The Importance of Social Listening: Using Technology to Provide Personalized and Customer-Centric Service

Professor Kathy LaTour and CHR board member, Ian-Michael Farkas, joined up with Dr. Ana Brant and Liam Fayed to make the business case for “social listening.”

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  • The current state of sustainability and smart technologies in hotel development
  • How smarter, more sustainable hotels are changing the guest and employee experiences
  • Innovative construction practices and new technologies to reduce carbon emissions and waste, increase efficiency, and improve the guest experience
  • Future predictions and how to integrate key sustainable development goals
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Countries Experiment with Four-Day Workweek

Professor Bruce Tracey speaks with SHRM about the four-day week, suggesting that employers approach the progressive policy with a data-driven lens, noting that "What works for some doesn't work for others."

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Hotels Research: Controlling Telecommunications Costs

CHR board member, Robert Mandelbaum and his coauthor Michael Kane analyzed telecommunications expenditures at U.S. hotels as part of CBRE's annual Trends® in the Hotel Industry survey and present the findings, business implications, and recommendations. 

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U.S. hotel occupancy for June 27-July 3 (65.4%) came in lower than previous weeks, but average daily rate ($135.35) was up with an almost 6% increase from the comparable period in 2019. Continued pricing confidence, along with lower numbers from the corresponding week in 2019, pushed the recovery index to its highest levels of the pandemic. 
Even with last week’s dip in occupancy, the U.S. remained ahead of Mainland China and the U.K.

Business travel is closing the gap (Data Recency: 6 Jul 21)
Coming off a very low base, business hotel bookings are beginning to increase at a pace more aligned with leisure bookings. A few weeks ago in June the index set on January 4 peaked at 180 and is tracking at 170 currently. For leisure the indices currently stand at 235 and 210 for Non-Family travel and Family travel, respectively. This increase in business booking pace is a positive sign for the fall season when business travel typically increases. 

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US Hotel Bookings: Trip Purpose
Top tier travelers or novice travelers—what’s the mix?
Adara has categorized travelers into three groups using their Travel Value Score—a composite metric that reflects a customer’s potential value as a traveler.
Top business travel destinations for summer 2021 (Data Recency: 30 June 21)
There’s minimal variation on the top 10 most popular business destinations for the summer between the various segments. For the Novice Travelers we do see a handful of positive gains over 2019 (bolded) as would be expected given that this segment has only recently accelerated its travel activity. Las Vegas is the top performer for all segments while San Francisco and Boston wrestle to make the Top Ten list. 

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