Ideas With Impact: What Can Hospitality Organizations do to Support Employees and Frontline Staff?
In March 2021, Medallia, in collaboration with the School of Hotel Administration’s Center for Hospitality Research, launched an online hospitality community to crowdsource ideas with impact in a series of challenges. In this article, we cover the top-voted ideas and insights for challenge #1: What can organizations do to support employees and staff on the front lines during this time?

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Requiring the COVID-19 Vaccine: Insights for Businesses

"More than 900 viewers tuned in on May 4 to hear Cornell alumni and industry experts representing both management and workers discuss whether U.S. employers should require their employees to be vaccinated. Panelists considered the legality of requiring the COVID-19 vaccine, examining both religious and medical precedents for contesting a vaccine mandate, and looking beyond the legality issue, panelists also discussed the practical and operational implications of various vaccination policies."

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What You'll Learn
  • Theory and practice of digital marketing for restaurants
  • The potential payoff from mastering the digital strategy
  • What restaurants can do today to be successful
  • Strategies to get started with digital marketing
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What You'll Learn
  • How touchless and contactless technologies are keeping consumers safe
  • Why it’s important to have innovative tech and the right technology partner
  • How to enhance loyalty value to drive customer satisfaction
  • What the future of hospitality looks like enabled by innovative tech
  • The challenges and opportunities of data sharing and managing data to provide a 360-degree view of the customer
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What You'll Learn
  • How to define, create, and store customer knowledge
  • Tips for practicing customer-centricity
  • Which types of organizations and experiences can benefit from social listening
  • Ways to create personalized experiences while protecting customer privacy
  • How to make experience design decisions and put personalization into use
  • Strategies for blending physical and digital experiences
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Interview: Joanne Taylor-Stagg, General Manager, The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences, London

by Emily Goldfischer '92, Founder of Hertelier

Joanne tells her story and offers leadership advice. 

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Shift in Booking Windows Reflect Increased Confidence
In the pre-covid period, trips less than 15 days in advance were the most prevalent along with a more even distribution across the remaining time horizons. Throughout the pandemic, we saw a major shift to shorter booking windows of 30 days or less, which accounts for about 80% of hotel bookings in Q3 2020. The compression of trip planning timelines was not surprising. In Q2 2021, there is a more typical distribution of booking windows again which is a positive sign of recovery. 

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U.S. hotel occupancy improved to 59.1% during the second week of May. That was the second highest weekly occupancy of the pandemic era but still 11.5 points lower than the comparable week from 2019. Average daily rate (ADR) reached its highest point of the pandemic but was more than $20 less than the corresponding week in 2019. Friday and Saturday occupancy came in higher than any weekend since the weekend of Valentine’s Day 2020, and larger markets reflected improved volume of business travel with noticeable week-to-week demand increases. 
Reflective of the reopening in the U.K., booking windows in Edinburgh are lengthening with an increasing number of bookings showing stay dates 30 days out or more. Nearly half off all bookings fall into that category as the primary demand source for the market shifts from essential business to leisure.

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