The Alternative Clinic is a three-part workshop featuring holistic treatments that opens the museum to unconventional forms of learning and communication, radically relieving the museum of its traditional functions.

Pedro Reyes’s Sanatorium, with its generalized architecture and medical vocabulary, alludes to the clinic as described by Michel Foucault in the theorist’s text The Birth of the Clinic. With the Sanatorium, Reyes inserts the clinic into the gallery to comment on the limited range of acceptable behaviors and understandings that take place in both spaces. The treatments prescribed in the Sanatorium combine traditions not limited to Freudian analysis, German philosophy, Classical theater and Zen Buddhism, in an effort to find commonality among them.

Sunday, February 22 / 2PM
The Alternative Clinic : Ceremonial Sound Healing   
w/ Miguel Fleischauer and Alejandra Rose ~ 60 - 90 min

Ceremonial Sound Healing is an immersive experience of Nada Yoga Nidra, the Yoga of Sound. Predating the practice of asanas (postural yoga), Nada Yoga understands the world as a continuum of vibrations. Practice seeks to connect to emotions, health and eternal spirit; facilitate deep relaxation, introspection, realization, empowerment, emotional release and peace.

Saturday, February 28 / 2PM

The Alternative Clinic : Shamanic Energy Clearing
w. Aixa Amankay ~ 60 – 90 min

Based on South, Central and North American Native traditions, Shamanic Energy Clearing Therapy uses traditional tools including feathers, drums, rattles, flower water, smudges, fire and stones to move and absorb energy. This therapy locates and removes personal blockages and emotional restrictions, clearing and re-illuminating with healing light.

Saturday, March 7 / 2PM
The Alternative Clinic : Brennan Integration Workshop
w/ Claudia Lara ~ 60 – 90 min

Brennan Integration Workshop combines focused psychodynamic and spiritual awakening work with body-centered energy awareness to deepen and enliven the personal process. Visitors are trained to create a safe, empathic, compassionate and life-affirming emotional container to facilitate a unique healing and transformational process.

Non-members: $10 per session. $25 for all three.

**Registration required**
Cash & Check payment accepted on-site

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