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Ideas With Impact: Maintaining the Human Touch in a Contactless World

This March Medallia, in collaboration with the Center for Hospitality Research, launched an online hospitality community to crowdsource ideas with impact. In this second article of the series, we cover the top-voted ideas and insights from Challenge 2: How can organizations create a hospitable environment in a contactless society? and learn that Striking a balance between exciting technological advances and genuine human connection is the key.

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This fireside chat occurred June 9, as part of the Cornell SC Johnson School of Business Virtual Reunion. Click the button below to watch the recording. 

It’s difficult enough to lead a hospitality company with more than 7,600 properties; 30 brands; and the travel industry’s largest customer loyalty program, made up of 147 million members. Now imagine taking over during a global pandemic that has rocked the hospitality and travel industries. That’s exactly what Anthony Capuano ’87 did as the newly appointed CEO of Marriott International, Inc.

Join us for a fireside chat between Cornell School of Hotel Administration Dean Kate Walsh and Mr. Capuano, who will reflect on his first 100 days as CEO, the unique challenges in hospitality during COVID-19, and the opportunities that lie ahead.
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What You'll Learn
  • Lessons from the pandemic for group sales and events
  • How to understand new operational needs
  • Ways to use technology and automation to increase efficiency
  • How to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person audiences
  • Strategies for upskilling event planners to successfully optimize new technology tools
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Featuring data captured before and during the pandemic, and an introduction by Professor Linda Canina,  the Dr. Michael Dang Director of the Center for Hospitality Research, this FreedomPay and J.P. Morgan white paper provides a unique snapshot of hospitality leaders' shifting attitudes toward technology investment, along with insights on ROI, driving loyalty, strategic partnerships, the return of demand, and much more. 

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U.S. hotel performance through June 5, up marginally from the previous week, felt normal for a week after a holiday. The more interesting point was U.K. occupancy, which helped by the half-term school break, rose to 63.9% and outpaced both the U.S. (61.9%) and Mainland China (55.5%) when using STR’s standard methodology. 
The largest piece missing from the recovery puzzle is group demand. In the U.S., levels have improved but continue to lag substantially behind 2019 with only a slight lift after the Memorial Day slowdown.

Big Gainers for Summer Travel (Data Recency: May 9)

Adara is seeing big upticks in hotel bookings for the summer as optimism about the availability and efficacy of vaccines has risen. Below, summer bookings are bucketed into two time periods (Jan 1 - Mar 31 and May 1 –June 7) to determine whether there was a reduction in the appetite for the outdoors and beach locations that had seen big booking increases at the beginning of the year. Rather than a moderation in demand, consumers doubled down on destinations in Alaska and Panama City while maintaining the pace in other destinations. There is also some consistency in interest in the top locations for families and those for non-families which are bolded

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