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The weekly newsletter from GPS Training

Welcome to this week's newsletter from GPS Training.

The picture above was taken looking towards Bamburgh Castle, on the Northumberland Coast.

Some nice feedback we received this week -

- As always, GPS Training are fast, courteous, and knowledgeable help. A model of how to look after your customers. Thank you.

Free delivery - we are currently trialing free delivery on any orders over £25.00

Let's see what is going on in the world of outdoor GPS navigation

Garmin GPSMAP66st - discontinued
Replaces with Garmin GPSMAP66sr

As we predicted when the Garmin GPSMAP66sr was launched the Garmin GPSMAP 66st has now been discontinued by Garmin.

When I interviewed Tom, from Garmin in October last year I did guess this would be the case.

If you have not seen this interview where we have an in-depth discussion about both the Garmin GPSMAP 65 and 66sr range of units you can watch it here. In this interview, we discussed the main differences in the GGPSMAP66sr including the stunning 35 hours of battery life and how the multiband technology works.

Since then the Garmin GPSMAP66sr has become our best-selling GPS unit, watch the video as we discuss the 10 best-selling Outdoor GPS units.

Garmin GPSMAP 66sr - more here
Garmin Backpack tether
Best selling accessory

Our best-selling accessory is the Gramin Backpack tether.

Attach your compatible GPS onto your rucksack whilst out in the hills.

Garmin Backpack tether - more here
Training Courses

We are all waiting for the PM statement on Monday regarding the roadmap out of lockdown. If you are booked on a course we will be in touch once we know more.

I know a number of you are itching to get back on the courses and we have been getting plenty of bookings for the summer courses, so please do get yourself booked on before they come fully booked.

Garmin GPS Training weekend
Date - 6th and 7th March
Location - Lake District

Garmin GPS Training weekend
Date - 13th and 14th March
Location - South Downs

SatMap GPS Training course
Date - 20th March
Location - Northumberland
1 PLACES LEFT - more here

SatMap GPS Training course
Date - 26th March
Location - Northamptonshire
1 PLACES LEFT - more here

Garmin GPS Training weekend
Date - 27th and 28th March
Location - Northamptonshire
4 PLACES LEFT - more here

View all our GPS Courses here
Top Tip - Garmin
Updating your TOPO Active maps

If you have a Garmin GPS unit with Topo Active maps installed, you will be asked if you would like to update these by Garmin Express every time you plug into your GPS into your PC/ Mac.

Unless you are heading overseas anytime soon there is no need to update them.

One of the main reasons is it will take you many hours.

Just select that you are NOT wanting to update them.
Birdseye plus - download

In the past, we used to post out Birdseye PLUS vouchers.

Now you select if you are a PC/ Mac user when you purchase and you then will be able to download the in-depth instructions immediately. We will then email you a copy of your voucher so you are up and running without having to wait for the post.

Birdseye PLUS Voucher - more
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Winner of draw
Garmin Instinct 

A very big congratulations to Roy Smith, who won the Garmin instinct GPS watch in last Friday's draw.

After we contacted him he emailed back - 

'But I never win anything!' That is fantastic news and of course, it was a pleasure to do my review anyway, because I am really pleased with my Garmin Etrex 35t and especially the value package you put together.  I look forward to the Garmin watch ….. a new boy’s toy that I shall have great pleasure in getting to grips with … I like my tech!!!

1. If you did not get a chance to watch the draw live you can watch a recording of it here.

2. Watch our video review of the Garmin Instinct GPS watch.
New - Montana 700 vehicle mount
Limited stock

After what feels like an eternity we have now got the vehicle mount in for the Garmin Montana 700 range of GPS units. Please be aware we have limited stock.

Garmin vehicle mount - more here

The picture above was taken just before Wednesday's masterclass on .gpx files.

We received some nice feedback after that masterclass - Really helpful and enjoyable. Pitched at both walkers and cyclists, windows, and mac users. You’ll learn the basics and more, be able to ask questions, get a recording of the session, and plenty of tips. Highly recommended.

Webinar - Oregon 700 and Touch
Date - Wed 10th March
Time - 6.30 pm
2 PLACES LEFT - more here

Webinar - BaseCamp Windows
Date - Wed 14th April
Time - 6.30 pm
PLACES LEFT - more here

Webinar - BaseCamp Mac
Date - Wed 12th May
Time - 6.30 pm
PLACES LEFT - more here

Webinar - GPSMAP66s
Date -Tues 22nd June
Time - 6.30 pm
PLACES LEFT - more here

Masterclass - GPX files
Date - Wed 14th July
Time - 6.30 pm
PLACES LEFT - more here

View all our Webinars online here
Top Tip - SatMap
Updating your unit

SatMap has had a few issues recently for those wanting to update their units using SatSync.

Therefore please do update your units using the WiFi option. There are instructions on how to do this in the online resource.

In this month's GPS Training podcast, Ian, our tech guy, stated he had done a big u-turn and now only updates his satMap using the WiFi . You can listen to that here (59 minutes in - just skip forward on the Podcast player).
And Finally ............

I hope you have enjoyed this week's newsletter from GPS Training.

Many thanks for your continued support, it is appreciated.

Jon and all the GPS Training team
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