September 2016 LANDFIRE Webinars
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Webinar series on LANDFIRE

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LANDFIRE: What You Need to Know and Why

Presenter:  Jim Smith, LANDFIRE Project Lead

September 13, 10 AM PST

LANDFIRE -- Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools -- is an innovative program designed to create and periodically update comprehensive vegetation, fire and fuel characteristics data using a consistent process for the United States. LANDFIRE developed quantitative vegetation models and comprehensive ecological descriptions for all major vegetation systems in the US (Biophysical Settings, or BpS), and a suite of GIS tools that help landscape and resource managers make the most of these powerful products. Read more.

From Pixels to Landscapes: Leveraging LANDFIRE for Land Management

Presenter: Randy SwatyFire Ecologist, LANDFIRE

September 27, 10 AM PST 

LANDFIRE products have become the toolbox for large landscape management, way beyond obvious applications to do with fire and fuels. From mapping arbuscular fungi to modeling scary cryptic zooid habitat, from tracking grizzly bears to protecting butterflies, from developing full-scale state forest assessments to looking at climate disturbance, LANDFIRE covers a lot of territory. In this presentation Randy Swaty will tour some of the most used LANDFIRE datasets, share ideas for use in your work and explore how others have leveraged these products for natural resource management. Read more. 


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