It has been almost eight months since the pandemic first hit Asia, six months in Europe and five months in the US. The path to recovery varies by geographical region due to differences in population density, government restrictions and support, and the capabilities of local health and medical facilities for testing and care. The virus has impacted the global macroeconomy, industries to varying extents and consumers across the income distribution differently. As a result, the recovery path for the hospitality industry is very uncertain. In fact, some believe that it is almost impossible to predict with any degree of accuracy. However, this has not stopped us from trying. READ MORE
Spotlight: Liu foresees new business models as hospitality infuses retail shopping

Professor Peng Liu discusses how growing up in Beijing and blending engineering, business, and hospitality led him to the School of Hotel Administration, where his current research focuses on retail developments. Borrowing aspects like service and experience from hospitality, Liu seeks to develop new business models for the changing retail sector. READ MORE.
Research Recap: Flexibility in reservation times can increase restaurant revenue

Restaurants that allow diners to book reservations on a flexible schedule can increase revenues by up to 21 percent over those that use rigid reservation timing for patrons, according to a new study by Professor Gary Thompson. READ MORE.
Research Recap: Uncovering the attributes of sustainable earnings in the lodging industry

Professors Linda Canina and Gordon Potter examine property-level factors impacting persistence and predictability, two key components of sustainable earnings. Factors like barriers to entry and revenue diversification show a positive impact, while resource rigidity shows a consistent dampening impact. READ MORE.

Research Recap: The relationship satisfaction factor in successful brand-hotel partnerships

Professor Chekitan Dev and co-authors find that successful brand-hotel partnerships emphasize value adds like marketing support, business assistance, training, technical support, two-way communication, and collaborative decision-making. Acting as an overseer, on the other hand, can motivate hotels to engage in opportunism to recover investment costs and assert their independence. READ MORE.
Welcome Cecil Staton, President & CEO of AAHOA, the world’s largest hotel owners association. Prior to joining AAHOA in 2019, Cecil’s career included the entrepreneurial launch of several successful businesses, a decade as a Senator in the Georgia State Senate, and executive leadership and teaching positions in higher education.

Welcome Pablo Alonso, CEO of HotStats. HotStats’ vision is to shift the hotel industry business and performance measurement model from Rooms Revenue drive to Profit driven, thus aligning the interests of hotel operators, brands and owners, whilst providing greater visibility of industry dynamics to all industry stakeholders.

The Center for Hospitality Research has been collaborating with eCornell and the School of Hotel Administration to produce a series of COVID-focused webinars. Click the titles below to watch CHR Advisory Board Members discussing the challenges facing the hospitality industry today:
July 8 | Hospitality Marketing: Adjusting Your Approach and Messaging in the Face of COVID-19

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