Post-2020 Food and Beverage: Rebuilding an Embattled Industry
Lecturer Lilly Jan and F&B leaders talk overcoming a toxic work culture, protecting workers, and attracting talent. 

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Check Please! How Restaurant, Retail and Hospitality Businesses are Managing Cybersecurity Risks
An independent study commissioned by FreedomPay and the CHR reveals unique insights into the management of cybersecurity by small, medium, and large-size enterprises across the hospitality, retail, and food and beverage sectors.

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Accenture Explores Travel’s Changing Realities in The Guide
"What do Accenture's experts—and the leaders of some of the industry’s most successful organizations—see as the way forward? Find out in the latest issue of The Guide, the digital magazine from Accenture Travel."

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The Re-emergence of Normal
  • A return to a more normal pattern in destination rankings—the top 10 list is dominated by large metro areas with only one resort-type location (Phoenix).
  • Perennial pandemic favorites Las Vegas and Orlando failed to make the top 10.
  • These bookings likely reflect travel by small and medium sized businesses; large conference travel is still down.
  • For marketers, it’s a mix and match—2019 destinations with 2021 audiences.
Mixed Destinations: Reconnect vs Unplug
  • The two destinations with the best performance (Miami and Honolulu) are beach destinations with countless entertainment and dining options.
  • The remaining destinations are a mix of traditional spots for family gatherings and vacation resorts (Phoenix and Orlando).
  • As family travel picks up expect a bump in more traditional locations.
  • The allure of remote destinations is fading as suburbs displace mountain retreats.

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