Lodging Sector Update 
The latest weekly occupancy figures through October 17 tell three different stories. China continues to push along through normal seasonality, showing that the industry and traveling public are trading at near normal levels. Occupancy in the U.S. has been mostly flat the last few weeks at 50%, while Europe is retreating amid new lockdowns.
In the U.S. specifically, the TSA checkpoint count topped 6 million for the first week since March. Hotel demand was up slightly from the previous week, which had produced more substantial growth in the metric. As a result, the ratio of hotel demand that can be connected to air travel has reached its highest point since March. The highest passenger days last week were Thursday/Friday and Sunday/Monday. Leisure weekend travelers are likely accounting for more of this traffic than those in the corporate segment.
Ahead of the Curve: A Kalibri Labs Series
An in-depth look at the impact of the pandemic and potential shape of recovery in specific markets. Click here to read about the NYC, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Chicago markets. Coming soon: Washington D.C.
Navigating Budget Season in a Pandemic
"It’s October, and as is customary, many hotels have begun the process of (or at least attempting) budgeting for our next fiscal year. It is certainly no task that anyone wants to undertake right now, and many hotel companies are putting off the effort until more stable economic indicators prevail. Many hoteliers may not have that luxury though, and if that describes you then let’s consider what you need to be aware of as you build out your budget for 2021."
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