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Friday, May 22nd, 2020

Note from the Executive Director:

As health authorities across Canada take tentative steps to begin easing lock-down restrictions in response to COVID-19, our Association has continued to press governments (both federal and provincial) and League representatives on plans for a 2020 season.  The road ahead is far from straight at this point, but we are moving in the right direction.

It’s no secret that the League’s early approach to the lock-down has been frustrating for players and has confused many in government circles.  Our Association was completely surprised by the news as even though their proposal would have direct impacts on players, there was no consultation with us on this initial plan.  The public reaction to that proposal forced the League to recognize this mistake and, as a result, League representatives now acknowledge that any plans for the 2020 season or the role that governments may play in supporting those plans have to include support from players, as well as other stakeholders connected to our sport.

We are working hard to get the League to recognize the players needs and perspectives in planning for what a 2020 may look like if a shortened season is possible.  One of our strengths in this process is the commitment shown by your Association Executive and our Player Representatives to ensure that practical, workable solutions, that reflect the immediate needs of players, are front and center as plans for the 2020 season are developed. 

We have recognized from the outset that the pandemic and the response of health authorities and governments across Canada are affecting all of us in different ways.  Whether it’s the issues associated with player travel - both domestic and international - or the financial stresses that some members face because of suspended training camps and an uncertain start to the 2020 season. Our Association is working to provide support for players through all of this.  In some cases, it’s connecting players to the various income support programs that federal governments have put in place.  In others, it’s ensuring that existing contractual agreements with the League are maintained.  

We know football is a team sport.  We also know that sticking together is critical to building a strong team.  Your Association is no different in that regard.  When we stick together, when we use our collective strength in ways that are smart, responsible, and effective, when we do all those things, we get the best results.  That’s our commitment to you and how we are working to take on the problems we face.  Thanks for your continued support through it all.

Brian Ramsay | CFLPA Executive Director


New CFLPA Academy Health & Wellness Partnership with Bodylogix!


A quick glance at what the Academy can help YOU with:
  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Continuing Education
  3. Academy Ambassadors
    • Chris Best
    • Moton Hopkins
    • Chris Randle
    • Jamar Wall
  4. CFL Alumni Mentors
    • Brett MacNeil - President of the CFL Alumni Association
    • Dave Kirzinger – PRINCIPAL and ACTING CEO of Rise Properties
    • Sean Graham - Director for Satori Integrative Health Centre
    • Rudy Florio – Former Owner/Operator of Liaison College
  5. Academy Careers


Active CFLPA members enrolled in the CFLPA Academy are now entitled to a waiving of registration costs ($791.00) affiliated with becoming a CFLPA Registered Contract Advisor!
It is important to note that although active players are permitted to apply to this opportunity, members must not be listed on any club rosters in the CFL in order to represent other CFLPA members as contract advisors.
*Although registration will come at no cost to CFLPA members, ALL PARTIES are subject to annual renewal fees associated with maintaining status as a contract advisor ($412.45 US *subject to change).*
*Additionally, certification requires that members pass a written, open-book examination pertaining to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.*

We are very pleased to have our Academy partner 'Enriched Academy' join us for a frank and thorough presentation on how to get your finances in game shape. From cashflow to budgets and managing debt, the experts from Enriched Academy will be taking your questions and offering strategies to lighten your financial load.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to TODAY!

Career Academy Registration

We are eager to help you prepare for your future!

Keep calm and plan on


A note about market volatility
Economic volatility across global markets can take a toll on both your financial and mental health. The strong bull market that began in March of 2009 has transitioned into a bear market as of March 2020, as a result of the global pandemic known as coronavirus. From business closures to government recommended social distancing, many are feeling uncertain about the future of their investments. This uncertainty can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety.

Consider the following to help support your long-term investment strategy:
  • The smart play - Your Asset Allocation and Target Date Funds diversify your savings to help smooth out the ups and downs.
  • Don’t try to time the market - It can be a gamble to move all your assets to safer investments because it is hard to time perfectly.
  • Avoid taking a short-term view - staying focused
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Contact Manulife
Customer Service Centre: 1 888-747-4283 (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET)
Financial Education Specialist: 1 888-747-4283 (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET)
Transition Solutions: 1 888-747-4283 (Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET)
CFLPA Portal / Member Secure Site:

CFLPA – Benefit Plan Coverage

We have received a number of questions about on going player and dependent eligibility for coverage under the CFLPA Benefit Plans.


Players that are listed on a team’s 2019 closing roster are covered, as normal, through the off-season until June 10th, the day before the originally scheduled first regular season game of the 2020 season. (This includes coverage for eligible dependents.)


Under normal circumstances, eligibility for coverage is based on a player being listed on a team’s  opening roster (This includes coverage for eligible dependents). For the 2020 benefit plan year, this was set to occur on June 11th with the commencement of the regular season.

Given the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and the delay to the start of the CFL regular season, the CFLPA Benefit Plan will have amended eligibility provisions. The key items for your understanding are listed below:
  • The 2020 Benefit Plan year will still commence effective June 11th.
  • Players who were listed on the 2019 closing roster and are under contract for the 2020 season will have their coverage reset effective June 11th.
  • Any player who retired during the off-season or any player not currently under contract, WILL NOT be eligible for continuing benefits and will be terminated from the plan effective end of day on June 10th.
For details regarding your coverage, please refer to the benefit plan booklet available from the CFLPA.

Should you have any questions, please contact your CFLPA Player Rep or Shaun McKee at

To find out more details regarding your medical plan, please refer to the CFLPA Benefits Booklet available from your team administrator or from the CFLPA website.
This is getting a little old, right?
While it feels like there is more optimism for elements of returning to normalcy – whatever that will ultimately be – there is likely still a long road ahead as we wait for the economy to rebound and currency markets to normalize.
At this point, we’ve settled into a pretty solid range for the USD/CAD exchange rate between 1.3850 – 1.4250. While it isn’t ideal, when we’re used to seeing 5-8 cents better for converting, it’s now a case of knowing the field of play any making decisions based on where we are within it. To the degree possible, its ideal to target doing any conversions necessary when the exchange rate hits below 1.40 and holding off if you can when it’s above that mark. I understand the reality is that sometimes there isn’t a lot of choice on timing when bills come due.
With more optimism around a vaccine coming quicker than some expected, developments on that front and things that lead us back towards opening the economy safely, without triggering a second big wave of outbreaks, should see the risk premium come out of the USD and its value fall, making it more affordable to purchase with CAD. Hopefully, as we move through the summer and into the fall, as long as we don’t have any large setbacks, we’ll see a path for a relatively stronger CAD.
No charts, no graphs, no long-winded explanations this time. I’m choosing to put all my focus into my pandemic beard. As always though, if CFLPA members have interest in discussing their personal situation and devising a strategy for dealing with the currency aspect, I’m happy to assist in any way I can.
Be safe – stay well – and let’s hope we have some football in the fall. Even trying to go slow with the Last Dance documentary, it isn’t going to last forever.


Feel free to reach out to Paul directly below:

Paul Rechner, MBA | President |

For more information on the services provided by Payline by ICE or to ask any questions about your own  situation, please reach out at

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