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29th September 2016
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BULLETIN 58 - September 2016

Gatwick Can if you don’t say it CAN’T…
We only have a matter of weeks.
The Transport Secretary made the following worrying comments at last week's transport questions:

“I’m well aware how strongly people in West London feel about this, I’m also aware how strongly people in the areas around Gatwick feel about this, although they are smaller in number to those around Heathrow.”

CAGNE feels that we should correct him on the fact that the number in opposition at Gatwick is smaller than at Heathrow.  You need to make your voices heard – it is now or never!

See for details of how to write and object.

Also email and let your voice be heard on the current levels of aircraft noise, congestion on the roads and lack of capacity on the railway now.

We only have weeks before the potentially life-changing decision and if you are going to the Conservative conference as is CAGNE, we need to lobby those decision makers for no expansion at Gatwick.

Here are some other important statements: 

"Wingate has spent almost £40m on advertising, planning for the second runway and undermining its rivals", said the Sunday Times (11.09.16) of Gatwick’s Chief Executive,

Gatwick's spurious claim for a Second Runway is based on the number of aircraft using the current runway. This conveniently ignores the fact that planes are getting bigger so passenger numbers can increase substantially using the same runway. Deliberate or not, this is another confusing presentation of the facts.
Regarding the diabolical railway servicing Gatwick, Thames Link and posh new London Bridge stations do not change the fact that Network Rail said in its South East review that ‘the line is full and a new line can’t be laid.’ Yet, another 90,000 rail passengers a day are estimated for the line if there is a second runway.
This is Money reported 18.9.16:

 “Some of the biggest airlines that use Gatwick for key international routes said last night they did not support the airport’s proposal for a second runway.

In all, 75 per cent of carriers contacted by the Daily Mail did not think expansion at Gatwick was the answer to Britain’s limited airport capacity.”

Read more:
Gatwick Arrivals Review
We spoke up for arrivals and departures to the east and west at the recent Noise Management Board meeting.  CAGNE has been vindicated in its belief that moving the point where approaching aircraft join to the final approach (the ILS) would not necessarily bring the relief that many had been persuaded it would.  CAGNE has always suggested that it was the swathe (the width of airspace in which approaching aircraft can join the ILS) that needed to be widened in presentations to the Arrival Review team.

CAGNE is closely monitoring this and it appears that in the west there is some dispersal, so some relief, within the swathe and that the joining point (the 'join’) fluctuates from 8-14 nautical miles for the airport, according to air traffic movements. We have suggested that the swathe should now be reviewed and action taken where necessary, and this was agreed at the Noise Management Board (NMB) with the CEO of Gatwick’s agreement.

Another factor: As the ‘join’ has moved further east so has the inner edge of the swathe offering some widening of the swathe as well as to the west.

As a result, Billingshurst is now taking the full brunt of arrivals and the height is not as predicted by Gatwick's Arrivals Review ie at 6,000ft, but more like 4,500ft. CDA (Continuous Descent Approach) would be helpful but we continue to ask how can it be implemented in such busy skies to the west and with Heathrow traffic higher, overhead.  We continue to work on your behalf for a fair and equitable distribution of arrivals and departures for the east and west.

Departures and specific questions were asked at the NMB as requested by members of the CAGNE Parish Council Forum – is your Parish Council a member? If not please encourage them to get in touch with us – – as we are happy to attend a parish meeting and invite them to the next PC Forum in November.

Regarding night flights, the CEO of Gatwick agreed not to increase the quota for 2018/19 following CAGNE's request for Gatwick to ban night flights. However,  with every little gleam of hope we must all know that LAMP (London Airspace Management Programme) will return in 2017. LAMP is an aviation endeavour to modernise airspace to benefit aviation, as we see it.

This is something we will monitor closely to ensure that communities’ concerns are heard and acted on as we know concentration brings misery for those on the ground.

Continuous Descent Approach
Ever wondered what CDA - Continuous Descent Approach is?

What are the benefits of, and difficulties with CDA?

Read our guide to CDA by clicking on the following link:

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