What You'll Learn
  • How to define, create, and store customer knowledge
  • Tips for practicing customer-centricity
  • Which types of organizations and experiences can benefit from social listening
  • Ways to create personalized experiences while protecting customer privacy
  • How to make experience design decisions and put personalization into use
  • Strategies for blending physical and digital experiences
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What You'll Learn
  • How varied individual experiences can be within the culture of the F&B industry
  • What F&B leaders are doing to change the industry
  • Where the F&B industry should focus its efforts as it rebuilds
  • Practical ways the F&B industry can make changes now for a better future
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Join FreedomPay as they continue their roundtable series with Next Level Commerce: Retail Resilience. The event will bring together leading companies from FreedomPay, Global Payments, Mad Mobile, Sephora, and Visa to discuss how consumer behavior has changed post-COVID, how to solve for it, and new technology and innovations that are changing the payments landscape.
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>> ‘There were six. And now there’s zero’: Restaurant Industry Grapples with Lack of Diversity in Executive Ranks (USA Today) featuring SHA Lecturer Lilly Jan, Ph.D.
>> Disney Parks Reopening × Travel Trends (The 360 Mag) by CHR board member Tim Hentschel of HotelPlanner
>> Virtual Revenue Strategy Forum Attracts over 900 Attendees (Hospitality Net) featuring CHR board members Duetto and Stacy Silver of Silver Hospitality Group
UK General Managers Open Up...About Opening Up

"Hotels in the United Kingdom opened for business on Monday, May 17 after being shut since Wednesday, January 6, 2021. Hertelier checked in with seven General Managers across Great Britain from London, Devon, and the Cotswolds to up north in Leeds and the Scottish Highlands to see how they are opening up… and holding up after 16 long months since COVID-19 hit."

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During May 16-22, U.S. weekly hotel occupancy eclipsed the 60% mark for the first time since the opening week of March 2020. While it was the highest overall since early March last year, the week’s occupancy remained 15.1% below the 2019 comparable and ranked behind the levels seen during spring break when indexed to 2019. With average daily rate (ADR) also at a pandemic-era high, revenue per available room (RevPAR) hit a high mark in the comparison with 2019.
STR’s latest monthly P&L data release shows that top-line improvements are flowing through to the bottom line, with GOP reaching 60% of the comparable 2019 level in April. At the same time, labor spending remains stagnant amid hiring difficulties for hospitality and other service sectors.

Demand for Spain is Off the Charts (Data Recency: May 25)
While Spain officially announced opening the country to U.S. vaccinated visitors on May 21, there had been plenty of hints starting in April that June was a reasonable time frame for the lifting of restrictions. It’s obvious that many travelers were closely tracking developments as hotel searches and bookings skyrocketed starting on May 9 posting a 5X increase in bookings between May 9 and May 25. Leisure Non-Family travelers (solos and couples) are driving the bulk of hotel demand while air travel shows a more balanced mix.  This suggests either a different booking horizon for this Family travelers or an appetite for alternative accommodations.  

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U.S. Leisure Travelers: Activity for Hotels in Spain
U.S. Leisure Travelers: Booking Mix for Flights to Spain
U.S. Leisure Travelers: Booking Mix for Hotels in Spain

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