What You'll Learn
  • How varied individual experiences can be within the culture of the F&B industry
  • What F&B leaders are doing to change the industry
  • Where the F&B industry should focus its efforts as it rebuilds
  • Practical ways the F&B industry can make changes now for a better future
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What You'll Learn
  • The current state of sustainability
  • The challenges of measuring and reporting environmental impact
  • How hospitality companies are converting data insights into action
  • Opportunities for companies along the supply chain to team up to influence positive change
  • Ways that hospitality companies are making sustainability a core value
  • The future of sustainability in hospitality
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What You'll Learn
  • Lessons from the pandemic for group sales and events
  • How to understand new operational needs
  • Ways to use technology and automation to increase efficiency
  • How to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person audiences
  • Strategies for upskilling event planners to successfully optimize new technology tools
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ADARA has examined hundreds of millions of traveler profiles and the associated summer travel bookings and searches made between Jan 1 and May 17 compared with the same period for the past three years. Their findings show how the landscape is settling, and they've identified how you can capitalize on the changing consumer behavior.

Download the Outlook for Summer 2021: Predictions and Strategies Whitepaper, to learn more about ADARA’s predictions for the first “new normal” summer travel season ahead.  

  • Two major shifts in travel behavior
  • Insight into traveler type and destination mix by hotel category
  • Recommended strategies and initiatives to capture market share
Get the latest intel and explore the implications during a two-part webinar covering the latest traveler trends extracted from Adara's rich data set, followed by a conversation with two industry experts: Rachael Rothman MPS '95, Head of Hotels Research & Data Analytics, CBRE Hotels and Carolyn Corda MPS '89, CMO/CCO of Adara. Tune in for a fresh perspective on what consumers want and how the industry can capitalize on these demand shifts.
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2021 Trends Come Into View (Data Recency: May 31)

The trip purpose mix has been stable over the course of the year with one exception—the modest bump in business travel between April and May. Between April and May, the indexed volume of business bookings outpaced the overall index 15% to 20%, respectively.  Similarly, Adara saw a significant shift in the booking window mix between April and May with bookings for leisure trips 16-20 days in advance increased 25% while the overall volume increased 20%. 

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US Domestic Travelers: Hotel Bookings 2021 Trip Purpose
US Domestic Leisure Travelers: Booking Window Mix 2021
Boosted by the Friday and Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, the U.S. hotel industry reported its highest weekly occupancy (61.8%) since the last week of February 2020. Saturday’s 83.0% occupancy level was the country’s highest since October 2019. Weekly ADR ($122.06) and RevPAR ($75.42) were boosted to pandemic-era highs as well. While the positives around leisure demand are obvious, the path to recovery remains a roller coaster with a lack of business travel, both domestic and international, preventing hotels in many markets from making up more of the ground lost in 2020.
Further reflecting reopening in parts of Europe, Belfast’s occupancy on the books jumped to more than 95% for this coming Saturday, 5 June. Additional weekend spikes are on the calendar as the market’s hotels benefit from pent-up leisure demand. 

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