Getting ready for a long day of seated work? This warmup is for you!
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The Deskjockey Warmup

Last week, we tossed around the idea that, as far as our bodies are concerned, we're always training. If you're about to spend 6 to 12 hours sitting at a desk, that makes you one serious athlete! Try giving yourself the following warmup daily for a week, and see how it affects you. As always, I'd love to hear how this works for you, so hop on over to Facebook and leave a message on the wall, or give me an update at your next session!

To begin, sit in a chair with both feet on the floor, knees over ankles and shoulders over hips. Take a few breaths and notice what's happening in your body today. Where are you most comfortable in your body? What's feeling really good? Where do you notice tension, discomfort or pain? What is your general energy level? Now that you've checked in, let's get moving:

1) Slow Head Turns: As you do this exercise, imagine that every turn of the neck initiates from between your shoulder blades on the back and from the middle of your sternum on the front. Imagine your neck "starts" at those points. Keeping the chin parallel to the floor, exhale and slowly turn your head to the right as far as you can with ease. On an inhale, return your head to center. On the next exhale, turn your head to the left as far as you can with ease. Move slowly with your breath, and complete 20 total repetitions, or 10 turns in each direction.

2) Shoulder Rolls: Let your arms rest at length, hands hanging at your sides (you may need to scoot forward on your chair to allow this). On an inhale, begin rolling the shoulders slowly up towards the ears, then exhale and roll them back toward your spine and then inhale forward and up again, making a big circle with your shoulder joint as you breathe. As you move, ask yourself: Could I keep performing this movement, with any less effort? If yes, keep on moving and reduce your effort a bit! Repeat 20 times.

3) Wrist and Hand Warmup: With your arms at your sides, or with elbows bent and hands in front of you, begin slowly rotating the wrists in big circles away from one another. Perform at least 10 rotations and then reverse the direction of your circles, now rotating the hands towards each other.
Next, hold your right arm out in front of you in a "stop" gesture, and gently pull back on the right fingers with your left hand, stretching the hand and forearm for 2-3 breaths. Then, keeping your arm in the same position, allow the right wrist to bend and the fingers to relax toward the floor.  Use your left hand to gently press the top of the right hand back towards your chest, and hold for 2-3 breaths. Repeat both forearm stretches on the left arm. When finished, shake your hands out several times, or do a few more wrist rotations.

4) Outward Reaching Shoulder Rotations: Take your arms out to either side of your body at shoulder level, and actively reach through your fingertips throughout this movement. Drop your shoulders away from your ears while keeping the arms and hands level with the shoulders. On an inhale, rotate at the shoulder joint to turn the palms up toward the ceiling, and even slightly back (if your shoulders do that with ease). On your exhale, rotate from the shoulder joint to turn your palms down, facing the floor, keeping your elbows level with your shoulders. Breathe and repeat, rotating in each direction within your comfortable range 10 times.

You should feel pretty warm by now, so rest your hands on your thighs, take a few breaths, and check in with your body again. How are you feeling? As you go about your workday, feel free to repeat all or part of this series during short stretch breaks, to relieve tension, reinvigorate your body and refocus your mind. (By the way, this one's great for post-travel tension in the upper body, too!)

Happy holidays, dear clients! Wishing each of you healthy, happy times. Be well.


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