June 2020
The Town of Collingwood has been rehabilitating our beautiful Sunset Point Park and trails after high water levels and storm debris caused damage, slides, sinkholes, and flooding. Remediation work is now complete on the East and West portions of the park, which are now open for recreational use. Stay tuned for announcements on the central portion of Sunset Point Park re-opening very soon.

Please stay clear of freshly seeded grass in the park, and respect all signage and barricades related to remediation and safety. Public washrooms are not available yet, so please plan ahead.

The Parks, Recreation, and Culture Department, along with By-law Enforcement, will continue to monitor conditions at Sunset Point Park and other shoreline parks in Collingwood. Please continue to exercise caution on all shorelines and waterfront trails in the Town of Collingwood.

The Town of Collingwood, the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, and the OPP continue to stress the need to exercise physical distancing, follow health guidelines, and not gather in groups, so we can limit the spread of COVID-19. 

Learn more about Collingwood Parks
Learn more about Collingwood Trails

With the arrival of Spring in Collingwood, Town Staff continue to work hard on essential services including keeping neighbourhoods, parks, waterways, and our historic downtown clean and free of litter and waste. Residents will see Public Works and Parks, Recreation, and Culture staff carrying out a number of Spring Cleanup services, including street and sidewalk sweeping, boulevard repairs that remove sand and salt, garbage removal from trails and downtown, storm sewer protection, and much more. 

Keeping Collingwood clean and green is everyone’s responsibility. While the Town does its part to keep the community litter-free, we need your help too! Typically at this time of year, the Town facilitates community-wide cleanup events. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we aren’t able to schedule community gatherings yet. 

Join the Town of Collingwood and the Province of Ontario this Spring and Summer as we all become more aware of the impacts of waste on our environment, take action to prevent, reduce, and divert waste at home, and continue to keep Collingwood clean and beautiful for current residents and future generations.

How can you get involved?

  • Follow health guidelines and exercise physical distancing.
  • Pickup litter around Town when you go out for walks to reconnect with nature and get fresh air.
  • Report litter and waste that has been rudely dumped in our community, so that Town Staff can respond.
  • Divert waste: recycling or composting materials when and where possible to divert waste away from landfills. For example, by using your blue and green bins.
  • Reduce waste: giving old products new life instead of throwing them away. For example, using old containers for storage
  • Prevent waste: stopping waste before its created. For example, by choosing to buy goods with less packaging.
  • Share thanks to our neighbourhood waste collection and sanitation workers for keeping our community clean and safe during COVID-19. 

Report Litter
Collingwood prides itself on being a clean, green, litter-free Town that acts as an environmental steward for our beautiful waterfront, green spaces, parks, and recreation trails. Like most communities, litter is an ongoing concern. Is litter a problem in your area? Report it to the Town of Collingwood:

Learn More Quick Facts:
  • Ontario generates nearly a tonne of waste per person each year.
  • It is estimated that every 1,000 tonnes of waste diverted from landfill generates seven full-time jobs, $360,000 in wages and more than $700,000 in gross domestic product.
  • More than 80 per cent of litter collected during volunteer clean-ups along the shorelines of the Great Lakes is plastic.
  • Every year, Canadians throw away over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste. This represents up to $8 billion per year in lost value and wastes valuable resources and energy.
  • About one-third of the plastics used in Canada are for single-use or short-lived products and packaging.
  • Almost every plastic item manufactured since the 50s is still in our environment.
  • In some municipalities, up to 30% of what’s put in the blue box ends up in landfill.
  • Ontario households generate an estimated 1.4 million tonnes of food and organic waste per year.
  • As a province, Ontario generates 3.6 million tonnes of food and organic waste per year.
  • About $31 billion worth of food is wasted annually in Canada.
  • 95% of clothing sent to landfills could have been donated or recycled.
  • Making a can from recycled aluminum uses 95% less energy.
Health Canada, the Ministry of Health, Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, and the Town of Collingwood are asking you to continue to stay at home and exercise physical distancing. Local cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed and the virus continues to spread. Learn how to support our community at
  • Always:
    • wash your hands often with soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer 
    • sneeze and cough into your sleeve 
    • avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth 
    • avoid contact with people who are sick 
    • stay home if you are sick 
  • Practise physical distancing to reduce exposure to other people — this means staying at least two metres away from anyone outside your household.
Learn more at 
Collingwood is a caring and connected community. We know there is strong interest amongst community members to help one another. Collingwood Together is a volunteer database that we can call upon as needs arise in the community. 

Volunteers may provide help in different ways, such as picking up or delivering items for seniors or neighbours in self-isolation, sharing information, playing a virtual game, or helping collect needed resources. 

Safety and public health are our first priority. The practice of physical distancing, proper hand hygiene, and staying home by avoiding all non-essential trips are extremely important in flattening the curve and keeping our community safe. 

Mayor Brian Saunderson adds, “Collingwood is a strong, resilient and compassionate community. We have a rich history of working together and supporting each other in times of crisis. I know that in the face of this pandemic, our community will rise to the challenge, come together, and support each other with acts of generosity and kindness, big and small, to ensure that all our residents are safe. It is in our collective DNA and it is what defines us.”    

Please add your name to the Collingwood Together volunteer database

We appreciate the support and care for our community. Please know that while you have agreed to volunteer there may not be an immediate need, but we appreciate having you as a potential resource. 
The Town of Collingwood proactively implemented a number of temporary measures to help get ahead of COVID-19 in order to protect residents and staff. The Town is closely monitoring the situation and Town Staff and Council are working hard to safeguard the best interests of the community while continuing to successfully deliver Town Services.

The Town’s critical and essential services, including fire services, drinking water & wastewater treatment, enforcement of priority bylaws, and essential front counter customer services (online and over the phone) continue.
The Town of Collingwood will continue to track financial costs and will look for additional ways to collaborate with the County, Municipal partners, and the local hospital.

Town Council is all business and doing everything in their power to combat this threat and navigate the community through these uncertain times. Council Members are available to the public via their contacts HERE

  • Mayor Saunderson, Fire Chief Parr, and OPP Inspector Shannon are providing regular updates to local news media, which can be reviewed HERE

Facility Closures

  • The Town Hall facility and in-person Customer Service Desks are closed until further notice. Online customer service is available.
  • Recreation Facilities are closed until further notice (Eddie Bush Memorial Arena, Central Park Arena, Collingwood Museum, Centennial Aquatic Centre, and the Simcoe Street Theatre).
  • Collingwood playgrounds remain temporarily closed until further notice.
  • The Collingwood Public Library is closed but is now offering curbside pickup opportunities.

Customer Service
We are happy to assist you online and over the phone.

  • Call: 705-445-1030
  • Email:
  • Visit:
  • Drop Box: Drop Payments, Forms, or any questions off at the Town Hall Drop Box located at the front door. Please include your Contact Info.

A complete listing of Alternative Customer Service opportunities for some of Collingwood’s commonly used Town Services can be found HERE.

Discover COVID-19 Business Recovery Resources at

Collingwood Transit operations will continue for the week of June 1 to June 7. The Town will follow the direction of local health officials if the risk of riding public transit changes.

  • Collingwood Transit has moved to a modified schedule, with no fares, and back-door entry/exit only. The public is reminded to only use transit for essential travel.
  • Buses are being disinfected daily and drivers have disinfecting wipes to use during daily operation.

Public Notices
Updates about Town Services will be available on the Town Website, and the Town Twitter & Facebook channels, as well as local News channels. The Town will continue to provide timely updates to residents.

Preparing for Re-opening & Recovery
The Town of Collingwood will monitor and continue to follow the Province of Ontario's guidelines while collaborating with municipal partners and public health officials. The Province has identified a phased re-opening process with no set timetable as of yet. The Town’s Economic Support and Recovery Task Force has proposed action items to Council on supports for the local economy and community. See the latest from the Province.

Learn more at Collingwood's COVID-19 Information Portal

Please take notice that with recent Provincial announcements, the Town of Collingwood is pleased to announce that the public launch ramps at Heritage Drive are open.

Town staff ask that visitors wait by the sign on Heritage Drive for staff to signal them to proceed to the launch ramps. This will ensure physical distancing safety for staff and the public.

Please follow health guidelines, safe boating regulations, and continue to exercise physical distancing.

There are no washroom facilities available at the Harbour, so please plan ahead.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Learn more about the Collingwood Harbour

Please take notice that with the recent Provincial announcements, the Town of Collingwood has opened municipal dog parks, soccer fields, baseball fields, pickleball courts, tennis courts, skatepark, and basketball courts for recreational use. These areas are available for individual activities while physical distancing at least two metres from any other person (i.e. no team or contact sports). There will be no access to facilities at this time (i.e., no change rooms or no washrooms), so please plan ahead.

Please follow health guidelines and continue to exercise physical distancing.

Learn more about Collingwood Parks
The Town of Collingwood’s Transit Fleet Renewal & Replacement initiative has received $3.4M in project funding from the Federal and Provincial governments.

This project received federal approval under the Public Transit stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP).

Transit Fleet Renewal & Replacement
Federal Contribution: $1,890,600.00
Provincial Contribution: $1,575,342.45

The approved funding will be used to update and enhance the current Colltrans Fleet. The program will operate from 2020 to 2027 and includes the purchase of eight (8) buses and six (6) bus refurbishments over this seven-year period. 

Delivery of the first of the new transit buses is anticipated for early 2021 and it is one of two buses that will support expansion of the service area during the 2021 to 2024 phase of this project.

“This funding will contribute significantly to the Town’s goal to improve the efficiency and reliability of Public Transit in Collingwood while keeping the delivery of this important service affordable for all residents,” says Public Works Director Peggy Slama.

“I would like to congratulate you on this important milestone and look forward to working with you as you move forward with these projects to increase transit infrastructure,” says Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Transportation.

Learn more about Collingwood Transit
The following ONLY applies if no one has been using the water in a building for at least 3 to 4 days

What You Need To Know

When buildings are closed or are on low occupancy for any prolonged period, water in the building becomes stagnant and can pose serious health risks.  Harmful microbiological and chemical contaminants can grow or leach into the water supply. 

The effect of such stagnation will vary between each building based on factors such as length of the shutdown, size of the building, number of occupants, complexity of the system, integrity of the plumbing, and maintenance performed during the shutdown.

While municipal utilities are responsible to get clean, safe drinking water to each property, it is the responsibility of each property owner to ensure they maintain the safety of that water within their building.  

How Does This Happen
When a building is not in use and its water system is not actively maintained, the water becomes stagnant within the pipes, equipment, and any storage tanks.  The disinfectant residual decays and disappears, hot water systems can become cooler and cold water systems can become warm.   This can lead to the growth of bacteria, lead and copper leaching and the accumulation of harmful disinfection by-products. 

Since many facilities have shut their doors over the last few weeks and have been mostly vacant, we are reminding you to get your water running! 

We are encouraging residents and business owners to follow the guidelines provided in the checklist only if no one has been using the water for at least 3 to 4 days. What this does is flush your internal plumbing system, as the water has sat in your pipes for longer than normal. Similar to how the Water Department flushes hydrants to clean out water mains, now is the time for you to flush your own system. 

Please contact Water Services if you have any questions at and 705-445-1581

Checklist: Re-Opening Buildings

Map or sketch your entire water system

  • Identify zones and include all treatment equipment, pumps, valves, tanks, etc.
  • List all outlets/fixtures such as taps, fountains, showers, etc.
  • Be sure to include any connected food units like ice or coffee makers  

Flush your entire system

  • Start where the water enters the building and work from closest to furthest, closest zone to furthest zone, closest outlet to furthest outlet
  • Flush at full force by opening the tap fully (remove the aerator filter or shower head) 
  • Flushing requirements vary but run the water until the water maintains a constant cold temperature and the disinfectant (like chlorine) is detected
  • Staff should wear appropriate PPE (gloves, mask, eye cover) while flushing

Hot Water 

  • Flush your cold water system first then your hot water system
  • Hot water should be maintained at a temperature over 50˚C throughout the system.  So the hot water lines need to be flushed and it is highly recommended that, if at all possible, you should drain your hot water tanks and refill
  • Then flush the system from closest to furthest from the tank   


  • Clean, disinfect and rinse all outlets, screens etc. 

Shocking your system

  • Shock chlorination may only need to be considered if you have a large system with isolated branches, storage tanks, or you still detect issues after flushing 
  • Such system shocking should be conducted by a water treatment professional


  • For smaller buildings, after flushing, you should be able to feel a consistent cold temperature and even detect disinfectant (such as chlorine by smell) 
  • For larger buildings and any building serving vulnerable populations, professional testing is highly recommended
  • Testing for disinfectant residual - simple equipment and/or testing services are available from local water treatment companies, plumbers and pool professionals 
  • Testing for microbial diseases – for complex systems, buildings serving vulnerable populations, or any with a history of contaminations (like Legionella) – these issues are often related to water in HVAC systems.  There are products and testing services available – check with your local water treatment company, health unit or utility service for referral.
The Public Information Centre (PIC) previously scheduled for March 24 2020, will now be held through digital engagement. The PIC presentation and engagement material can be accessed using the Engage Collingwood Platform at starting on April, 24, 2020. Through this platform, interested parties will be prompted to register using the survey tool. Once registered the PIC presentation can be viewed followed by a comment page. The digital PIC has been created to provide an opportunity for all interested parties to review the alternatives developed for the Water Treatment Plant expansion and discuss the project with the study team. 

Project Background
Following the completion of the Master Servicing Plan (MSP) for Water and Sanitary Servicing, the Town of Collingwood has continued with the Class Environmental Assessment planning process to identify and assess options to increase the Town’s water treatment capacity. The MSP document identifies the need to expand the existing Raymond A. Barker Water Treatment Plant (WTP) to accommodate future water demands for the Town of Collingwood and its contractual commitments to supply treated water to other municipalities. The Town has retained the services of Ainley Group (in partnership with AECOM) to complete an updated Class EA in accordance with the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA) document (Oct. 2000, as amended 2007, 2011 & 2015). Based on the scope (increased water treatment capacity), this project constitutes a Schedule “C” project in accordance with the MCEA document.

The Raymond A. Barker WTP is located on Raglan Street as illustrated on the accompanying map. The service area being considered under the Class EA includes Town of Collingwood, and supply requests from the Town of the Blue Mountains, Town of New Tecumseth and Township of Clearview.

Intended Project Scope (Recommended Solution)
Based on an assessment of Options, the Recommended Solution is to repurpose the existing membrane building, construct a new membrane building, proceed with UV disinfection, chlorinate in new contact chambers and undertake associated upgrades to the other existing facilities in the plant. It is suggested that the expansion in the capacity of the plant be undertaken in two phases (Phase 1 and Ultimate) to meet the future anticipated water supply requirements. The opinion of capital cost of the Phase 1 expansion of the plant is $65 million (2020 dollars). A further expansion will be necessary to meet the Ultimate water supply requirements. Funding for the Phase 1 expansion will be provided through the Town’s Allocated Water Reserve Fund (funded through water rates), Development Charges, and the establishment of Water Agreements with other municipalities.

Public engagement and input is an integral part of the Class EA process. Comments on the information presented will be received until Monday, June 1st, 2020. To obtain additional information or to provide input, please contact either of the following members of the study team:

Ken Kaden, P. Eng.
Project Coordinator, Environmental Services
Town of Collingwood 43 Stewart Road
Collingwood, ON L9Y 4M7
Tel: (705) 445-1581

Mike Ainley, P. Eng., PMP
Project Manager
Ainley Group
280 Pretty River Parkway Collingwood, ON L9Y 4J5
Tel. (705) 445-3451

Any input received during this process will be maintained on file for use during the project and may be included in project documentation. Information collected will be used in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record.

Please take notice that outdoor water use restrictions are in effect.

Please be mindful that outdoor water use (lawn watering, etc) is permitted from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM. If your street address (house number) is an even number, you can water on even-numbered calendar days. Odd street address numbers (house numbers) can water on odd calendar days.

Any questions, please contact Water Services at 705-445-1581 or

The Town of Collingwood’s Water By-Law (2016-66, the 2016 revised Water By-Law) speaks to outdoor water use (Section 9) and the Outdoor Water Use Restrictions for odd/even numbered addresses for outdoor watering. These measures are to promote water conservation and limit the stress on the Town’s filtration plant during the high-peak days of summer.

Outdoor water use that requires the use of a hose is allowed on alternating days based on municipal address (house number). This would include lawn watering, power washers, filling pools, sprinklers, etc. Gardens can be watered using a watering can and newly laid sod (less than 28 days) is exempt.

Collingwood’s Water Treatment Plant is limited to its equipment and cannot simply pump more water out of Nottawasaga Bay. The Town is currently working on Water Treatment Plant expansion and encourages water conservation in our community.

Have your say about the proposed Water Treatment Plant Expansion on Engage Collingwood

We're all in this together so let's work together!

Visit the Community Forum on Engage Collingwood to join the conversation. This is the place where the residents and businesses of Collingwood can connect with Council, Administration, and each other. We know this is a stressful and uncertain time for everyone, but we're all in this together!

Please send us your questions or suggestions and share your positive stories. Give a 'shout out' to someone who has helped you, or tell us something you are thankful for!

If you are a business, we want to know where support is most needed now, as well as ideas to help with economic recovery once we get through the COVID-19 crisis. Your questions and suggestions will inform the Economic Recovery and Support Plan. Of course we would also love to hear stories about innovative business solutions or shout outs to companies who have shown creativity in the face of adversity.

A Place for Healthy Food Access, Pollination and Education

The Parks, Recreation and Culture Department has partnered with the Canadian Action Program for Children, the Environment Network and Pollinate Collingwood to support a pilot community garden program.

With the support of volunteers and funding from Green Communities Canada, a portion of the old Heritage Park asphalt tennis surface was removed last year as part of a Depave project. Students from CCI helped construct garden boxes and players from Collingwood’s Junior Hockey Team assisted in the positioning and filling boxes with soil with the guidance of Free Spirit Gardens. The generous support of the Frank Cowan Company Home Town Program has further assisted in developing the garden space. Over the next several months staff and volunteers will help care for the garden boxes and food harvested will support families connected with the program.

The Heritage Park Garden will also host one of Pollinate Collingwood’s 2020 Butterflyway pollinator gardens raising awareness on the importance of pollinators and our role in environmental stewardship. The Butterflyway Project is a David Suzuki Foundation initiative to help protect pollinators by planting native wildflowers in community spaces, creating natural habitats for butterflies.

The Heritage Park Garden is a wonderful example of organizations working together to support the community. To help protect the safety of staff, volunteers and the community, the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit has provided clear guidelines for operating community gardens during the pandemic.

For more information on this project contact Jennifer Parker, Coordinator - Community Well-being & Inclusion,

The Parks, Recreation, and Culture Department and Collingwood Public Library are inviting children and youth to help us decorate the Heritage Park and Learning Garden fences. We are looking for artwork or poetry that fits with the theme of gardens and pollinators, this could include fruits, veggies, bees, birds, butterflies, flowers, gardens or gardening.

Photos of your creative work can be emailed to Jennifer Parker, Please submit all creative pieces by Monday, June 16.

Photos of art, photography, poetry, etc will then be printed on outdoor sign material and a collection of submissions will be installed on our garden fences. Watch our gardens grow and fences transform.

Local businesses feed us, clothe us, entertain us, and care for us. In this time of uncertainty, it’s time for the community to show them how much we care. Help them stay open through these challenging times. Show them some love by shopping local, ordering takeout, and buying their virtual services.

At, browsing is made easy by making it easy for the shopper to choose what they are looking for:

  • Order Food - View menus from some of Collingwood’s best restaurants and order pick-up or delivery from a common marketplace where you can easily shop all the great establishments of Collingwood.
  • Shop Local - Shop online from a range of local Collingwood businesses or buy gift cards for friends and family for when shops re-open.
  • Experience Events Virtually - Find online events and virtual consultations offered by local businesses and organizations in South Georgian Bay

Make Wednesdays #TakeoutDay by shopping at, following the facebook group Collingwood Take-out & Delivery, and giving our local restaurants a shoutout with #CollingwoodStrong.

The BDC (Business Development Centre) is seeking to understand what your Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) needs are and if there are any specific questions you may still have. Please take 60 seconds to complete this simple survey so we can help as you get ready to re-open.  

Take the SURVEY now!

Remember to check Collingwood Commons for specific PPE items you may need.
Please delay day-trips to Collingwood until Ontario's State of Emergency has lifted.

The Town of Collingwood, with recommendation from Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit, is asking you to stay at your chosen primary residence and also not to make day-trips or to visit cottages in Collingwood at this time. Collingwood is eager for re-opening and recovery, and in order to get to the end of this pandemic, we all must continue to stay at home and limit travel. The Town is excited to welcome you to Collingwood again with many great getaway options, after the Province’s State of Emergency orders have lifted and when it is safe to travel. It will be worth the wait!

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams has stated “that people should preferentially stay home and not access secondary residences, recognizing that there may be limited, essential reasons to do so”.

COVID-19 does not just show up in a community, it gets there by someone bringing it, including by those who may not even have symptoms. Please work with us to flatten the curve.

The potential harms associated with traveling to another community, even for a day, include:

  • The more people travelling and interacting with others along the way or at their destination, the more risk of spreading this virus.
  • It would take only a small fraction of our residents, cottagers, or visitors to become ill before it would push our healthcare capabilities past their limit. That means it could be you or a family member who may not have access to the intensive care bed or ventilator if you contract the virus.
  • There are plenty of reasons why people require emergency services, and any accidents, fires, or other emergencies will force front-line health care workers, police, and firefighters, many of whom are volunteers, into social contact.

We are aware that despite this strong message to stay home, there will still be some people who will make the decision to go to their cottage or day-trip. If that is what you choose to do despite the request to not do so, you need to ensure that you follow public health measures, including:

  • physical distancing of at least 2 metres from other people;
  • staying at your own property as much as possible;
  • purchasing food and medications in your primary community before arriving at their cottage and limiting their visits to the local community for essential shopping only;
  • no gatherings of more than five people unless they are all from the same household;
  • practicing frequent proper hand washing and cough hygiene, and self-isolating if you develop symptoms.

There currently is no enforcement, “barricades”, or fines so at the end of the day we are appealing to informed, responsible people to stay home and help us all get through this public health emergency together. Let’s continue to watch the provincial, federal, and health unit rules and work together to put COVID-19 behind us.

Thank you for your continued patience during this declared state of emergency with respect to your patios and merchandise tents/sales on public sidewalks in the downtown. 

Options are currently being reviewed for the potential use of the sidewalks in the Downtown, and while reviewing suggestions being offered through various businesses and the Economic Support and Recovery Task Force, staff need to ensure the health and safety of residents, visitors, and businesses that live and work in the Downtown is maintained.

During the current Declared State of Emergency by the Province, the use of patios continues to not be listed as an essential service and physical distancing requirements remain in place. The Town is eager for re-opening and recovery, and understands the anxiousness to open businesses as the rules provided by the Province begin to be slowly lifted. At this time, patios and merchandise provided for sale on public sidewalks continue to not be permitted until further notice. 

Should you need a curb-side pick-up location outside of your business, a small table may be placed on the sidewalk within the 2 foot space immediately in front of your store front for such purposes only. Please ensure that this table is removed from the sidewalk when your business is closed, and is clearly marked ‘curb-side pick-up’. 

Should you have any questions, please contact:
Becky Dahl
Deputy Clerk
705-445-1030 ext. 3230

Work on the Official Plan Update has continued since our community consultation workshop on March 4, 2020 and this update provides information on:
  • The project status
  • Release of the WHAT WE HEARD” report that summarizes results of public consultation to date.
  • Release of a SURVEY that seeks to confirm and prioritize the issues identified so far.
  • Next steps, including the release of DISCUSSION PAPERS for public comment which forms the 3rd phase of the project and targeted time frames for additional steps.
COVID-19 related content has been included in the project to identify any related impacts on the Official Plan Update.

The project is on track:

We heard what you said at the March 4 community workshop and summarized it in the “WHAT WE HEARD” report which can be found here.

Based on what we heard from you, we have also created a SURVEY to make sure we got it right and to provide a way for all those not able to attend in March, the chance to identify their key issues and opportunities as well. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey!

DISCUSSION PAPERS which form the 3rd phase of the project are targeted for release for public comment in late June. These papers cover eight topics:
  • Municipal Infrastructure
  • Community Design
  • Downtown and Waterfront
  • Greenlands (Natural Areas & Parks)
  • Growth Management
  • Housing
  • Sustainable Development
  • Transportation
If your organization/group would like to receive a presentation on the Official Plan Update, staff would be happy to set one up with you. Please let us know – we can meet virtually with your group. Contact:
Justin Teakle, Community Planner via email at:

Thank you for your continued interest in the Official Plan Update.

Please take notice that in most cases, location of private property lines, survey stakes, and dealing with related matters are not a Town of Collingwood responsibility. Property owners are responsible for their property lines, including when building fences or additions. Property owners may wish to consult with a lawyer or surveyor.

The County of Simcoe has a tool that lets you look up your address, use measurement tools, and locate property lines.

Learn about Land Use Planning Services


The main purpose of the Weed Control Act R.S.O. 1990, is to reduce the impact of noxious weeds on the industries or agriculture and horticulture. Primarily this act applies to agricultural and horticultural lands that generate income or other benefits to agriculture; this excludes lawns, gardens and private areas for personal enjoyment and leisure.

Under the Weed Control Act, R.S.O. 1990, Chapter W.5 sections 3, 13, 16 and 23, you are requested to destroy all noxious weeds on your property.

In Urban Areas
Section 3, 13, 16 and 18 do not apply to noxious weeds or weed seeds that are far enough away from any land used for agricultural or horticultural purposes, as they do not interfere with that use. All properties within the municipality of Collingwood are hereby requested to be in compliance with the Weed Control Act.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Town of Collingwood By-laws 03-18, 03-19 and 03-38, all owners, tenants or persons in possession of property shall:

  • Cut and maintain properties free of long grass and weeds;
  • Keep and maintain properties free and clear of garbage, refuse and debris; and
  • Keep and maintain properties free from standing and/or stagnant water.

Failure to comply with the provisions of By-laws 03-18, 03-19 and 03-38 may result in the prosecution of those persons through the Provincial Offences Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P33 as amended.

The cooperation of all owners, tenants, or persons in possession of property is solicited.

Reach out to Collingwood's By-Law Enforcement Officers to report By-Law violations like noise, property issues, parking, and animal control.

Residents of Collingwood. The firefighters of the Collingwood Fire Department would like to thank you for letting us be a part of your family and friends’ special day and requesting a drive-by salute. Unfortunately, due to our schedule slowly returning to normal with commencement of trainings, etc., we will be ending this service as of June 15, 2020. 

We are truly honoured to have participated in over 110 salutes the last two months for our town, and seeing all the laughs and smiles has been amazing. We hope you have a fantastic and safe summer. From all of us at the Collingwood Fire Department.

Fire Chief Ross Parr shares this photo of our Town Firefighters showing pride and ownership in their work and equipment by polishing and maintaining Tower 1.

As we head into the Spring and Summer season, the desire to enjoy a campfire or burn yard waste is becoming increasingly popular. Please take notice of the Town of Collingwood’s fire safety rules and regulations, and the message from Health Officials about this crucial time of limiting the spread of COVID-19. 

  • Open Air Burning Permits ARE REQUIRED for ALL outdoor fires within the Town of Collingwood.
  • Do not burn your yard waste. 
  • You must exercise physical distancing and avoid gathering in groups. 
  • Please make safe and healthy decisions when deciding to have a campfire. 
  • Stay tuned for regional fire ban updates from the Province. Collingwood does not currently have a fire ban in place.

Fire Permits
Fire Services is extending existing 2019 fire permits until regular services resume and then you can come in to get your 2020 permits. New permits will require screening. For 2020 screening, call the Fire Department at 705-445-3920 Ext. 7503 or email

Burning guidelines in Collingwood have not changed and are available here: 

Fire Pits
“Fire Pit” means a pit not more than 1 meter (3 feet) in diameter, requiring not less than 7.5 meters (25 feet) of clearance between the fire and any building, structure, property line, tree, hedge, fence, roadway, overhead wires or any other combustible article;
The fire pit must be enclosed on all sides and constructed of masonry, concrete, stone, heavy gauge metal or other non-combustible materials. The flames from the fire are no higher than 0.5 meters (1.6 feet) above ground level.

  • Fire Pit (maximum 3 feet in diameter, 25 feet clearance)

Outdoor Fireplaces
“Outdoor Fireplace” means a manufactured non-combustible enclosed container such as fire bowls with spark arrestors on the top or chimineas. This type of permit requires not less than 4.5 meters (15 feet) of clearance between the fireplace and any building or structure, property line, tree, hedge, fence, roadway, overhead wires, or other combustible article.

  • Fire bowl (15 feet clearance)
  • Chiminea (15 feet clearance)

Burn cautious. Burn Safe!

No fireworks are allowed on public property without approval and permit by the Chief Fire Official.

Fireworks are only allowed on Victoria Day, Canada Day, New Years Eve, and the 3 days before and after those dates.

Please exercise fire safety and physical distancing.

The Fireworks By-law will help you learn more about general prohibitions and provisions, the sale of consumer fireworks, and the setting off of consumer or display fireworks.

Learn more about Fire Services

Please take notice that Collingwood’s sailing school recreation programming will not operate for the Summer 2020 season due to COVID-19 limitations.

Considerations included physical distancing among children and in the sailing school building, additional sanitation requirements after each sail, a lack of fully qualified instructors at this time, and Ontario Sailing program restrictions.

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2021.

Learn more about the Collingwood Harbour

Photo by Doug Burlock

Please take notice that the Collingwood Museum’s onsite children’s summer programs will not be operating during the Summer 2020 season due to COVID-19 limitations.

Considerations included physical distancing among staff and children in the locations of program delivery, additional sanitation requirements for craft supplies, equipment, and facilities, as well as the requirement for increased staffing for planning and delivery. At this time, the reopening schedule for museums within the province is unknown.

Virtual and onsite opportunities for engagement will be explored with the safety of patrons and staff in mind. Information on upcoming museum events may be found at or at

In 100 years, what do you want the residents of Collingwood to know about the challenges we are facing today and how we are overcoming them? 

To ensure these experiences are preserved for the future, the Collingwood Museum has launched a real-time collecting initiative entitled Collecting for Collingwood: COVID-19 for which staff are seeking submissions.

Collingwood residents have a long and impressive history of actively collecting and telling the stories of our community. In good times and bad, residents have documented local and global events that have changed the way we live, work, and play.

There are three simple ways to contribute to this initiative:

  • Submit your experiences and photographs by completing the online form at
  • Keep a physical or digital journal documenting your daily/weekly/monthly experiences for submission after the outbreak. 
  • Consider which physical objects best represent COVID-19 in Collingwood and whether you have anything to donate to the Collingwood Museum after the pandemic. Please note that this collecting effort does not intend to take away resources from our community and front-line workers.

All content submitted to this collection may be used by the Collingwood Museum for research and reference, education, exhibitions, programs, marketing, reproductions and promotional purposes. Each submission must be accompanied by an informed consent release form.

We understand that your stories may be difficult to tell due to the traumatic reality of the virus. Museum staff thanks all contributors for helping to document this historic moment for future generations. 

Full details on this collecting initiative may be found at

Photos by Dave West Photography.

The Town of Collingwood’s Parks, Recreation, & Culture Department has completed the temporary mural alongside Huron Street, near the corner of Heritage Drive. The goal of the artwork is to uplift the community and help inspire happiness and hope in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The scale and timing of the project was ambitious, utilizing approximately 100 feet of the hoarding along Huron Street. A call to artists was issued looking for applications and ideas from artists with experience in using spray paint as a medium. As a result, five local artists were selected to participate, each with experience in creating large scale works using spray techniques or airbrush. Thank you Lily Findlay, Ruth Hurdle, Sam Nellicks, Rob Saley, and Blaze Wiradharma for creating incredible community artwork.

“We are really grateful to Streetcar Developments who own the property that the hoarding sits on. They responded very quickly and positively to this request and have helped enable the project by moving signage and making repairs. We’re also grateful for Council’s support of this effort to make a small but significant impact on both the local arts community, and the larger community as a whole,” says Dean Collver, Director of Parks, Recreation, and Culture.

Learn more about Arts in the Town of Collingwood at

Collingwood director, writer, and professional actor, Rochelle Reynolds has been channeling her efforts into film-based storytelling projects in response to self-isolation and social distancing. This has led to Teddy Bear Theatre; a series designed for children about the importance of friendship, kindness, compassion, and authenticity.

Learn more at about Collingwood's Featured Artists

Connecting people to services.

Help is just a phone call away. 211 connects people to services available in the community.

Please call 211 if you are in need of help.

The 2-1-1 Helpline is available 24/7 in 150 languages.

Community & family support services 
May 31 to June 6, 2020

This is a week dedicated to inclusion and accessibility in Canada. Let’s work together for a more accessible Canada!
  • Share a photo or a video of how you are marking this important week! 
  • Contribute to building a more Accessible Canada.
  • Recognize an individual or an organization that improves accessibility and inclusion in your community.
Given the high demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the Optimist Club of Collingwood has answered a call by the Mayor to assist in coordinating the supply and distribution of PPE locally.

Volunteers with the Optimist Club of Collingwood are currently in the process of reaching out to local suppliers and end users with the goal of building a coordinated distribution system.

While we know the best way to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like COVID-19 is to:
  • Practice physical distancing (maintain a 2 metre distance from other people whenever possible)
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  • Sneeze or cough into your sleeve or elbow or cover with a tissue
  • Avoid large gatherings
  • Clean and disinfect surfaces regularly
PPE may help to minimize exposure to COVID-19 in higher risk work areas. PPE can include items such as gloves, gowns, masks, face shields, eye protection, and hand sanitizer.

As a result of the pandemic, accessing PPE from the normal supply chain has been challenging for the community. Supply is limited due to the high demand and more organizations requiring PPE to protect the safety of essential workers and help reduce the spread of the virus.

The Optimist Club of Collingwood will work with local suppliers, Town Staff, the Social Service COVID-19 Roundtable, Long Term Care settings, and health services.

“The theme of ‘Collingwood Together’ continues to shine in our community. Thank you to all of our Front-line Workers and thank you to the Optimist Club of Collingwood for assisting with the local supply and distribution of PPE. This as another good news story, exemplifying the resiliency, generosity, and kindness in our community,” said Mayor Brian Saunderson.

“I know that all of our members have been keen to do something productive that measurably helps the current health crisis we are now experiencing. When this ends look for many more events from our Optimist Club aimed at youth but for now we are pumped to be helping our community in this small way,” said Chris Baines, President of the Optimist Club of Collingwood.

If your organization is in need of PPE, please reach out to the Optimist Club of Collingwood to see how they can help. They will take your requests and advise on the timing of delivery as well if there are costs that may be involved. They can be reached at 

Please advise the Optimist Club of Collingwood if you have PPE to donate. The following items would be appreciated: N95 masks, Surgical masks, Face shields, protective goggles or safety glasses, Latex-free gloves, Reusable or disposable gowns, Hand sanitizer, Medical thermometers, Disinfectant wipes (with a DIN# or with bleach cleaner).
On May 14, the Premier of Ontario announced that public libraries may restore delivery and pickup services as early as May 19, 2020.

Collingwood Public Library (CPL) is pleased to begin offering curbside pickup Monday to Friday from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM beginning Monday, May 25, 2020.

“We are pleased to be able to reintroduce this library service to our patrons, but we are also being very careful to guard the well-being of both patrons and staff. For example, all materials returned to the library will undergo a 72-hour quarantine before being returned to circulation, and the small staff complement working in the building will be observing all of the recommended Covid-19 safety protocols,” says Ken Haigh, Collingwood Public Library CEO.

Curbside service includes all regular, in stock library materials available via The process is simple: patrons may go online and place a hold on the items they wish to check out, or, call the library at 705-445-1571 x6238. Library staff will email or call patrons when materials are ready for pickup. The pickup area is located just outside the library doors, adjacent to the parking lot. CPL staff asks that patrons wear a mask when possible and observe social distancing when picking up materials. Checked out items may be returned on or before their due dates via the library drop box. Fines will not be charged during this phase of reopening.

The Collingwood Public Library drop box reopens on Monday, May 25 to coincide with the new curbside pickup service.

At this time, CPL is not accepting donations while they restructure to adapt to provincial guidelines and municipal protocol in relation to Covid-19.

This is the beginning of a phased reopening for Collingwood Public Library. In the interim, CPL encourages patrons to continue enjoying the many online offerings including eBooks, eMagazines, eAudiobooks, databases (like, children’s songs, stories and crafts, lectures, tech talks, online yoga, etc. These can be found and via social media at

Staff are responding to voicemail and email from Monday to Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Contact the library at 705-445-1571 or email For more information and updates, please visit
The Rogers TV broadcast of this meeting will be available online at

Community Announcements
  • Council reported on various community announcements and events, and acknowledged accomplishments of youth within the community and the recent provincial announcement regarding the opening of community gardens that respect physical distancing.

Consent Agenda

  • Sunset Point Restoration Urgency Council expressed frustration with the delay in restoration work at Sunset Point Park as a result of external agency approvals. Director Collver provided an update on the status and the anticipate approvals in the near future that are required prior to work commencing. Staff have confirmed that a contractor has been secured for the work and the engineer is reviewing the additional work require as a result of the recent damage.

Development & Operations Services

  • Council approved the following:
    • Drainage Easement - 39 Glen Rogers Road
    • Architectural Conservancy Ontario Re: BIA Membership on the CHAC
    • Economic Development Action Plan: Overview and Update
    • Council of the Town of Collingwood support Haliburton County in its resolution to request the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the Minister of Transportation reconsider or phase in this fee increase, allowing an appropriate amount of time for businesses to adjust.


  • Council authorized the change in meeting time for regular meetings of Council and Standing Committees to a daytime hour of 1:30 PM for the duration of the Declaration of Emergency.
  • Council authorized the 2020 Budget Review to be expanded to include that any cost savings or efficiencies identified not be limited to just offsetting the funds being used from the asset sale proceeds but to also offset other losses across the corporation that were unexpected as a result of the COVID-19 crisis to ensure a balanced budget; and that staff report back at the next SIC meeting regarding the status of the review and anticipated timeline.


  • Council deferred the implementation date of the new Fees and Service Charges for 2020 to July 1, 2020. The amended implementation date does not apply to the line item identified in Section B1- Fire Department, Emergency Services described as “Fire Department Response Fees/Indemnification Technology” and this service charge remain effective as of April 1, 2020.

County Report

  • Deputy Mayor Hull noted the County Council newsletter available through; and that discussions will be taking place to the re-opening of the 10th Concession landfill transfer site.

Council Business

  • Mayor Saunderson discussed Ontario's three phases to lift COVID-19 restrictions; reiterated the Town will be following the direction of the province and medical health officers; advised the Town will be working with the business community and residents on a phased restart approach; and noted the Town will be implementing protocols to protect staff and the public.
  • Mayor Saunderson provided an update on the work of the Task Force which includes seven action items: determining proper metrics; ensuring businesses and social services are supported through proper training and information; determining how the Town can assist in marketing; planning events to encourage residents to get out; looking at ways to work with businesses to stimulate the economy; assist businesses looking to sell, and promoting existing businesses. The Task Force will also be looking at continued long term support to address specific COVID-19 items.
  • Council endorsed the various local and national tributes for our frontline workers including the ‘Shine a light for all Doctors’ tribute scheduled for May 1 at 9:00 PM and the various dedicated days or week’s during the COVID-19 pandemic that celebrate and recognize all essential workers that have been working tirelessly and risking their safety for the safety and wellbeing of others.

Other Business

  • Council inquired about yard sales during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clerk Almas advised the Town does not license yard sales however by-law enforcement will still regulate various yard sale related matters. Executive Director Skinner further noted it will be communicated through the Town's communication platforms that yard sales are discouraged during the pandemic and to continue follow provincial health recommendations.
  • Councillor Doherty acknowledged a future request she will be introducing for a staff report pertaining to parking on public boulevards and potential boulevard beautification options.
  • Councillor Jeffery provided a summary of FCM's recommendations to the federal government to address the financial crisis due to COVID-19.
  • Council discussed federal aid for infrastructure projects that are shovel ready. CAO Amin advised the Town has proceeded with a number of tenders to ensure that projects are ready to proceed when restrictions are lifted.


  • Council moved in-camera to discuss: a) Appointment of committee members (Accessibility, Heritage, Museum); b) Review of CAO position; and c) Review support services.

Rise and Report

  • Mayor Saunderson congratulated Executive Director Sonya Skinner on her appointment as new Acting CAO; and thanked CAO Fareed Amin for his dedicated service, and wished him the best in future endeavors.
  • Council approved retaining the services of Fareed Amin on a part-time basis on terms to be negotiated with the assistance of the HR Manager.
  • Council approved new member appointments to Accessibility Advisory Committee, Museum Advisory Committee, and Heritage Committee.

Agendas and Minutes are available online at:

The Rogers TV broadcast of this meeting will be available online at

Consent Agenda
  • Council proclaimed that June 2020 will be National Deafblind Awareness Month in Collingwood.
  • Council received a letter of support during the COVID-19 pandemic from the Consulate General of Japan in Toronto.
  • Council received letters on Federal Assistance for Municipalities and Direct Payment of Federal Funds to Municipalities to Waive Property Taxes for the Year 2020. 


  • Council approved the Collingwood Public Library Board Minutes.

Economic Support & Recovery Task Force Update

  • Martin Rydlo, Director Marketing and Business Development, reviewed the impact timeline of COVID-19 through four waves.
  • Vice-Chair Foster William provided a brief overview of the current phase of the crisis; highlighted the purpose and progress of the Task Force; and introduced the six action teams. 
  • Jon Gilham discussed Metrics, Kathy Ondercin discussed Business Support & Recovery Services, Brandon Houston discussed Business & Tourism Re-launch Marketing, Larry Law discussed Community Re-launch Events, and Vice-Chair Foster Williams discussed Shop Local Incentives, and Social Services Coordination and Support. 
  • Council received the Economic Support & Recovery Task Force recommendations.
  • Council referred the Economic Support & Recovery Task Force report to staff for initial review and comment for the upcoming SIC meeting on June 3.

Corporate & Community Services Standing Committee

  • Council approved that 2020 CRCG Program grant recipients be permitted to retain their grant funds with no penalties, provided it be used prior to December 31, 2021 for its intended purpose or to ensure the organization’s business continuity during Covid-19. 

Strategic Initiatives Standing Committee 

  • Council received the Non-Standard / Emergency Purchases report.


  • Council appointed Councillor Yvonne Hamlin as the Town of Collingwood's representative on the Blue Mountains Joint Municipal Physician Recruitment & Retention Committee for the remaining term of Council, dissolution of the Committee or as otherwise rescinded. 
  • Council referred the Blue Mountains Joint Municipal Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee's request for $25,000 funding be referred to the 2021 Budget Deliberations.
  • Council requested a staff report to investigate and recommend if there should be changes to the current parking allowances on municipal boulevards and directed that the staff report include consideration for a boulevard beautification program by adjacent private property owners.

County Report

  • Deputy Mayor Hull advised the Collingwood Waste Facility reopens Tuesday, May 26 for essential loads.

Notice of Motion

  • Councillor Jeffery gave notice for Council to authorize the change in meeting time for regular meetings of Council and Standing Committees to a daytime hour of 3:30 PM for the duration of the Declaration of Emergency.
  • Mayor Saunderson gave notice for Council to endorse Councillor Deb Doherty to stand for election on AMO's Board of Directors and Small Urban Caucus and that Council assume all costs associated with Councillor Deb Doherty attending AMO's Board of Directors meetings up to the allocated approved budgeted amount.
  • Councillor Doherty provided notice for support regarding Oakville Economic Task Force Rent Relief Advocacy to be considered at the May 25 Council meeting. 

Community Announcements

  • Council reported on various community announcements and events, and acknowledged the recent provincial announcement regarding the opening of certain business while respecting physical distancing requirements.
  • Acting CAO Skinner advised Mel Milanovic has been appointed Acting Director of Parks, Recreation, and Culture.

Agendas and Minutes are available online at:

The Rogers TV broadcast of this meeting will be available online at

Community Announcements

  • Council reported on various community announcements and events, emphasized residents to continue to social distance and follow provincial guidelines, and advised the Collingwood Public Library has re-opened for curbside pickup.

Development & Operations Services Standing Committee

  • Council authorized Staff to finalize and execute the Winter Service Agreement with the Township of Clearview.
  • Council received the 2019 Annual Wastewater Compliance Report.
  • Council approved the Boundary Line Highway Service Agreement with the Town of the Blue Mountains.
  • Council supports the Town of Bracebridge in lobbying the provincial and federal governments to implement a ban of single-use disposable wipes.
  • Council approves to petition the federal, provincial, and territorial orders of government to standardize the allowable labeling of single-use disposable wipes to clearly indicate that they cannot be flushed and that Town of Collingwood department of environmental services develop an education program for all system users in the Town of Collingwood.

Staff Reports

  • Executive Director Collver advised work has resumed at Sunset Point, noting the contractor has complete the scheduled work ahead of time and has the capacity to take on additional damage and restoration work within the existing budget and no additional funding is needed, and advised the park is scheduled to re-open June 1.


  • Council authorizes the change in meeting time for regular meetings of Council and Standing Committees to return to 5:00 PM effective immediately for the duration of the declaration of emergency.
  • Council endorses Councillor Deb Doherty to stand for election on AMO's Board of Directors and Small Urban Caucus, and Council will assume all costs associated with Councillor Deb Doherty attending AMO's Board of Directors meetings up to the allocated approved budgeted amount.
  • Council endorsed the recommendation of the Oakville Economic Task Force to suspend evictions of commercial tenants for a minimum of six months, and to enhance the terms and ease of access to the Ontario-Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance program, and will forward the motion to the appropriate upper levels of government, including FCM and AMO.

Council Business

  • Council requested an update on the Harbourview Trail Boardwalk. Executive Director Collver advised the project is in contract development and work on the burnt section should begin shortly.

Other Business

  • Acting CAO Skinner provided an update on the judicial inquiry, noting the anticipated timeline has not changed.
  • Council inquired about using the Emergency Relief Fund to support staff with extenuating needs.
  • Council requested a MOU update between the Town and the BIA.


  • Council proceeded in-camera to discuss Trails & Active Transportation Advisory Committee appointments, Acting CAO Performance Plan
  • Council appointed new members to the Trails and Active Transportation Advisory Committee.

Agendas and Minutes are available online at:

Meetings will take place virtually during the provincial state of emergency and can be viewed on Youtube and Rogers TV. Links can be found at
  • Monday, June 1 - Corporate & Community Services Standing Committee Meeting - 5:00 PM (Virtual)
  • Wednesday, June 3 - Strategic Initiatives Standing Committee Meeting - 5:00 PM (Virtual)
  • Monday, June 8 - Development & Operations Services Standing Committee - 5:00 PM (Virtual)
  • Monday, June 15 - Council Meeting - 5:00 PM (Virtual)
  • Monday, June 22 - Council Meeting - 5:00 PM (Virtual)
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