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As the leaves fall
This newsletter is about cycles of Creation and Destruction - Reformation and Transmutation. Cycles that can feel like cyclones, whirring our worlds into the chaos of our own creation. At times we may loose our footing, and fall... only to find ourselves, flying.  In my case, I find myself flying into other magical worlds and faraway homes to consolidate  and digest my time here in Australia. 

It has been one year and one month since I returned to Australia. Truthfully, I never expected to be here for this long. The year has been full of spiracular and miraculous cycles, that have grown me and shown me abundance. Over the last few months, a series of cycle-onic happenings have positioned me at the crossroad that I had been expecting. Choosing my destiny as I fly onwards, back to the birthplace of my creative awakening, the mountains that reminded me of who I essentially am beneath the layers of personality, doings and emotions; the holy sacred PachaMama land known as Peru. The land that taught me what it really means to be connected to the earth, a part of her oneness. I am immersed in the all-too-familiar activity of packing up and letting go - opening my heart to healing paths and new realms of growth. My flight is in a few weeks. 

Painting People into the World & Merging with the Earth here in Australia has been a huge schooling for me, and as the lessons settle and begin to define themselves, I realise how much more there is to learn…   Beneath the surface of what 'seems to be', an infinite kaleidoscope of perspectives wait to be discovered. I have deepened my understanding of respect, empathy, value, clarity, discernment and boundaries through this journey. And yet, humbly acknowledge that the waters of this world are deeper than I could imagine. 


As many of you know, Merging with the Earth has further meaning to me then Body Painting People into Landscapes… My intention is to re-member ourselves as PART of the earth, expressions of her own treasure and turmoil, microcosms of the whole. This journey is intrinsically connected to healing work with the sacred medicinal plants. Now, after a couple of years of expressing this story through painting, I am returning to Peru to the plants, to heal the fire in my belly, and practice stillness so that I can expand and transform in perfect timing. 

LIFE is a metaphor; physical manifestations of spirits callings. We are like crystals, forever-changing pigments of light reflected to ourselves as who we are through the eyes and hearts of all that we meet. Recently I learnt from my friend Misato, that the Japanese word for mirror is ‘Kagami’: literally broken down it means, eternal refection of self is god. I spend a lot of time and energy philosophising, introspecting and dissecting my life’s purpose, my human reactions, my fiery spirit and my fallible humanity. I have not come to any conclusions for as soon as I think I have discerned the truth behind my existence, ideas morph, transmute and dissolve leaving me perpetually in a state of transformation.

NOW is the time for me to simply BE with 'experience' itself - beautifully meaningless as-it-is - and leave my evaluations at the door with all my other possessions that I have just shedded. I have minimised my life to a suitcase and a few boxes in storage and if there is one thing I feel certain of, its that the less I own the happier I will be. 

Light to all,  
Orly Faya

Reflecting upon the happenings of life, without judgement, leaves space for learning and understanding. In accepting the cyclical nature of creation and destruction, judgement dissolves, revealing the retrospective significance of ‘accuracy'  - knowing what and for exactly how long to do it, is most definitely ART in of itself. 

As it turns out, I will be saying farewell Live in Performance at The Plant Gallery in Bondi on May 1st as I currently have an exhibition running at this beautiful establishment. I look forward to seeing those who can make it. The Plant Gallery serves delicious raw vegan treats so if you can’t make my artist appearance, then try to book a meal there anyway and enjoy their goodness whilst my works are on the wall - April 12 - May 22nd. 95 Bondi Road, Bondi.

FINAL CALL - The skies are blue, the trees are red - the weather is still warm! This is a final invitation for the LAST MERGE BOOKING before I leave these lands - am offering a special 50% off deal as a parting gift. Get in quick if you are interested in being painted into the gorgeous magical nature of The Blue Mountains!

This is brother Neil Morris, man of the Kaieltheban clan, from the country of Yorta Yorta Merged into the river Kaiela. With gratitude and blessings.
COMING SOON.... Welcomed onto country by Darug couple Uncle Lex and Aunty Corina (also Maori), Merging into Olympian Rock of Leura, Blue Mountains MAY 4th - Filmed by Lucas of Living Colours

T'was awesome to have the opportunity to tell my story at The Conscious Club this February 2016. If you want to see my talk check it out.

Orly Faya is a travelling artist dedicated to the realms of healing. Having spent the majority of her adult life world travelling and living in various corners of the globe, her recent creations reveal a basic truth via mimetic body painting art: that humanity was born from the Earth and is intrinsically connected to the entire biosphere. Her passion for painting combined with a BA in Anthropology and a diploma in graphic artistry makes Orly a rebellious multi-media artist who aspires to create ripples of TRANSFORMATION through vision, creativity and digital expressions.

Its been a busy quarter!

Thanking Demi and Carly, Sue, John and David, Emma, David and Sue, Vince and Maja and Zoe and Jack for commissioning your Merge sessions with me over the last few months. Its been an absolute pleasure! Many blessings Xx

A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between their work and their play; their labor and their leisure; their mind and their body; their education and their recreation. They hardly know which is which. They simply pursue their vision of excellence through whatever they are doing, and leave others to determine whether they are working or playing. To themselves, they always appear to be doing both.” 
- L.P. Jacks
Copyright © 2016 Orly Faya Artistry, All rights reserved.

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