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Eight New Children's Rosary Groups Begin in Prelature of Batanes, Philippines

We are excited to welcome eight new Children's Rosary groups from the Philippines! Fr. Ronaldo Manabat (pictured above, front row, second from left), Pastor and Rector of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Prelature of Batanes, has begun these eight new Children's Rosary groups. 
The Cathedral Parish has seven communities (villages)  under its jurisdiction. The children gather once a week in the Chapel of their village for the Children's Rosary. Once a month the children from all the villages come together at the Cathedral to hold a Children's Rosary together. Fr. Manabat sent these pictures from a recent meeting when all eight Children's Rosary groups were praying together. It is wonderful to also see Fr. Manabat, as Shepherd to the Cathedral, kneeling in prayer with the children.
We warmly welcome the children from the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception to the Children's Rosary. 

Children's Rosary Receives Papal Blessing

We are excited to share that the Children's Rosary has received a Papal Blessing from Pope Francis. This was conveyed in honor of our Ten Year Anniversary. 

Archbishop Leonard Blair to lead Consecration September 4-October 7

Archbishop Blair of the Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut USA will be using the book Child Consecration: To Jesus through Mary—Following in the Spirit of St. Thérèse, the Little Flower for his personal Consecration beginning September 4 and concluding October 7, 2021. He has invited the priests and deacons of the archdiocese to join him in leading the Consecration. Each day of the Consecration, a video will premiere with a different shepherd of the archdiocese leading the Consecration. Parishioners, families, and children are invited to participate. The Catholic schools and Faith Formation programs of the archdiocese will be using the materials with the children during the 33 Day Consecration Journey. 

Fort Wayne-South Bend Diocese

Bishop Rhoades will be using the book Child Consecration: To Jesus through Mary—Following in the Spirit of St. Thérèse, the Little Flower for his personal Consecration beginning September 4, 2021. The schools of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana have been invited to participate in the 33 Day Consecration to Jesus through Mary. The Consecration concludes on October 7: the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Forty-nine Catechists Graduate with Children's Rosary Materials to Begin Groups in their Dioceses

We received wonderful news from Fr. Paul Miapwap. He is the head of the Catechetical Institute in Shendam, Nigeria. This spring we sent 11,702 rosaries to Fr. Paul. Additional rosaries have been sent. Fr. Paul continues to share how these rosaries are being used:

I gave my students each 150 Rosaries each to go and begin new centers for the Children's Rosary. We graduated and commissioned 49 catechists this year.  I never gave all the Rosaries but told them that whenever they open new groups they should send pictures to me then I will send additional Rosaries to them. For the 40 students going for their final year, I gave each 40 Rosaries as they are going home for the break to open more centers. 

Inside the envelope I put their certificate and the Consecration book and the [Children's Rosary] welcoming package. The wives of the graduating students came, and I spoke to them about the Children's Rosary group and asked them to join hands to make the group strong in their various stations.

Pictured below are some of the rosaries we have sent to Fr. Paul. Over twenty-six boxes of rosaries have been sent. In addition Children's Rosary welcome packets, Children's Rosary books, and Child Consecration books were sent for the graduating Catechists. The Catechists spend two years in study and come from nine dioceses in Nigeria. Bishop Davou Dung (pictured above) presented the catechists with the rosaries that were sent. 

Update on the Four Barrels Sent to Uganda

Thank you to those who have made donations to help cover the shipping expense of the four barrels full of handmade rosaries for Uganda. We received word that the barrels have arrived in Kampala and taxes are being assessed.  In total, 34,134 rosaries are contained within the barrels as well as 400 Child Consecration books and 80 Children's Rosary books. The cost for the shipping barrels, transport, and the cost of the books was $3,320. We thank those who made donations to help these materials reach Uganda.
Children's Rosary Training Sessions in the Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut
The Children's Rosary gifted 700 copies of the Children's Rosary book to the Archdiocese of Hartford. These are being given to faith formation teachers, principals and teachers of the Archdiocese. A training session was given to the DREs of the Diocese and the Principals on how to use the materials to begin groups in the parishes and schools. Donations are needed to help cover the cost of printing. We hope to raise $875.00 to put toward printing. 

Please continue to support this ministry. 

Donations can be made electronically HERE.
Donations can also be mailed to: 
Children's Rosary
PO Box 271743

West Hartford CT 06127 USA

All donations are tax deductible in the United States.

Statue Of Our Lady Arrives in Pakistan

We received news in July that the Statue of Our Lady we had sent to the Children's Rosary at St. Bernard Catholic Church, Kaka Kolo, Pakistan had reached the children. They were very excited to welcome her to their parish. Our Lady was adorned with a beautiful lace to honor her, and they placed her on a stand. 

Children's Rosary Collection Available to Order in Canada!

We are excited to announce that Sunrise Marian Distribution is carrying our Children's Rosary collection. This includes our Children's Rosary book in English and French. The books are being sold individually as well as in a discounted 10 pack. Additionally, they are carrying our Children's Rosary DVD, CDs, T-shirts, Christmas Cards and our new Child Consecration book

To view the collection click HERE

Bishop Keenan's Consecration Journey is Now Available on YouTube

Visit the Paisley Diocese YouTube Channel to watch Bishop Keenan lead the 33 Day Consecration journey using the Child Consecration book. To hear Bishop Keenan share his thoughts on leading this Consecration journey, click HERE

For more information about the book he used, visit
Bishop John Keenan of Scotland Shares His Experiences Leading a Consecration to Jesus through Mary
Dear Friends,
The Spanish Children's Rosary, Rosario de Niños, premiered on EWTN on March 8, 2021. It will air Monday through Friday every other week. They plan to air Rosario de Niños two weeks a month alternating every other week with different programming. 
The air times will be on EWTN's Spanish stations:
(España-Latinoamérica) International airs M-F at 9:30 EDT
(Estados Unidos) Domestic airs M-F at 17:30 ET (5:30 PM EDT)

The picture below is a family in Virginia praying along with the new Spanish Children's Rosary airing on EWTN. The children are very quickly learning how to pray the Rosary in Spanish. This brings their mom great joy since her native language is Spanish and, up until now, her children had never learned how to pray the Rosary in Spanish.

Thank you,
Queridos Amigos,
El Rosario de Niños en español, Rosario de Niños, se estrenó en EWTN en el 8 de marzo, 2021. Estará en el televisión el lunes hasta el viernes cada dos semanas.  Planean poner en su canal el Rosario de Niños dos veces cada mes alternando cada dos semanas con otra programación. 

Tiempos de aire estaban en los estaciones de español de EWTN
(España-Latinoamérica) Internacional aire M-F en 9:30 ET
(Estados Unidos)  Domestico aire en M-F en 17:30 ET

El foto arriba es una familia en Virginia orando con el nuevo Rosario de Niños estrenando en EWTN. Los niños estan aprendiendo muy rápidamente como orar el Rosario en español. Esto lleva a su madre gran alegría porque su lengua nativa es español y, hasta ahora, sus hijos nunca habían aprendido a orar el Rosario en español.

Muchas gracias,
Watch the attached video Journeys in Faith for a glimpse into how the Children's Rosary began and also more about the new book Child Consecration.

Bishop Keenan's Evening Rosary Continues

Bishop John Keenan continues to hold his evening rosary using our Children's Rosary book. Consider praying with Bishop Keenan LIVE each night at 9PM local time in Scotland (4PM Eastern) on his Facebook page.

To join Bishop Keenan nightly for the Rosary, visit his Facebook page:

To learn more about the Consecration to Jesus through Mary, visit:

To obtain a copy of the Children's Rosary book Bishop Keenan will be using each night for the Rosary, click HERE. The book is available through EWTN in the US and Great Britain.

Buy Now through EWTN
Buy through EWTN Great Britain
Buy Now in Canada
This book is also available to order in Ireland at Silverstream Priory; click HERE to order. For those unable to purchase a book, we have made the whole Consecration Journey available online.
This book is also available to order in Ireland at Silverstream Priory; click HERE to order. For those unable to purchase a book, we have made the whole Consecration Journey available online.
Consecration Journey Available Online

Consecration Resources for Schools

We also have released a new School Consecration page to help Schools organize and run a Consecration. Included on the page are two versions of the Consecration checklist; one version is specifically designed to encourage parents to also participate in the Consecration as the students progress through the days. 
Click HERE to visit our new School Page.

Church Fathers Have Praised the New Book

Child Consecration: To Jesus through Mary—Following in the Spirit of St. Thérèse, the Little Flower is a wonderful means by which children can come to know God’s Blessed Mother in an easy and accessible way. . . . I commend this book to parents and teachers, who will find here a solid and ready means to develop the spiritual and devotional life of children, giving them a firm foundation from which to build their relationship with the Lord and his Church.” -Robert Cardinal Sarah 
"Saint Louis de Montfort in his True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary provides the solid foundation of Catholic devotion to the Virgin Mother of God whom her Divine Son has given to us as our Mother in the Church. Countless Catholics have followed the way of consecration, proposed by Saint Louis, to their great and lasting spiritual benefit. Child Consecration to Jesus through Mary, while remaining faithful to the teaching of Saint Louis de Montfort, makes it accessible for children. I highly recommend it to parents who wish to introduce their children to Marian devotion and thus help them to give their hearts, one with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, completely to the Sacred Heart of Jesus." Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
Click HERE to order the book through EWTN.
For more information about the book visit our new website:

Resource to help Children learn How to Pray the Rosary!

We would like to humbly share our video explaining how to pray the Rosary. The video is less than 2 minutes in length. The "How to Pray the Rosary" video is led by Asher, one of the members of the Children's Rosary. There is an English and Spanish version. 

To view the English Video, Click HERE
To view the Spanish Video, Click

Please consider sharing these with family, friends, your local parochial school, or your parish. We pray this will be a resource for many to learn to pray the Rosary. Sometimes it is easier and less intimidating for children to learn from another young person. 
Learn How to Pray the Rosary in Less than 2 Minutes!

Cómo Rezar el Rosario

Nos gustaría compartir humildemente nuestro video explicando cómo rezar el Rosario.

Para ver el video en español haga clic aquí

Por favor considere compartirlos con familiares, amigos, su escuela parroquial local o su parroquia. Estamos orando para que este sea un recurso para que muchos aprendan a rezar el Rosario. A veces es más fácil y menos intimidante para los niños si aprendan de otra persona joven.
Learn How to Pray the Rosary in Less than 2 Minutes! (Spanish)

Children's Rosary in Schools

We are including two links below to help those interested in starting Children's Rosary prayer groups in their local primary, pre-primary or middle school in your area. Consider ordering a Children's Rosary book to share with the principal of the school and forward the videos. 
Watch this short 3 min invitation video and hear from children who are part of the Children's Rosary.
The second video explains how to run a Children's Rosary group meeting in a school. This was filmed in Birmingham, Alabama at a school that has been holding a weekly school-wide Children's Rosary since May of 2017. The kids help to demonstrate how meetings can be held in the classroom, in a chapel and outside. VIEW VIDEO HERE.
Step by step instructions on how to run a Children's Rosary in a school.

Help us put rosaries in the hands of children

Donations can be made electronically HERE.
Donations can also be mailed to: 
Children's Rosary
PO Box 271743

West Hartford CT 06127 USA

We thank you for your generosity and kindness.

* Donations made within the US are tax deductible.

Resources to help our Children's Rosary groups

Free Downloads
*Free printable sheets on how to pray the Rosary can be downloaded on our website in English, Spanish and French.
*Sheet music to our theme song can also be downloaded free. We also have our theme song video with lyrics
*Consecration prayers for a new Children's Rosary group can be downloaded in English, Spanish and French.
Learn how to start a Children's Rosary
*Step by step instructions in English, Spanish and French
*How to run your first meeting instructional video in English and Spanish.
T Shirts
*We also have Children's Rosary T Shirts available to order in English, Spanish and French. 
*This year we have a Children's Rosary banner that can be ordered. The banner can be used at meetings, during processions or at an informational table such as at a Parish ministry fair. Banners ship in 1-2 weeks. Order early if you would like one for a specific date.


*We do ask that if Children's Rosary groups would like a banner they order this official one. We would like to have continuity within the prayer group movement. If there is a difficulty in ordering a banner, such as those groups outside the US, please contact Blythe Kaufman ( to obtain permission for private printing. 

Add Your Light

Consider adding your light of prayer each day on our View From Heaven map. Visit one of our websites,, and click "join in prayer". For 30 minutes a gold twinkling light will flash on the View from Heaven map. You do not need to pray for the Children's Rosary during that time only say in your heart that you want to unify prayers with the members of the Children's Rosary praying and begin praying for 30 minutes. By adding your light of prayer others around the world can see your light and this encourages others to pray. 
A special gift is given to all members of the Children's Rosary. A monthly Mass is offered on the 25th of every month for all members of the Children's Rosary and all who help the Children's Rosary in any way. Thank you all!
Un regalo especial es dado a todos los miembros del Rosario de Niños. El 25 de cada mes se ofrece una misa por todos los miembros del Rosario de Niños y por quienes han ayudado en todas las formas al Rosario de Niños. ¡Gracias a todos!
À tous les membres du Rosaire des Enfants est donné un don spécial. Le 25 de chaque mois une messe mensuelle sera célébrée pour tous les membres du Rosaire des Enfants et pour tous ceux qui d'une manière ou d'une autre aident à faire fleurir le Rosaire des Enfants. Merci à vous tous.
Thank you for your support of the Children's Rosary. We continue to reach more children each day.  We appreciate each gift and keep you in our prayers. One can make tax deductible donations to the Children's Rosary online or mail in donations. This helps us send materials to individuals wanting to begin groups around the world.
To see a list of airings of the Children's Rosary on EWTN Global Catholic Network Click HERE.
Children's Rosary books, CDs and DVDs make wonderful presents for little ones.  Consider ordering a few for loved ones HERE. Available in Europe as well HERE.
The voices of the children praying can also be heard on various radio stations. Click HERE to learn more.
Be sure to visit our Children's Rosary website.
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