January 16th, 2015. Less than 10 months until the big Disney Wedding
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Making sure you're RSVP'd
If you received this e-mail then you have RSVP'd to our wedding on 16 October, 2015.

You may have noticed that we didn't send a newsletter in February or March, but it's not because we forgot - we were just busy moving to Las Vegas! So, we have a little bit of catching up to do and as a result we will attempt to make up for some lost ground in this message:

Booking Your Room

At the bottom of the wedding website we have a slideshow for booking rooms at Shades of Green.  The process is pretty easy, just make sure you use 1510MIKITA as the reservation code, and call reservations with any special requests (e.g. adjoining rooms).  It's also important to remember two things:
  1. You must have an eligible sponsor with you if you arrive before Wednesday, 14 October, 2016.
  2. Shades of Green may not be the cheapest option, or the option that best fits your needs.  Other options may be closer to the park, cheaper, or more accommodating with special requests or large party sizes.  You can find an interactive map of these options here (for reference, Shades of Green is nearest the Magical Kingdom and the golf courses).
  3. For those with access to a military installation, Disney resort costs can be cut by up to 40%, depending on eligibility and availability.
  4. Finally, you can stay off-resort for cheaper room options (there will be shuttles and carpools available), but you will not be eligible for some of the 'on resort' perks for resort guests.

Budgeting Your Vacation

There are many factors at play when budgeting your Disney vacation, including, but not limited to:
  1. For those wanting to stay at Shades of Green, the rate is $129/night, meaning the reservation for a four day trip would cost about $520.00. 
  2. For those wanting to purchase tickets, a four day park hopper pass is $329/person.  This can be significantly reduced if you (or someone you love) has access to a military installation; military park hoppers can cost as little as $176 per adult.
  3. Meal Plans can range from a daily charge of $42 (adult) and $16 (child) for quick-service meals to over $150 (adult) and $30 (child) for three sit-down meals a day.  You can read about them here, or look at Disney's official page.  It's worth noting that you can bring food and beverages into the parks, but returning to your hotel for lunch isn't typically advised.
  4. Travel costs are going to vary greatly depending on your mode of travel and where you live.  A nonstop flight from Las Vegas cost Autumn and I about $350/person booked this far in advance on SouthWest.  Guests traveling from Arkansas can expect airfare to be significantly cheaper, and those driving should budget for a day and a half trip.
All-in-all, attending our wedding could cost as little as $400, but those wanting to conjoin the event with a four or five day Disney Vacation will want to carefully review the options to find the best options for their individual needs.


Planning Your Vacation

It's a little early to plan the specifics of your Disney Vacation (or our wedding), but The My Disney Experience App (Android and iPhone) will be a helpful tool before and during your stay, as will visiting some of the less "OMG SO MUCH PINK" blogs out there, like this one - or this other one.

When we get closer to the date, we'll have more specific guidance on certain events (Rehersal Dinner, Breakfast for the wedding party, farewell luncheon, color schemes, etc). However Autumn and I just bought our plane tickets and will be arriving late afternoon on Wednesday.

We hope to see you there! 


Feel free to forward this e-mail to other people in your party, subscribe to the newsletter by RSVPing at our wedding website, or shop for gift ideas at Dillard's, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Pottery Barn (please do not bring large items to the wedding).

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