In this newsletter, Z Ball meets Gary Stern, Ghostbusters and Top ten for Feb
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Z Ball meets Gary Stern,

AMD kindly organised a meeting with Gary Stern and some of the pinball operators in Sydney and I was very flattered that they asked Z Ball along.
I thought I would share with you some of the discussions that we had over the 4 hour get together and dinner.
Poor Mr Stern was a bit tired from all his travelling but I was armed with many questions from myself and also some very long text messages from Mark W, Z Balls technician.

Please note that the following are edited questions and answers for obvious reasons, so not word for word

MDW: (Edited) When a Tournament is being run on a Stern Machine that's all we tend to see on the screen and have to endlessly scroll through the tournament tables to get to the regular High Score Tables
STERN: "I was unaware of that, does anyone here actually use the tournament mode?"
(Z Ball and one other raises their hands)... "Okay, I will make a note of that"

Judging by his reaction I felt the Tournament modes may be on their way out? hmmmm...

ZBALL: "Am I the only operator stupid enough to operate LE's?"
STERN: "The Pro version really is designed to be for the operator and that is why it is priced so low, we barely make any money selling them. I believe that the pro machines are much better for the public to play as they are simple to understand, The LEs are more complicated and for the general public whom are not professional pinball players the pro versions are more assessable"

I understand what Gary is saying here, but in my case I am an operator AND a collector and I still prefer the LE over the PRO

ZBALL: "The price of buying a NEW LE is climbing so high because of the $ it is making it hard to operate pinballs to make a profit, is there a chance you can make them cheaper?
STERN: "Not a chance that is why we produce the pro version" 

MDW: "So why have Stern gone back to the crappy latches instead of the lock down bar?"
STERN: I'll be honest you can blame Steve Ritchie for that, He never liked the lock down bars and felt they still moved even when they were locked down, he prefers the latches as they lock down real tight and don't move... plus they are cheaper to manufacture

Hey, look, at least he was honest about the last bit

ZBALL: "SO! are you really ever going to make an IRON MAIDEN pinball?"
STERN: "Williams was always going to make a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" pinball, it sort of was a joke that was going to always be the next pinball..... what titles would you like to see us make?"

Okay, so he still didn't answer my question... BUT as Bruce from AMD pointed out - he didn't say no, which is a good sign

PART 2 next news letter



Top 10 machines FEB


1. Game of Thrones - Courthouse
2. Kiss - Courthouse
3. Attack from Mars - Courthouse
4. Star Trek Next Gen - Lord Raglan
5. Twilight Zone - Lord Raglan
6. AC DC - Courthouse
7. Addams Family - Courthouse
8. Walking Dead - Newtown
9. Creature from the Black Lagoon - Courthouse
10. Tales from the Crypt - Belfield
So easy, just turn up to our LAUNCH on Tuesday May 3rd, 7pm Courthouse Hotel and win 20 pin points
Then while you are on a roll join us at The LORD RAGLAN on Wednesday May 18th and win yourself ANOTHER 20 pin points!
The 3 main Z Ball competitions for this year have now been finalised so click on the button below to check out the details.
So as you can see this year is very different as we focus more on the club and less stress on trying to get into the competitions.
Anyone can either buy a ticket or use points to save money on any of the competitions.
The only advantage you have with points is the ability to purchase tickets earlier than everyone else AND that is it!!
I'm very excited about this year and it feels like a really long time since we all last got together - so cheers to MAY 3rd and I look forward to having a beer with you

Click Here 2016 Competitions
Click Here for Z Ball Venues
All CASH Tournaments have NOW ENDED, on all Z Ball Stern Machines as at April 1st 5pm 2016
Thanks to everyone who took part and you will find the results on the Z Ball website towards the end of the month with the amount of CASH you have all won!
REMEMBER the simple rules to collect the cash.
YOU MUST BE A Z BALL MEMBER, if your not you need to join to collect
You can only collect in person on any Z BALL meet
You have until JULY 1st to collect your money otherwise it goes into a jackpot for the end of the year
Wow, there has been a massive reaction to this pinball and it looks like there will be a few around as everyone jumps on it which is great!
The LE is due to hit Sydney Shores in JUNE so we will keep you informed! When it does it will be heading straight to the Courthouse Hotel!
Click here to watch the video and heaps more info on Ghostbusters
UP and Coming DATES for Z Ball

Z Ball will be meeting every 2 weeks at 2 different locations starting with:
Tuesday May 3rd 7pm Courthouse Hotel
Wednesday May 18th Lord Raglan Hotel
Tuesday May 31st Annandale Hotel
Tuesday June 15th Courthouse Hotel
Wednesday June 29th Lord Raglan Hotel 
Tuesday July 12th Annandale Hotel
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