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Black & Redd Solutions and Japan's Mag-on enter into $85 Billion market

If the last decade is any indication of future success, the supplement market will continue to boom in the United States and across the globe.  Worldwide sales of vitamins and dietary supplements through all channels total about $85 billion in sales with the U.S. containing the largest market share and Asia seeing the fastest year over year growth.  The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cites 3 reasons for the accelerated growth within the supplement industry:
  1. Growing economies where consumers have higher incomes at their disposal
  2. Growing awareness about nutrition and wellbeing
  3. Higher number of people being diagnosed with chronic and lifestyle diseases 
When deciding on a supplement it depends on what the individual is looking to accomplish.  Are they looking to increase their iron intake?  Do they need a higher intake of Omega-3, which would require taking fish oil pills?  Or are they an athlete who experiences cramps during or after a workout?

At Black & Redd Solutions, we are a bit biased, as one of our key clients, Mag-on, is eyeing their market entrance and strategically planning their rapid U.S. expansion in the coming months.  Black & Redd has compiled market research through our own contacts and the following is what we have found.  Expanding into a new region, or country, requires in-depth market research and this is a service provided by Black & Redd Solutions.

Mag-on is a lemon flavored soluble magnesium made with pure seawater that can be added to water and provides an athlete with an additional boost to get through a rigorous workout.  It works with body functions related to physical activities such as muscle contraction, oxygen intake, ATP production, and it’s used to maintain electrolyte balance.
Nineteen individuals within the Black & Redd network have completed two surveys, one before and one after trying the Mag-on product.  Of respondents, 68% of individuals answered that they have experienced cramps
While the findings of Survey 2 are being held confidential for Seaos Corporation, this exercise showed the U.S. market is in great shape for their entrance.  With the majority of respondents acknowledging they have experienced cramps, and with no sure fire way of curing them, Mag-on provides a solution to a long-standing problem.
Black & Redd representatives head to Tokyo and Johannesburg

Black & Redd Solutions employees leave for Tokyo on February 7th for a week followed up by trip to visit Barcelos in Johannesburg.  Both trips are filled with meetings and market tours, and will further cement Black & Redd's global reach.  For more information about the visits to South Africa or Japan please send us an e-mail at 

Newest Black & Redd Addition

We’re proud to announce our newest consultant who is focused on creating new opportunities for the whole Black & Redd team…
Phu N. Tran
Phu brings years of distribution expertise to the team which he has acquired over years of running and operating his own distribution company. He has experienced exponential growth since inception, and will bring great connections and relationships to Black & Redd.  Phu lives in Saigon, Vietnam and will lead business development in Thailand and Vietnam.  Please join us in welcoming Phu, and he can be reached at
Interested in what Black & Redd can do for you?  Have a way you think you could help?  We would love to hear!  Black & Redd has conducted some recent changes to the website and would appreciate if you followed Black & Redd Solutions on LinkedIn!  If you have any ideas please send us an e-mail at 

New Opportunities and Updates

Cakeballz and Black & Redd Solutions Expand Together
Cakeballz is a manufacturer of small cake dessert balls that contain a shelf life of 1 year frozen and are sold in 3 distinct flavors: Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Birthday Cake.  Cakeballz emerged from a wildly successful pitch on SharkTank earning investments from Mark Cuban and Barbera Corcoran and has found success in Costco, 7Eleven, and Walgreens.  Black & Redd Solutions has been chosen to represent Cakeballz in the following six countries: Japan, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand and Singapore.  Cakeballz is positioned solidly for international expansion through Black & Redd Solutions because of its extended shelf life, trend towards bite sized desserts, and consumer focused marketing.  Black & Redd will use existing distribution connections to place the product in Asia and Australia.

To contact Black & Redd about this opportunity please email

For more information about Cakeballz check out their website at
 AMI Partners with Black & Redd
AMI specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality baby products in Thailand and distributing them throughout the world.  They produce all silicon products that meet the highest requirements of such recognized quality benchmarks as CPSC and FDA standards.  AMI manufactures more than 1,500 different items and can be found in more than 100 countries.  Black & Redd Solutions is representing AMI in the United States and helping the manufacturer find a home in a prominent retail chain.  AMI, and its diverse product offering, provides a high value proposition by delivering a product of similar quality to its competition at a significantly lower price due to supply chain and production efficiencies.  
To contact Black & Redd about this opportunity please email 
Black & Redd Solutions is a U.S. based consulting company that specializes in assisting companies to capitalize on opportunities. We focus on U.S. based companies looking to expand either within the U.S. or internationally through our resources abroad, and brands abroad that are looking to take a diligent and strategic path into the U.S. Core competencies include a high-quality network in foreign markets, product/business expansion within the U.S., and in-depth market research to make decision making easy. 

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