In this newsletter, Top ten machines for Jan, Season 12 launch, Sterns latest release, New Venues and cash tournaments
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.....and you thought we could not fit another pinball into the Courthouse Hotel.... coming very soon to the Courty is the very tiny but very challenging 1996 Bally pinball designed by Pat Lawler. It will be spitting tokens at you and make sure you grab them as you're going to love what they are going to do for you!


Top 10 machines Jan


  1. Game of Thrones - Courthouse
  2. Kiss - Courthouse
  3. Transformers - Annandale Hotel
  4. Spiderman - Orange Grove
  5. Walking Dead - Newtown Hotel
  6. Attack from Mars - Courthouse
  7. AC DC - Courthouse
  8. Avengers - Newtown Hotel
  9. Junkyard - Lord Raglan
  10. Guns N Roses - Annandale
Z Ball has been busy over the break expanding from Narrabeen to Villawood and there are still more venues to come on line. To find a Z Ball machine near you click the link below to find our current venues.
Click Here for Z Ball Venues
All the CASH tournaments will be ending on April the 1st at 5pm on ALL Z Balls Stern Machines (Except LOTR) make sure you get your name on the table before then!
Remember you need to be a current member of Z Ball to win the cash.
All cash prizes need to be picked up at a Z Ball meeting by the end of June 2016 otherwise they go into the end of year Jackpot!
The worlds worst kept secret is out, yes, STERNS next title is GHOSTBUSTERS and Z Ball will be aquiring #13 LE of course.
Ghostbusters pinball is designed to be easy to play but difficult to master. It features a moving interactive Slimer toy target and a fresh distinctive layout that integrates traditional pinball devices with unique multifunction two-way ramps featuring a magnetic diverter and scoring switches. In addition, the game features a modern take on a ball transfer target, combative open field drop targets, a ball eject target, a captive ball target and custom molded toys.
Click here to watch the video and heaps more info on Ghostbusters

Tournament on GAME OF THRONES sadly has been unintentionally wiped due to STERN UPDATES on this machine. This has only occurred with the new spike system and STERN is currently working on fixing this. KISS is unaffected as it hasn't had any updates, but Game of Thrones has. Z ball has restored the full jackpot amount on GOT and we won't do any more updates until AFTER April 1st so you can feel safe to get stuck into the tournament and win that cash!

SEASON 12 LAUNCH - Delayed

Z Ball was to kick off season 12 on April 5th, but sadly due to personal commitments and Z Balls expansion I now have to delay the launch to Tuesday May 3rd 2016. A calendar of events and dates will soon be available on the website. Here are the first few dates:
Z Ball will be meeting every 2 weeks at 2 different locations starting with:
Tuesday May 3rd 7pm Courthouse Hotel
Wednesday May 18th Lord Raglan Hotel
Tuesday May 31st Annandale Hotel
Tuesday June 15th Courthouse Hotel
Wednesday June 29th Lord Raglan Hotel 
Tuesday July 12th Annandale Hotel
....and I think you get the idea.....every 2 weeks!
Z BALL 2016 (Season 12)

This year Z Ball is running a rewards program, once you join up you can start collecting PIN POINTS (TM) from May 3rd onwards.
1 point = $1
Collect points by just turning up to Z Ball events, partaking in competitions, high score tables and more.
With your points you can spend them at the Z Ball shop and buy tickets to competitions or merchandise 
This year there are 3 main competitions - all will be part of IFPA ranking, here is a brief summary:

PINBALL COMP 12 -  November 15th 7pm, Courthouse Hotel
Limited to 30 tickets only - Ticket cost: $150 or 150 points
1st Prize is a 90's pinball machine
Competition is played on an OLD machine pre dot matrix - anything between 1950 to 1989. The winner is the highest scorer from the collective total of 3 games
You can purchase tickets with points ONLY at anytime before the comp OTHERWISE they go on sale for points and cash or cash only from November 1st 2016
1st in first served - 30 tickets only

PINBALL COMP 13 -  November 23rd 7pm Lord Raglan Hotel
Limited to 20 tickets only - Ticket cost: $195 or 195 points
1st Prize is a 90's pinball machine
Competition will be played on a NEW machine supplied by AMD on the night. The winner is the highest scorer from the collective total of 3 games
You can purchase tickets with points ONLY at anytime before the comp OTHERWISE they go on sale for points and cash or cash only from November 1st 2016
1st in first served - 20 tickets only

ZBALL Pinball MARATHON  (formerly Z Ball with the lot)
Being a Z Ball member gets you into this event for free automatically (you don't even need to register)
Otherwise it is $50 registration which you will get back in free games
The event starts May 3rd and ends November 1st 2016
Objective: Be the first to play 50 different Z Ball pinballs and win a massive 50 points!
Be the highest average score over all the players on the most completed machines and win 50 points!
Each machine completed no matter what your score, gives you 1 point per machine
Play in your own time, when you have a score you are happy with, take a selfie with your score and initials on the machine in the background and either post or message the Z Ball pinball facebook page if I'm not around to record it
How easy is it - do it all in your own time OR have a challenge on one of the zball nights, if i'm around I'll shout you the game!

Also coming to the Courthouse Hotel very soon!
There is still more to tell and inform so look out for our NEXT newsletter before the end of the month.
The website is gradually being changed, it already has a new look and by MAY it will have all the info on it - thanks for sticking with us and I look forward to seeing you all in May in our 3 locations!
NEXT NEWSLETTER: Details on the points system, Z Ball meets Gary Stern and details on The Lord Raglans move to 6 machines and The Annandales move to 7 machines in April
May your balls neva go rusty
The Z Ball Team
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