Country Clubs and Crisis: How one segment of the hospitality industry is surviving the pandemic

By Drew Conte MMH '21

Country clubs are weathering the pandemic storm thanks to golf and recurring revenue from membership dues. The number of companies (e.g. Netflix, Disney, Birchbox, etc.) using recurring revenue models is on the rise, and some hospitality companies are jumping on the bandwagon, as these models promise to not only safeguard against revenue loss from forced closures but also encourage innovation.
People Over Profits: Prioritizing employee-oriented solutions

By Prameela Kottapalli '23

People are at the heart of business. That's especially true in the hospitality industry, where guest satisfaction is a top priority. What is the key to satisfied guests? Satisfied employees. In order to provide exceptional service, employees need to feel valued by their organization. That's why employee-centered solutions, i.e. resources that support employees' wellbeing and development, are so important. When everyone is satisfied, growth and success are sure to follow. 
Canlis is a historic fine-dining restaurant that has served New American cuisine in Seattle, Washington since 1950. Based on the Canlis family’s innovative mindset, Canlis has become one of the most award-winning restaurants in the greater Pacific Northwest, known for its outstanding hospitality, service, and food. (Canlis Chef Brady Williams won the James Beard Award in 2019.) As third-generation owners of this family business, Mark ‘97 and Brian ’01 Canlis have strengthened the restaurant’s legacy and community connections and reframed the restaurant industry’s human resource model of investing in the aspirational career goals of its employees. During the global pandemic, the brothers have found inspirational new ways to innovate and meaningfully support their community in ways that support their business model.
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While D.C. showed a small inauguration bump last week, hotels in the market’s central business district reported substantially lower levels of occupancy and average daily rate when compared with previous inaugurations.
STR and Tourism Economics issued a slight downgrade to the 2021 U.S. hotel forecast. Regardless, full recovery of demand remains on track for 2023, while close-to-complete RevPAR recovery is still projected for 2024. Percentage changes are included in the forecast link below.

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