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A New TAA Tools Refresh Is Ready

Our April 15, 2017 refresh (R66) is ready for you to download and install. This refresh supports IBM i releases 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3. The refresh contains over 30 fixes and enhancements, along with a new tool: Vary Virtual Displays.

The new VRYVRTDSP command gives quick and easy control over virtual displays with options to vary on/off by device name, by generic name, or *ALL. Nearly all displays these days are virtual, and management of just virtual displays is not possible with VRYCFG, making this new tool a quick favorite of system administrators.

We continue to make install and management of your tools a bit easier with a couple of changes:
  • We've narrowed the criteria for reporting "minor errors" during install. You should see an install status of "good" far more often now.
  • The CHGTAAKEY command is now usable in batch. This should give those of you with hot DR systems the tool you need to automate key changes after synchronizing.
Complete documentation for all our tools is on our [web site]. Always check for tools before starting a new project! We may have something that will lighten your load. A good place to start is our category page.
You may have noticed that we have begun numbering our refreshes. The April 15, 2017 refresh is number 66 in a long line of tools refreshes.

We abbreviate the April 15, 2017 refresh as *R66*.
Why do we call this a "refresh"?

We do a simultaneous refresh of the tools across all of the underlying supported releases of the IBM i Operating System. To call this a release or version would confuse it with the VRM numbering of the underlying OS, since we refresh the tools far more often. You could consider this our parallel to IBM's Technical Refreshes for IBM i, but our refreshes apply to multiple VRMs of the IBM i OS.

Conferences: Past and Future

We had a great time at the Spring RPG and DB2 Summit in Orlando. It was a joy finally meeting folks that we converse with regularly over email and on forums. The next Summit will be in Minneapolis October 17-19. We'll be there and will post a discount code on our site when we receive one from Jon, Susan, and Paul.

The COMMON Annual Meeting is coming up in early May in Orlando. Dave, Sue, and Wilson will be there! Come and check out our booth #606 and say "hi". We love talking to you and hearing how you use the tools.

Featured Tools: Comparing User Profiles

Profile and authority differences can be tricky to sort out. Why can one user run a command, when another cannot? Our featured tools help simplify user management by comparing profiles on either one system, or across systems.
  • CMPUSRPRF compares two profiles on the same system.
  • CMPUSRPRF2 compares single or multiple profiles on the current or different systems.
These tools can be used to determine
  • That profiles match on the same system.
  • That profiles match on different systems.
  • The changes that have occurred to user profiles on the current or on different systems.
CMPUSRPRF is the simpler of the two and is meant to be used for comparing profiles on a single system.

CMPUSRPRF2 requires you to capture the information using DSPUSRPRF, transfer the information to a common system, and run the CMPUSRPRF2 command there. You can easily transfer the outfile from DSPUSRPRF to another system using the SAVSNDM and RSTSNDM commands from the SAVSNDM tool.

Profile management made easy, with help from TAA Tools.

Interested in more security tools? Take a look at the Capture Security Information tool, CAPSECINF, to help determine and manage changes in security settings over time.
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