hospital. Other roads are primarily residential, residential rural or secondary routes. These are systematically plowed after the priority routes have been completed.

When the streets become slippery due to snowfall or simply cold, moist weather, the Town’s streets are sanded by the following priority ranking:

  • Highways and Arterial Roads such as Highway 26, Hurontario Street, Mountain Road
  • Bus Routes and other collector routes, and Town owned parking lots
  • Major intersections and inclines in residential areas

This ranking reflects the speed and traffic levels, and therefore the degree of risk involved in each roadway category.

Why Does The Plow Fill My Driveway? Can The Town Clear My Driveway Out?
The Town makes every attempt to minimize the amount of snow plowed into the driveways during its snow plowing operations; however it does not clear private driveways.

It is important to note that our plow operators do not intentionally block driveways. Due to the difficulty of removing large amounts of snow, many people find it easier to clear the snow before it becomes too heavy. Often this is before the storm has ended and while snowplowing operations are still underway. Please understand that until roads are completely cleared, it should be anticipated that you might have to clear your driveway several times during and after storm events.

Why Does It Seem To Take So Long To Clear My Street?
Snowfalls or snowstorms that last many hours, and windy conditions or freezing rain that turns into snow pose unique challenges. In these conditions, priority streets may be plowed more than once before other local streets. 

What Do I Do If My Street Was Missed By The Plow?
Although crews are very conscientious in following route schedules, sometimes streets may be missed due to an oversight. Please contact the administration office (705-445-1351) and crews will be notified and arrangements will be made to have the street cleared as soon as possible.

When Will My Sidewalk Be Sanded/Plowed? Which Sidewalks Are A Priority?
Similar to snow maintenance on the roads, the Town is divided into 4 routes with Arterial and Collector roads completed first. Priority sidewalks include sidewalks around schools, medical facilities, community safety zones, and business areas.

Report Sod Or Boulevard Damage Caused By The Snow Plow Or Sidewalk Plow
If there is damage to your sod or boulevard during the winter months from maintenance, please call the Public Works office at 705-445-1351 to report the issue. Public works repairs damaged sod or boulevard damage in the spring and summer months.

Further information on Winter Operations including safety tips and parking restriction notices, please visit the Town of Collingwood website:

Get active and enjoy a variety of drop-in programs offered at one of our ice rinks. 

Visit the Central Park Arena for P.A. Day Skating (regular admission charges are $3.00 per person or $8.00 per family) or enjoy the new Adult Indoor Shinny program ($5.00 per person).

The Central Park Outdoor Rink is expected to open mid-to-late December, weather dependent.

Contact a Recreation Service Advisor at 705-444-2500 Ext. 3382 or to check out the available ice rental times for your club or private function.

Learn more about Skating Programs in the Town of Collingwood at 

Collingwood Public Library is pleased to announce a donation by Collingwood resident and avid library and arts supporter, Hella Sandberg. With this generous donation, two more infrared assistance listening systems were purchased.

The donation was made in honor of Hella’s late husband Allen, who loved the Library but sometimes found it difficult to hear properly during speaking engagements and presentations. Thursday, November 7 would have been the 100th birthday of Allen Sandberg.

Learn more about the Collingwood Public Library

Photo: donor Hella Sandberg models one of the hearing assist systems purchased with her donation.

Photo credit: Leslie Bochna

Every dog in the Town of Collingwood is required to have an annual dog tag.

All dogs must have a valid rabies vaccination.

Dog Licence Fees

  • Per dog $36.00
  • Per dog spayed/neutered or micro chipped $26.00
  • Per dog spayed/neutered and micro chipped $20.00
  • Lifetime Dog Tag (non-refundable, non-transferable) $150.00

For more information and applications, visit

Waste Collection impacts in the County of Simcoe are communicated to the public through messaging on, County social media, as well as directly to subscribers to the new ‘Simcoe County Collects’ mobile app. County of Simcoe Residents are encouraged to download the free app through Google Play or the App Store. Residents can also subscribe for waste collection alerts at

Residents can contact the County’s Customer Service Centre at 1-800-263-3199 or for additional information if required and may also visit for general information regarding collection impacts.

The new Pedestrian Crossover on Hurontario Street at the Hamilton Drain Trail Crossing is now open. Drivers MUST STOP for pedestrians at the marked yield bar, and ALLOW the pedestrian to cross the entire width of the road before driving.

Failing to yield at pedestrian crosswalks, school crossings, and crossovers could result in a fine up to $1000 and four demerit points. The OPP will be monitoring the new Hamilton Drain Trail Crossing.

Get to know the Provincial Crossover Standards shared by the MTO. All drivers should be aware of their responsibilities while driving in Ontario:

Photo by Councillor Comi

Strategic Initiative Meetings to feature Budget Overviews and opportunity for Public Commenting

The Town of Collingwood is drafting a proposed 2020 Operating & Capital Budget and will be seeking the Community’s input in the upcoming weeks.
Through the draft 2020 Budget, the Town strives to balance the needs of current residents and the challenges of our community’s unprecedented growth and mounting investment needs, with finding opportunities for service efficiency, business attraction, and enhancements to our waterfront and public spaces.

The public is asked to stay tuned for the upcoming release of the proposed Draft 2020 Budget. Announcements about the proposed budget will be made on and the Town Twitter and Facebook pages.

The public is also invited to join in on the following 2020 Budget engagement opportunities:

Thursday, December 5 - Strategic Initiatives Standing Committee Meeting

  • Starting at 5:00 PM in the Council Chambers
  • Opportunity for Public Commenting after budget overview presentations

Monday, December 9 – Strategic Initiatives Standing Committee Meeting

  • Starting at 1:00 PM in the Council Chambers
  • Opportunity for Public Commenting after budget overview presentations

Tuesday, December 10 – “Coffee with Council” Open House

  • 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers
  • Gather information and discuss the proposed budget with Council & Staff

Engage Collingwood

  • Stay tuned for online engagement opportunities on
The Depave Project is underway at Heritage Park, and five fruit trees were planted at the project site on Monday, November 25. The Town of Collingwood has partnered with the Environmental Network on this Depave Project, and is using the Depave Paradise - Green Communities Canada program grant and the Frank Cowan Company Home Town Program grant to accomplish some helpful park features.

In August of 2019, old asphalt was removed from the park, with support of community volunteers and the Canadian Action Program for Children (CAPC). Then in September, container garden boxes built by CCI students were installed with the help of CAPC, the Free Spirit Gardens, volunteers, Parks Staff, the Collingwood Colts, and the Environment Network. 

In the Spring of 2020, the community garden will be planted, and a new shed, water barrel, plants, and signs will be added. The Town will be working with CAPC to deliver a community garden program, working in collaboration with the Adult Learning Centre located in the new Simcoe County Housing buildings.
Why did we Depave this area and introduce a community garden and fruit trees?
  • Environmental
    • Removing hard surfaces reduces flood risk by allowing rain to soak into the ground and replenishes groundwater
    • beautification
    • addition of trees and plants promotes sustainable agriculture
  • Health & Well-being
    • greater access to nutritious food
    • social connection and inter-generational programming
    • physical activity
    • knowledge sharing and education
    • community safety
    • reconnects people to their local food sources
    • builds community
Engagement with Youth
The sessions themselves were inspirational for staff who saw youth connect and dialogue in a way that seemed extraordinary. The engagement sessions provided a glimpse into the power of collaboration as participants as young as 8 years old: talked, compromised, and discussed how they would all together arrive at an ideal outcome. Staff were struck by the sensitivity of these younger age groups as they sought to ensure the inclusion of peers with accessible needs, or who might benefit from attention being paid to sensory stimulus or reduction. Each collaborative landing added another piece of the consultative puzzle. In the end, staff and consultants realize that they were witnessing the real benefit of this play space: the opportunity to form small communities, and in the process contribute to a larger one that is the sum of its parts.

The Playground Layout
The current activity has staff and Envision Tatham working with Open Space and Kompan to create a final design that includes all custom play features, surfacing needs, earthworks to create land forms, accessibility provisions and enhancements, integration of water into the play experience, and connections to the natural environment. The equipment will be largely constructed from and/or paneled with wood from the Robinia genus of trees – known for being a vibrant, fast-growing, and therefore sustainable source of materials.

Staff and consultants continue to work with the Children’s Treatment Network to access and guide inclusive play.

Additional Opportunities
The development of the playground at Sunset Point has provided additional opportunities to enhance and activate a larger area of use.

Collingwood residents, Ray and Wyn Smith, have generously offered, at no expense to the project, to construct a covered pavilion at the playground in memoriam to their recently passed son, Thom. This space will be just outside of the traditional play area and nestled into the adjacent cedar forest (see Appendix B). The Waterfront Master Plan identified a potential for a Harvest Table location at Sunset Point, this will be the location of that furnishing. The value of this contribution is estimated at approximately $70,000 to $75,000.

Public Open House on Final Design
A final design will be presented in a Public Open House in December of this year.

Public Engagement Summary

Community Survey – Raw Data

Discover more about this project at Engage Collingwood
The Rogers TV broadcast of this meeting will be available online at

Community Announcements:
  • Members of Council commented on the HoHoHoliday 5km, Santa Clause Parade, Downtown Treelighting and fireworks, Canada Music Week, Human Society Events, Movember, Colts gala, CYC Youth Advisory Board, Social Innovation event, Remembrance Day and Legion Dinner, and Town Hall exhibit.
  • Dave Steele from the Collingwood Colts gave an update on successes of the new junior hockey team.
Strategic Initiatives Standing Committee:
  • Council received the Grain Terminals Next Steps - White Paper and approved to move forward with public consultation on next steps as well as assessment of the timber foundations.
  • Council approved amendments to the Procedural By-law.
  • Council directs staff to undertake public consultation on the proposed Lobbyist Registry Program and report back.
  • Council received the annual report of non-standard and emergency purchases.
  • Council directs Staff to implement the By-law Enforcement Policy.
Corporate & Community Services Standing Committee:
  • Council approved meeting minutes from the Collingwood Downtown BIA Board of Management, the Trails Advisory Committee, and Museum Advisory Committee including the Museum Strategic Plan.
  • Council approved the pursuit of funding for collaboration with the Georgian Bay Forever Microplastics Reduction initiative.
  • Council directs Staff to develop Pretty River Parkway Median designs that effectively manage risks.
  • Council authorizes the strategy for project completion on the Fisher Fieldhouse Project.
  • Council authorizes the strategy for project completion on the Sunset Point Park Playground.
  • Council approves support for efforts to develop a Never Forgotten National Memorial.
Notice of Motion:
  • Councillor Jeffery discusses a climate protection program partnership with FCM.
  • Councillor McLeod discusses support for Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority committee on decision making.
Other Business:
  • Deputy Mayor Hull reports on County garbage pickup issues and the passing of the County Budget.
  • CAO Amin and Director Collver give an update on recent shoreline damage and the possibility for emergency remediation work.
  • Councillor Comi and Director MacDonald provide an update on the new Hamilton Drain Trail Crossing.
  • Councillor Hamlin discusses recent conferences she has attended that encourage diverse consultation and input in communities.
Agendas and Minutes are available online at:
The Rogers TV broadcast of this meeting will be available online at

Community Announcements:
  • Members of Council promoted the Out of the Cold site and opening, local "warm clothes" drives and donation opportunities, Town website and Engage Collingwood site, Indigenous 150+ event, Library Complimentary Gift Wrapping dates, United Way initiatives, and Simcoe Street Theatre events.
Development & Operations Services Standing Committee:
  • Council approved Heritage Committee minutes.
  • Council approved the Official Plan Amendment for Balmoral Village and passed the related by-law.
  • Council approved the proposed Deeming By-law for 23 and 25 Maple Street and passed the related by-law.
  • Council approved Sunset Point High Water and Storm Damage Remediation
  • Council approved the installation of new sidewalk on the East side of Hurontario Street between Lockhart Road and Golfview Drive, with an amendment to replace removed trees with 118 new trees.
Staff Reports:
  • Council authorizes the execution of a collective bargaining agreement between the Town and the Collingwood Professional Fire Fighters Association Local 938.
  • Council approves participation in the FCM Partners for Climate Protection Program.
  • Council defers decisions on support for the decision making of the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority committee.
Other Business:
  • Councillor Hamlin discusses the Youth United application process and programs.
  • Councillor Jeffery inquires about shoreline policies.
  • Mayor Saunderson discusses his Economic Development trip to Katano, Japan and also updates on the Economic Development Advisory Committee.
Agendas and Minutes are available online at:
  • Thursday, December 5 - Strategic Initiatives Standing Committee Meeting - 5:00 PM at Town Hall
  • Monday, December 9 - Strategic Initiatives Standing Committee Meeting - 1:00 PM at Town Hall
  • Monday, December 9 - Development & Operations Services Standing Committee Meeting - 5:00 PM at Town Hall
  • Tuesday, December 10 - Coffee with Council Open House - 5:00 PM at Town Hall
  • Monday, December 16 - Council Meeting - 5:00 PM at Town Hall
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